SP: Chapter 67. A Hot Shower

There was a great health plan and a full-benefits retirement plan for the staff of St. Catherine’s. The retirement plan, when it came to the nuns, was the punchline of many jokes considering that the nuns took a vow of poverty and most would die here anyways.

—Life at St. Catherine’s vol 1, p 325


Day 19


Kato woke up. Somehow during the night, it seems Takahashi laid on his back and Kato had rolled over. His head was on Takahashi’s shoulder. It must have been warm last night because Takahashi had kicked off all his blankets. Kato could observe Takahashi’s body. He moved his head to lay on Takahashi’s chest. He could hear his heartbeat.

The first thing he noticed is that Takahashi had a major case of morning wood. Kato thought it was humorous that he wasn’t the only one who suffered from this malady. He had an almost irresistible urge to peek because he had never seen someone else’s morning wood, but he controlled that urge. That’s entirely none of my business, Kato thought to himself.

Kato was still a bit sleepy, but he wanted to touch Takahashi. He took his finger and traced Takahashi’s abdomen, his ribs, then his belly button.

Takahashi chuckled, “Hey, that tickles.”

Kato smiled. Then he saw Takahashi’s happy trail. He moved his finger and began to play with this little strip of hair. He noticed Takahashi’s bump in his boxers jumped. He was super curious as to how the two were related. It simply fascinated him.

Takahashi gently grabbed Kato’s hand. “Stop. That’s arousing. Please don’t make things hard for me.”

Kato moved his hand back to safer territory. “Sorry, I didn’t know.”

“I gotta pee.” He stated matter-of-factly.

Kato moved so Takahashi could get up. He donned his bathrobe and left. With Takahashi gone, he was temporarily lonely again. Kato suddenly realized that there was a strange double standard in his head. Why did he have a problem with Takahashi touching him like this, but no problem when he really wanted to explore Takahashi’s body. Maybe he wasn’t being fair to Takahashi.


Kato was playing with his plushie wolf when Takahashi returned. Kato watched Takahashi take off the robe and get dressed.

“Am I really that fascinating to you?” he asked.

“Yes. I still want to draw you.”


“Yes,” Kato confirmed.

“Can you draw me naked, but like blur the naughty bits?”

“Why?” Kato asked.

Takahashi scratched the back of his head. “I dunno, just not comfortable with knowing there’s a picture like that of me.”

“I can do that. But I still need you naked so that I can get everything right. When I get the supplies together, we’ll make plans.” Kato got up and got dressed. He had the feeling he was being watched in return.


Murata was missing for breakfast, so Kato had nobody to talk to this morning. The other two boys hardly ever talked anyways. Takahashi was eating alone at his table. Kato hated this. It was almost as if they had to pretend to be perfect strangers during meals.

After breakfast the boys hung out in the room waiting for 10 o’clock mass. Takahashi played his guitar while Kato played with his wolf, humming along to the songs Takahashi played.

This Sunday’s mass was only the second one he had attended, since he missed the last one due to the flu. He suddenly realized he had been here almost three weeks already. The whole hour he simply amused himself with recalling what a crazy three weeks it had been.

Lunch, Murata wasn’t there again. The two boys were missing also. Two tables empty except for one person each. Kato had enough of it. He grabbed his tray and moved tables to sit with Takahashi.

“What are you doing?” Takahashi asked.

“Sitting with my seme. Got a problem with that?” Kato asked.

“You’re not supposed to do that,” Takahashi whispered harshly.

“Why not? Who made up that stupid rule?”

Takahashi growled. “It’s not stupid. It’s to keep us safe. The fucking headmaster is looking at us right now. What do you think he’s thinking?”

Kato chuckled. “He’s probably wondering why you aren’t getting into trouble anymore.”

“Huh?” Takahashi asked.

“Nothing. Anyway, one meal won’t bring down the entire school around us,” Kato pointed out.

“Fine. If we’re not overly friendly, it shouldn’t matter.” Takahashi acquiesced.

“So, what’s the plan today?” Kato smiled.

“Well, kinda cold so we could hang out at the Sports Complex.”

“Cold,” Kato snorted, “says the boy who likes to swim on cold days.”

Takahashi smiled. Kato wished he could have that mesmerizing smile all to himself, that he would be the only one who could get that special smile from Takahashi. Kato wondered at how he could feel this way and yet still be so stubborn.


“Hmm?” he said as he snapped out of his thoughts.

“Don’t forget, tonight is Halloween. Dinner is at 4 o’clock but it’s much different. Wanna go together?”

“Sounds awfully a lot like a date,” Kato mused.

Takahashi smiled again. “Is that a yes?”

Kato thought that it was entirely unfair of Takahashi to flash that smile when he wanted something. “Yeah,” Kato acquiesced.


They went out to the Sports Complex. Takahashi really felt like running today. Kato didn’t ordinarily think of this as a fun activity, but he wanted to do whatever Takahashi wanted to do. They changed into some running clothes and stretched for a bit first and then they ran.

They ran in silence. Kato was one pace behind and in the next track. Every lap, they would stop and do some pushups or crunches or something to work other parts of the body, then back to the track. Kato enjoyed this more than he first thought. It was exhausting but he was doing something constructive with Takahashi. It also allowed him time to think.

As Kato watched Takahashi run, he first admitted to himself that he was interested in Takahashi’s body. That was plain. He could stop lying to himself about that now. He wondered if it would be possible to, perhaps, do something pleasing to Takahashi. It was somewhat embarrassing to think of that, but it might be worth further consideration. The only niggling thought he had in the back of his mind is what Takahashi said, that it wasn’t about him. Would Takahashi even let Kato touch him without expecting the reverse.

After an entire hour, Kato was simply wasted. Takahashi looked like he had plenty of reserves even though he obviously was tired too.

The boys headed back to the locker room.

“Let’s shower, Kato-san.”


“We’ve just sweated our asses off for an entire hour. You really gonna just climb back into your uniform?” Takahashi asked.

“No, I suppose not.” Kato was glad that, while there were plenty of students at the Sport’s Complex today, none happened to be in the locker room.

Takahashi started to undress so Kato did the same. They both stood there naked. Kato was pretty sure that Takahashi had a slight blush as even he had warm cheeks.

Takahashi grabbed some supplies and told Kato to bring his towel.

They went into the shower. Even though there were no partitions, just like the showers in the dorms, these showers had faucets, one for hot, one for cold. This pleased Kato greatly. He always enjoyed a hot shower, the kind of shower that would turn his skin red.

“Here,” Takahashi said as he offered a pouf. Kato usually used a washcloth. Takahashi took some bodywash and squirted it on top of the pouf. Then he did the same for himself.

He looked over at Takahashi who was lathering up and watched for a few moments. He was fascinated watching the soap bubbles run down Takahashi’s abdomen and groin. Kato almost caught himself drooling and his body reacted strangely. He turned a bit to focus his eyes on his own pouf. What the fuck is wrong with me?

“Want me to wash your back?” he heard Takahashi ask softly.

Kato turned, “Huh? Why would I let you do that?”

“You let me do it before,” Takahashi smiled.

Kato didn’t know if it was the smile, or Takahashi’s lathered up body, or the heat of the water, that was making him light-headed, but he simply nodded and quietly said, “Okay.”

Takahashi moved to stand behind Kato. He didn’t know why, but Kato suddenly felt a little bit of fear. He felt Takahashi’s pouf being gently applied to Kato’s back, along with Takahashi’s big hand. It made goosebumps roll throughout Kato’s body.

Takahashi worked Kato’s neck then his back and didn’t stop there. “Spread your legs,” Takahashi ordered.

Kato felt fear again, but he did as he was told. Takahashi gently washed Kato’s butt. It felt oddly erotic when Takahashi gently washed underneath, between Kato’s legs. To his credit, Takahashi only used the pouf there. Even though it was gentle, Kato was pretty sure Takahashi was at least being respectful about this.

Takahashi ran the pouf down Kato’s legs and then had Kato lift each foot. “Turn around,” Takahashi said gently. Kato obeyed. He had been holding his pouf in his hands at his chest almost as if it was his little wolf. Takahashi took Kato’s hands and put them at his sides then began washing Kato’s chest. Kato felt a little apprehension.

Takahashi worked his way down and he did not stop. Kato was almost certain that Takahashi wasn’t going to go there but he was wrong. Takahashi, very gently, took a hold of Kato and cleaned the entire area. Takahashi was circumcised but Kato was not. Takahashi, with great care, gently pulling back the skin so that he could thoroughly clean Kato’s penis, which was clearly started to react to his. Kato could feel his already burning cheeks warm still.

Takahashi continued down Kato’s legs and the tops of his feet. Kato was erect now. This whole thing was super erotic. Takahashi smiled at Kato. “Clean as a whistle.” Then he simply returned to his shower head and continued to wash himself.

Kato was beside himself. His very skin ached, his erection throbbed, his mind was screaming profanities at himself, but his body was screaming back that it wanted more. Kato simply couldn’t believe how erotic that was. He just couldn’t think anymore right now so he rinsed himself off, willing his penis to die.

After he rinsed off, Kato softly spoke as he looked down at his pouf, “Thank you for taking care of me.”

“Thank you for trusting me enough to let me,” Takahashi replied. He turned off his shower head and walked back to the locker. Kato stood for another few moments before he had to say goodbye to the pleasantly hot water.

Takahashi was toweling off, so Kato started too. He watched Takahashi grab a little bottle from his locker and apply a dab to his finger and then he touched behind both ears and the nape of his neck. Kato suddenly realized what this was. He moved close to Takahashi. “That’s it!” he remarked.

Takahashi looked. “Huh?”

“That’s what you’ve been wearing that smells so nice. What is it?”

“It’s called Cool Water. It was a gift. It’s my favorite.”

Kato felt that if eroticism was made in the form of a liquid, this would be it. His nose pleasantly itched.

Takahashi put a dab on his finger, “Here,” he said. He touched behind each of Kato’s ears and then the nape of his neck.

“Thanks!” Kato exclaimed.

“I’ll see if I can get you some if you like it that much,” Takahashi said with a smile.

Kato smiled back. He suddenly realized that they had not even gotten dressed yet, and he was completely comfortable with that right now, as if it was just a natural thing.

“Need some ointment on your back still?” Kato asked.

“It probably could use it, if you don’t mind.” Takahashi grabbed the ointment bottle, handing it to Kato as he turned around.

Kato opened it up and applied a thin layer to the bruises on Takahashi’s back. He worked it in a bit. He couldn’t help to admire Takahashi’s butt while he was doing so. I’m a fucking pervert now, Kato thought. Then he instantly corrected himself. He remembered what Takahashi said about perverts wanting to hurt people and that certainly didn’t apply to Kato. He didn’t know what word would apply to him then.

Takahashi took the bottle and put it back in the locker and started to get dressed. Some strange feeling inside of Kato was suddenly sorry that these few intimate moments with Takahashi had to end. He didn’t think he really minded anymore being naked with Takahashi; kind of fun in a way. He got dressed and then the boys left.



14 thoughts on “SP: Chapter 67. A Hot Shower

    1. Kain Guru

      Thanks! The last few chapters have been very difficult to write. Kato is a stubborn mule and it’s hard to realistically open his heart and mind to accept Takahashi, and to accept himself and those growing feelings and urges. So hard to be a teenager. Haha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Rainess

        Imo Ren is only as stubborn as any other guy. It’s pretty normal to be on the fence regarding something like intercourse specially between ‘straight’ men. On the other hand, I’m more suprise that Ken is looking to be intimate with someone in such, imo, a short amount of time after his cruel experience. I guess I’m only basing it on my personal experience. Took me years to physically open up to someone else and even longer emotionally. Skin contact then made my blood run cold and my eyes bloodshot red. I felt like breaking my arm and ramming my broken bones into their delicate throat. So no, there was no touching nor would I take the initiative to touch any one else. Whatever this fictional character experienced that made him courageous enough to keep trying to connect with someone, hope you could share it to enlighten some people that might be going through the same thing. I guess ken was courageous by nature anyhow seeing as he personally stabbed his own abuser. Never had that thought, even now.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Kain Guru

        Powerful comment. The chapter on betrayal hurt to write as an author. I felt like I was cruelly torturing Ken.
        Even though it’s completely fictitious, abuse happens to real people all the time around the world and it is heartbreaking. There are no right or wrong answers as every person is so different and has to learn to cope.
        I still struggle in fear decades later to let anyone in through my defenses. I wish I had Ken’s courage and tenacity.


      3. Rainess

        Thanks tho I thought nothing special about it just my two cents. To share, my friend and I actually had a debate about this chapter. Can Ken really be categorized as gay if he’s sexually attracted to Ren? I don’t think so, neither did my friend. He’s only attracted to Ren due to emotional attachment. If he weren’t, he wouldn’t even touch him. If Ren was a woman, Ken would probably react in the same way he did. For us, he’s just as straight as any other. I basically don’t pay attention to gender, only minding emotional attachment in choosing partners, so I guess I might be biased in my opinions. Oh damn, does this mean I might be gay too, by definition?

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Kain Guru

        Such an interesting conversation. I love it. I’ve thought about this a lot and sort of came to the conclusion that human love is so complex that it can’t neatly be categorized. For example, seems every year more letters are attached to LGBT that I’m not even sure how many letters are in it anymore.
        One friend of mine had a long-term homosexual relationship but he told me he didn’t personally identify himself as gay, or even bisexual. He said he didn’t want to wear a label as nothing seemed to fit. And this makes total sense because when we hear someone say, “I’m straight,” or “I’m gay,” or any other label, we tend to put them into a little box, categorizing them in our minds as to what we expect their behaviors to be. He said, “If someone asks me, I simply say, ‘I’m me.’”


      5. rainess09

        Well english words may come off as a little restrictive. So people don’t want to be defined as such and such. I don’t mind though, I just want it to be politically correct! As of today, this is how they are defined but isn’t anyhow aimed to be offensive. It’s only the human’s best guess towards the truth. I’m people will continue to redefine or reword the best term.

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      1. Jeongipoom Deer

        Thanks to you both. It was fun to read through so many chapters at once, especially since there was so much going on in them. I can see where they would be difficult to write, but the effort was worth it. With so many updates frequently I have no cause to complain. Happy New Year to you all, as well!

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  1. Rainess

    Is there a schedule of releases? Like when’s the next update? Never thought slice of life would be so interesting. Thanks for the update btw


    1. Kain Guru

      Working with my editor right now to release chapters 68-76 within an hour or so. He’s been so busy with Chinese New Year and his job.


      1. rainess09

        Oh wow then I’ll just wait. I just registered an account! Happy Chinese NY! Do you guys have discord?


      2. Kain Guru

        I have my own personal discord haha I play lots of Final Fantasy 14. But as a group we don’t.


  2. rainess09

    Oh, that’s okay. Asking for your personal discord seems stalker-ish. When you guys put up a group discord send me an invite too. Thanks in advance!


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