BMHS : Chapter 28.2 – They’re crazy, you’re cute

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Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

It was completely unexpected that everyone would be fed a mouthful of dog food. Those who were present were not stupid.

Even if you guys know that you’re deeply in love with each other, there’s no need for you to show it off! It’s really too provoking for others!

The more Meng Qi and Su Siyu paid attention to them, the more they felt irritated. Su Siyu knocked his glass over and the red wine slightly stained his suit. Because of this, his complexion became extremely ghastly. He got up and went to the bathroom to calm himself down.

Meng Qi also only looked at Su Siyu’s back at a glance. He let Su Siyu go by himself. The astonishment in his gaze on Meng Ting gradually changed to hating iron for not becoming steel [1]. How could Meng Ting let himself be taken advantage like this! What was even more annoying for Meng Qi was, Yan Sui had taken advantage of his family’s Little Seventh, yet he still looked indifferent and unmoved. What kind of act was he playing?

([1] An idiom that means to feel resentful towards someone for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement.)

“Done eating yet?” whispered Yan Sui.

“Yeah,” Meng Ting nodded. He looked around and his eyes collided with Meng Qi’s eyes. He titled his head. He did not know the reason, but he was unaware of why Meng Qi was angry at him. They had not spoken all night, could it be because of their phone call yesterday?

Yan Sui followed Meng Ting’s gaze and looked at him together, then Meng Qi angrily looked away.

After that, Yan Sui withdrew his gaze. He stood up and offered his hand to Meng Ting, “It’s almost time, let’s go home.”

“Okay.” Meng Ting nodded immediately when he heard these words, then he stopped wondering why Meng Qi was angry at him.

While Meng Yide and Han Xuejun were in the middle of their private talk, they looked at Yan Sui leading Meng Ting along the way. They immediately put on a decent smile and waited for them to come over.

“It’s getting late, Meng Ting and I will leave first.”

Although Yan Sui had only been the Yans’ patriarch for eight years, the imposing manner that covered his whole body could not be compared to some old fox, who was more than half a century old. The words he uttered had an irrefutable tone and it was clear that Meng Yide could not withstand it.

Han Xuejun glanced at Meng Yide, who was speechless, and raised her smiling face and subtly forbade them to leave, “Little Seventh has never spent time any time at home. I’m afraid there won’t be many opportunities in the future. I think it would be better for him to stay at home for a few days, Yide and I will…”

She had not finish talking yet but was interrupted by Yan Sui. He looked at Meng Yide and gently nodded, “Good bye.”

It was simple and direct. He did not even give a decent explanation, nor did he give Han Xuejun the opportunity to look for one. He considered everyone beneath his notice to the greatest extent.

But, what could Han Xuejun do? Her complexion simultaneously turned blue and red for a while, but she had to put up with it. She did not dare to provoke Yan Sui. Even the Hans and Mengs behind her did not dare to provoke Yan Sui. In front of an absolute strength, all upbringing and etiquette were illusory.

Meng Ting was led away by Yan Sui. He gradually shifted his gaze from their clasped hands up to the side of Yan Sui’s face. He looked at it twice, then the corners of his mouth and the tips of his brows revealed a smile. In a split second, he let off a smile that was even more enchanting than a bright pearl at night.

For a while, many eyes fell on Meng Ting—amongst them was Meng Qi. No one had ever seen Meng Ting smile so happily like that—it was truly clear and beautiful. Compared to the smiles of those who maintained them on their faces—they did not look like they were smiling at all.

Meng Ting was truly smiling, unlike them who only put on a mask that prevented others from seeing their true colors—it was very dull.

“What a really nice smile.”

A voice suddenly came over. Meng Qi almost nodded, but since the voice was too familiar, he turned to look, and it was Su Siyu. He pursed his lips and said nothing.

“Go after your heart. You’re not someone who’s afraid of ethics and morality…” Su Siyu lifted his smiling face that looked seductive, enigmatic and evil. He inched closer to Meng Qi’s ear. His voice was a little lower, but that feeling of bewitchment was brought into play by him to its pinnacle.

“A cute white rabbit little brother—shouldn’t it be quite easy for you… or, are you tired of playing games?”

Meng Qi did not lose his temper when he heard what Su Siyu had said. He was indeed not a good person. The tips of his brows raised, then he gently sighed, “I don’t want to play.”

“Coward!” Su Siyu’s smile vanished in an instant when he heard Meng Qi. After he dropped this word, he walked away from Meng Qi’s side as well.

However, Su Siyu did not know that the reason why Meng Qi could not afford to play around was not solely because of Yan Sui. It was also Meng Ting—he was not a cute white rabbit. Anyone who would look at him like that would surely suffer. Look at Meng Xiao who still had casts hanging on his hand, he should know best!

When Yan Sui and Meng Ting left, Secretary Wang naturally followed them, but he did not ride in Yan Sui and Meng Ting’s car. He drove by himself. At this moment, he had many gossips in mind, but no matter how he wanted to look around, he had no name to press forward.

There were only Yan Sui and Meng Ting in the car, but they were not excessively intimate. Yan Sui pulled Meng Ting in his arms and together, they amused themselves with Yan Sui’s Moments in his phone.

Meng Ting only had Yan Sui in his friends list. Since Yan Sui also did not like to post too much, with one swipe, there was nothing more to see.

On the other hand, Yan Sui’s list of friends was nothing like his. There were quite a lot of people in his Moments. There were Zhen Han and Gu Lang, who both particularly liked to post. They post at least four to five times a day without stopping, so Yan Sui’s Moments was naturally more fun than his.

However, the two and Meng Ting were not very familiar with each other, so he just looked at the bustle and excitement.

“I’m one step late, I wasn’t able to chance upon Boss Yan’s elegant wife [evil laugh].”

One sly emoticon was enough to express Gu Lang’s mood right now. He did not feel honored feeding on Yan Sui’s husband-to-husband dog food at all. It was a good thing that he was not able to catch up with them.

However, this happiness was only temporary. It was rare for Yan Sui to visit his Moments and the response Gu Lang got from him was one comment — an emoticon that looked as if it specifically needed a good spanking, “[Smile].”

“Boss Yan, are you considering adultery?” Before Gu Lang posted this reply, he changed the teasing words ‘considering adultery’ into ‘online’ with regret, then he posted it as: “Boss Yan, are you online?”


Gu Lang looked at Yan Sui’s name, and suddenly shouted a curse: Fuck! He was too much of a show off. For a moment, Gu Lang almost forgot about their party tomorrow. If he met Yan Sui and Meng Ting, the two main hosts at the party tomorrow, was it not natural for them to keep showing off?

“Yo! Yo! Yo!” Zhen Han and many others swarmed up when they saw the post.

A very long row of indiscriminate ‘Yo! Yo! Yo!’ neatly lined up in Yan Sui’s Moments.

“Yo?” Meng Ting looked at the flood of comments. He looked at Yan Sui with uncertainty, then he also uttered the word ‘yo.’

Yan Sui did not restrain his restless hand. He raised it then rubbed Meng Ting’s cheek. After he was satisfied rubbing it, only then did he answer Meng Ting, “They’re crazy, there’s no need to pay attention to them.”

Meng Ting nodded hesitantly as he heard these words, “So, it turns out this is crazy, so does that mean I’m crazy, too?”

Yan Sui’s heart itched with fluffiness because of Meng Ting’s cuteness. In all seriousness he responded, “They’re crazy, you’re cute.”

Meng Ting liked the word ‘cute’ very much, so he nodded, “You posted in Moments before that Furball and I are cute — I saw that.”

He said this as he swept a glance from the corners of his eyes to the front seat, then lifted his face to kiss Yan Sui’s chin as he whispered, “You’re cute, too.”

“Hmm,” it took a long time before Yan Sui responded with this ‘Hmm,’ then he pulled Meng Ting to his embrace and continued playing with his Moments. He kept on looking at that group, who commented crazily on Gu Lang’s post — what an obstinate formation.

They reached home after half an hour later. Zhao Bing held his chest and returned to his room to heal himself, while Yan Sui continued leading Meng Ting into the living room.

When they arrived, Nanny Wang had already prepared medicated food for Meng Ting. While Yan Sui went to take a shower first, Meng Ting stayed in the living room to eat his medicated food. After eating it, he also ate a small plate of fresh strawberries until he was really full, then he went upstairs after holding Furball in his embrace for a while.

When Meng Ting entered their room, Yan Sui just came out from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist, and he wore nothing on his upper body. The moment Meng Ting saw him, his eyes gradually opened wide.

The clothes that Yan Sui usually wore already made Meng Ting feel that Yan Sui had an imposing look, and he could hardly see how well-built Yan Sui’s figure was. However, now that he had nothing covering his upper body, those remarkable and well-proportioned chest and abdominal muscles could be clearly seen even with just one glance. There was almost no difference in color between his body and face. It could be seen that Yan Sui did upper body exercises frequently without any clothes on.

When Meng Ting looked at him, Yan Sui’s body felt slightly hot. There was no doubt that the cold shower he had taken before was in vain.

“Are you full?”

“Yeah,” said Meng Ting as he continued to come near. He could not help but look around, but then he looked back at Yan Sui. After that, he quickly grabbed his own pajamas and towel, bowed his head, and went straight to the bathroom, “I’ll take a shower, too.”

However, before he could even pass by Yan Sui, he was pulled into Yan Sui’s embrace.

Meng Ting looked up to Yan Sui and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Yan Sui’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down, then he whispered, “Nothing.”

After he said that, he let go of the boy.

Meng Ting went to the bathroom and closed the door, then he stretched his hand to touch his chest, where the speed of his beating heart felt somewhat uncontrollable and his cheeks had long been blushing without him even realizing it.

Yan Sui changed into his clothes, sat on the bed, then smiled for a long time. A moment later, he saw Meng Ting poke his wet head out of the bathroom.

“Yan Sui, I forgot to bring my underwear.” On top of that, his towel was particularly small, so it would be pretty difficult if he wanted to wrap it around his waist like Yan Sui did earlier.

Actually, he and Yan Sui had seen each other naked quite a few times already. Yan Sui helped him release his pent-up desires before, and they even helped each other this afternoon. Therefore, it should be okay if he walked in front of Yan Sui without wearing anything; but right now, he felt extremely embarrassed even by just talking about it.

“Can you…hand it over to me?”

“Okay,” Yan Sui did not mean to make it difficult for the boy. He immediately got up and went to Meng Ting. When he changed into his clothes earlier, he helped Meng Ting prepare his clothes. In other words, before Meng Ting entered the bathroom, Yan Sui already realized that he forgot to bring the boy’s underwear.

Meng Ting looked at the underwear in Yan Sui’s hand. Not only did he blush, but smoke was about to rise from his head.

He took his underwear and slammed the door shut, then his muffled voice could be heard from inside, “Thank you.”

Yan Sui went back to the bed and sat down, yet the smile on his face could not dissipate.

Meng Ting came out of the bathroom soon. He looked at Yan Sui for a moment with his eyes glimmering, then he came over to Yan Sui. With a blushing face, he sat by Yan Sui’s side and held his hand, “Should we go to sleep?”

“Mhm, let’s sleep.”

Yan Sui responded as he pulled the quilt. Meng Ting climbed up the bed and lied down first. Yan Sui stood up and turned off the lights, then he lied down beside Meng Ting.

This time, he did not need Meng Ting to remind him. He landed a kiss on Meng Ting’s forehead and said, “Good night.”

“Good night to you, too,” replied Meng Ting. He tossed around for a while, then decided to roll into Yan Sui’s embrace to let the man embrace him, and only then could he close his eyes with satisfaction.

Meng Ting soon fell asleep, while Yan Sui — although he was happy — had a hard time before he could fall asleep.

It was not because he did not want to be more intimate with each other, but tonight’s experience was enough to make him understand that he had no self-control when it came to Meng Ting. He really doubted whether he would be able to stop himself after he had kissed the boy as he had done in the previous two occasions.



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