SP: Chapter 73. When You Love Someone


This chapter contains a completely fictitious graphic sex scene between two 16-year-old boys presented as both willingly consenting without forceful compulsion.

This chapter complies fully with the Free Speech laws of the U.S.A. If you have any questions, please refer to them. Do not post any defamatory, offensive, or obscene comments as they will be reported.

If you feel that you should skip this chapter, please note that no major plot points will be revealed in consideration of those who do choose to skip it. You can safely move on to the next chapter if you wish.




“When you love someone, and are attracted to them, it’s just natural to want to express that physically.”

—Kensuke Takahashi


Takahashi pulled back from his embrace and softly whispered, “Let me see you.” He grabbed the bottom of Kato’s shirt, pulling up, causing Kato to lift his arms as Takahashi pulled his shirt off.

Kato was certain that his cheeks were warm with a flush as he had never had anyone else—let alone another boy—look at him with such desire in their eyes. He also felt a very unusual sensation. It was almost as if his skin wanted, no, ached for Takahashi’s touch. It was that same desire he felt in the shower he had with him.

Takahashi stood there looking at Kato, then reached out and ran his hand down Kato’s chest to his abdomen, causing more sparks in Kato along the way. Another thing he didn’t understand was why it felt so erotic to have another boy’s manly hands touch him in this way, but he knew he didn’t want it to stop, like ever.

Takahashi moved close again, putting his mouth next to Kato’s ear and whispered, “Are you sure you are okay with this?”

Kato’s ear itched, and in a wonderfully seductive way. He made a small “Un” sound, in acknowledgement.

Takahashi bit Kato’s ear lobe gently and nibbled for a few seconds and whispered, “Not good enough. Are you really sure you want this?”

Kato felt like he was being swept out to sea by his emotions and would never be able to come back. He also felt his body responding to the seduction and was pretty sure he was getting hard right now. He ended up only whimpering out a tiny, little “Yes.”

Kato watched as Takahashi undid the button on Kato’s pants and pulled them down to his ankles along with his boxers in one fell swoop. Kato obediently lifted each foot out of the clothing as Takahashi pulled them away and put them aside. Kato was standing completely naked before Takahashi, without any fear. He felt no danger from Takahashi any longer, the boy that loved him so much. What he did feel was a pleasant heady rush as Takahashi stood there eyeing Kato’s body, and his erection.

Reaching out once again, Takahashi gently grabbed Kato’s penis and began massaging it. With his other hand, he grasped the back of Kato’s head and pulled it close for another kiss. This was wildly exhilarating to Kato, so much so that he could barely breathe, barely think. Not having ever done this, he could only think to place his hands on Takahashi’s hips and kiss back.

“Open your mouth a bit,” Takahashi said as he pulled back briefly. Kato complied and Takahashi kissed Kato again while putting his tongue in his mouth. It was incredible. Kato always heard of “French kissing” but he had no earthly idea how amazing it felt. He could feel this kiss tickle his groin; it was that good. He pushed back a bit, despite himself, feeling out Takahashi’s mouth with his tongue.

“Oh, ho. So, you’re not a passive uke,” Takahashi quipped as he broke contact.

Kato gently slapped Takahashi’s side, blushing deeply. He had no comeback for that. He removed Takahashi’s fondling hand and put it to Takahashi’s side. He then hooked his fingers into Takahashi’s boxers and mimicked the earlier move and pulled them down.
Now was the chance that he had been secretly harboring for so long, a chance to examine Takahashi. Before his face, as he was kneeling, was Takahashi in all his glory. Kato marveled at it and thought that it was beautiful in its own right. He gently reached out and traced Takahashi’s happy trail from his belly button down to this penis with a finger and noticed that a trail of goosebumps followed his finger. It was neat to watch. He noticed the tip of Takahashi was a bit moist. Somewhere inside, Kato found that pleasantly reassuring, as if by knowing that, he knows that he’s not alone and it happens to other boys.

He reached out and gently put his fingers around Takahashi and felt it pulse. With is other hand, he ran his fingers through Takahashi’s soft, reddish, dark brown hair. He could smell Takahashi’s scent, much more potent than in times past, and it was truly erotic.

A super perverse and weird idea suddenly occurred to him. He started kissing it like he did the bruises earlier. Takahashi made a small noise, maybe a moan? Kato wasn’t sure. He got more perverse and decided that he wanted to “French kiss” Takahashi’s penis. He wanted to taste Takahashi. As he continued, it provoked some interestingly amusing reactions from Takahashi’s body. Kato realized this was quite entertaining and he would have to file this away as a fun activity for later.

After a few more moans, Takahashi bent over a little and urged Kato to rise to his feet. He then gently maneuvered Kato around and laid him on the bunk. Takahashi climbed on top of Kato, who looked up into his eyes. Kato felt that Takahashi was a handsome boy. He always knew it even if he couldn’t admit it. He reached up and put his hands around Takahashi’s neck, interlocking his fingers, and pulled him down for more outrageously fun French kissing. Kato was really enjoying this. He felt love for Takahashi, and he felt that his love was being returned—definitely a highlight of his existence right now. Kato was happy to belong to Takahashi, to be his special property, his alone.

Takahashi pulled back and looked at Kato’s body. What’s next? Kato wondered. He did have a basic understand of biology, having already taken that class. He knew how animals procreated, and by extension humans. What he wasn’t sure was how two males…procreated.

“I want to tell you something,” Takahashi said. “I’ve never had sex with any of my ukes.”

Kato figured as much, but he still asked, “Why not?”

“Well, I determined that I would never have sex with someone I didn’t love. And I never loved any of them.”

Even in this situation, Kato’s tiny little mind still could formulate stupid questions: “So, do you know what you are doing?”

Takahashi laughed at Kato’s frank question. “Well, it’s all the semes ever talk about in the showers when you ukes are waiting on us to finish. I’ve gotten quite the education and pretty sure I know what to do.” Takahashi reached down and gently clasped Kato’s hand and somewhat quietly and gently said, “This may hurt you.”

An ounce of fear seized Kato’s heart but, with the way Takahashi was looking at him, gently caressing him, Kato courageously spoke up, “I’m pretty sure my kisses hurt you, so I’m ready for you to hurt me.”

Takahashi sat up, leaned over to the desk and grabbed a different bottle. He lifted Kato’s legs for access. He squeezed a clear liquid from the bottle onto two of his fingers and then put the bottle down. He reached for Kato’s penis and gently started massaging while he took the fingers with the liquid and penetrated Kato. This was a wholly different experience. Kato wasn’t sure he could hold a rational thought. He felt both pleasure and an odd sense of being violated as Takahashi slowly moved his fingers in and out. These were parts of his body that he was sure were not meant to be handled in such a way, but the thought of that drove him wild, so much so that he closed his eyes, tilted his head back, and let out a rather loud moan.

“Somebody’s enjoying this,” he heard Takahashi say with a chuckle. Again, Kato found some skin on Takahashi’s leg to playfully slap. “Look at me, Ren.”

Kato sobered up when he heard his given name. He opened his eyes and looked into Takahashi’s. “If at any time you want to stop, if it hurts too bad, yell out ‘Banana!'”

Kato smirked. “What!?”

“It’s a code word, a special word that both of us will immediately understand as ‘Stop!'” explained Takahashi.

Kato was amazed at Takahashi’s sensibleness, for never having done this before. What do those semes really talk about during showers? he wondered.

Kato replied, “Okay.”

Takahashi took a minute to apply some of the liquid to himself and, putting the bottle aside, he moved Kato’s legs around so that he could get close. He looked down at Kato in the eyes, grabbed Kato and started massaging again, and then penetrated Kato.

Stars. Stars was all that Kato could see. He was totally not prepared for that level of pain. He must have winced in pain as he felt Takahashi clasp Kato’s hand and ask in a very concerned tone, “Ren, are you okay?”

Kato could hear maybe a little panic in Takahashi’s voice, so he quickly replied, “Yes.”

Takahashi stopped for a minute. Kato could feel Takahashi all the way inside him. It was painful but at the same time there was an odd pleasurable sensation in places he had never sensed before. He opened his eyes and a tear rolled out. Takahashi looked at him and said, “I’m gonna stop this.”

Kato quickly reached out to Takahashi and said, “No. Ken. Please don’t. I want this. I just needed a moment to get used to the pain.” Kato could see the concern on Takahashi’s face and was touched.

“Okay.” Takahashi waited a minute then started slowly thrusting in and out while playing with Kato.

All these complex feelings, both physical and emotional, played havoc on Kato’s mind. The thrusting was at first painful, but it was quickly being replaced by euphoria, one that Kato had never known. Here he was, a boy, with another boy, being fondled and massaged with the big masculine hand of a boy and being penetrated by a boy. It was all so erotically exciting.

This euphoria went on for what seemed like an eternity. Every now and again he felt Takahashi kiss his neck, sending shivers through his body, or he would feel Takahashi’s breath on his ear as he nibbled on his lobe. Whatever this drug was, Kato wanted more. He had masturbated before; he knew what a climax felt like. But he was pretty sure he was on track to something outrageous.

At the peak of his sanity, he leaned back and started breathing hard, and exploded into Takahashi’s hand. The orgasm was so powerful that Kato’s toes curled. At the same time, he heard a low grunt from Takahashi, and one word he would never forget: “Ren.”

Takahashi fairly collapsed onto the top of Kato. Both boys were breathing hard, their hearts beating rapidly as one, and in a state of post coital bliss. Kato found it oddly erotic that he was covered in his own semen and it was now being smushed in between both their sweaty bodies. If Kato could, he would trade the world to never have this moment end.

After a minute, Kato began to chuckle aloud.

“What’s so funny?” Takahashi asked between breaths.

“That was incredible,” replied Kato. “Can we do it again?”




3 thoughts on “SP: Chapter 73. When You Love Someone

  1. Jeongipoom Deer

    Thanks for caring about your readers and putting the note at the beginning. As it was consensual, I read the whole thing. It’s refreshing to read a scene like this where the two are consensual, but also looking out for each other’s feelings. Kudos for writing a sex scene within a healthy relationship!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Jeongipoom Deer

        I meant to put this in my end comments, but it seems appropriate here: it takes guts to put yourself and your writing out there. I had to summon my nerve to comment so much (silly, I know) and can’t imagine putting my writing on display for others, so huge credit to you for that. In my opinion, it felt like their love did come across as genuine and tender.

        Liked by 1 person

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