SP: Chapter 75. Epilogue

Kato: I’m mad at you right now!!!

Murata: what did I do??

Kato: you know damn well what you did

Kato: you conspired with the wolf to set me up

Murata: oh? did it work?

Kato: yeah, he dragged my ass to this gig of his just to find out it was an anniversary party

Murata: I told you to wait and see but you never listen to me

Murata: did you like it?

Kato: yeah. it was all romantic and shit. he played a song he wrote back when we were in high school

Kato: he called it What Is the Value of Love?

Murata: awwwww

Kato: yeah

Murata: well, I wish you many more happy anniversaries my friend ❤ ❤ ❤

—A text message conversation between Ren Kato and Sōta Murata

In looking back at those first three momentous, life-changing weeks, I have to thank my love, Kensuke Takahashi, for never giving up on me. I was a stubborn, closed-hearted ass. (To all of those who read this, I know you think this already about me, and it’s fine.)

I remember Tachibana telling me that Ken was going to train me. I wanted to rebel right then and there. It didn’t matter what I thought of it anyways because train me he did. He spent so much time patiently teaching me how to love and be loved.

Murata once told me that I was too close to Ken to see how much he loved me, and by extension, how much I loved him. I believe that Ken understood that, and what he had to do. Sometimes we must step back from a situation to see the big picture and Ken forced me to step back.

On Halloween that year, Ken demonstrated to me how much love he was capable of. He took all the love that he could possibly muster and forced it into my heart that night. Afterwards, he shut it all off and pushed me away. It was so sudden that I floundered. I will never completely know how painful that was for him. It goes far beyond words.

I came to realize how lost I was without him, how much I felt for him, my true feelings. Thankfully, he hadn’t really left me. He jumped into harm’s way at the last minute, facing down his mortal enemy and, as any alpha wolf would, he protected his own by saving me from Sister Mary. It was the greatest demonstration of love I have ever witnessed and changed me forever. Ken says I saved him that year, but I honestly think it was me that he saved, from myself.

Life continued after that night we first made love, but that is a story for another book.


—Ren Kato




2 thoughts on “SP: Chapter 75. Epilogue

  1. Jeongipoom Deer

    Well, I’m not ready to say goodbye, but I saw where you said you will continue the story and also that this is a good place to pause. In fact, I am so caught up in the emotion of the last few chapters that I didn’t notice at first that the “baddies” hadn’t gotten retribution yet, which I am really gunning for in my “justice must be served” rose colored glasses.

    For now, I am truly content with where it ended. The trust and healing they both developed was really satisfying, as was the progressive building of the relationship, not to mention the glimpses of their future. I found myself getting much more emotionally involved than I had foreseen and while I usually read these types of stories for a complete break from real life, it really worked for me in this story. I will think about this one for awhile!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Done! I was in it for the smut (lol. thought there’d be bec. of the setting) but I got fluff and heartwarming feelings instead~~ 💛💛💛 Hoping for a side story about the cat and dog! And I reaaally feel bad about the roomie. Hope he finds his own CP too.

    Liked by 1 person

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