SP: Chapter 76. Author’s Note

Wait, what am I supposed to put here again?

—Clueless Author


FIRST: Yes, there will be a book 2 of Special Property. I need a break to figure it all out, but it will start where the first book left off. I’m not going to make it take place months or years later. I hate that as much as you do. I just needed a good stopping point for a complete story. I’ll be going back periodically to make adjustments and corrections to wording and spelling, but not the story.

SECOND: I can’t believe it’s finally over! This book is over 100k words and I wrote it just over 1 month. I hope you enjoyed this book. I’m no writer or author or anything fancy like that. First time ever doing something like this. It was very hard at times and some stuff took many rewrites before I was satisfied. Some was so easy as it almost wrote itself.

I wish to say thanks again to my editor E Xandros for helping me to plug up the holes in this story. There was a whole chapter he threw out and wouldn’t let me publish, around chapter 20, where I had Ren and Ken already confessing to each other. What a disaster this book would have been! He also helped me to make Murata a better character, as well as the others as he forced me to write good stuff.

If you care to, please leave some comments. I value your feedback and would love to engage my readers. Also, now that you know how it ends, and how long Takahashi’s been in love with Kato, maybe read it again and you will see so much more behind all the little things Takahashi did for Kato. I know I did.

About the author: just some average fudanshi who lives in Seattle.


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7 thoughts on “SP: Chapter 76. Author’s Note

  1. Jeongipoom Deer

    Well. I’ve never ever commented this much on a story before. I’m usually a lurker! I appreciate your and your editor’s efforts. As I said before, I was totally caught off guard by how much this story hit me. The first chapter made me so furious at the school, but it was worth the roller coaster ride. As I previously mentioned, if things like this type of abuse are never mentioned, they will never be exposed and, hopefully, expunged.

    You may claim that you are not an author, but you managed to paint relatable emotions and the complexities of human life, especially in relationships, well. I was very much pulled into the story and invested in what happened to the characters. I think you might want to reconsider seeing yourself as a writer. 😉

    I also appreciated how quickly it was updated. That could not have been easy, as you said, but as a binge reader, it was a treat!

    p.s. Hello, neighbor! Are you also snowed in? It’s still coming down heavily as I look out my window towards where Mt. Rainier should be…

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    1. Kain Guru

      First, haha yeah the snow is coming down so hard today! Giant flakes!
      Second, thanks for taking the time to read this book and leaving encouraging comments along the way! I can’t find the right words, except “Thank You.”

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Jeongipoom Deer

        You’re welcome. See you in the next story.

        P.S. This melt off is going to be ugly!


      2. Ariel

        I truly enjoyed this novel. It captured my attention from the very first chapter down to the last. The character development is excellent.
        Thank you for sharing this with us.
        Excited for Book 2!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. chapiadhis

    Thankyou so much for this heartfelt novel! You conveyed the subtle feelings with such depth. Honestly I think Ken was way long in love than what he confessed. Maybe he wasn´t concious about it till Ren was sick.

    Liked by 1 person

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