Jubo : Text 026. Buffet

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: FoxyJung

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower

Wang Cheng’s moving in was a little rushed. Wang Ning’an only prepared a place for him to sleep and nothing else, so this could cause problems to arise, one after another. Fortunately, Wang Cheng did not have much demand for his sleeping space, and the conditions did not allow him to speak any further.

When Wang Cheng was tidying up his room, Wang Ning’an took and gave him a new set of clothes and a set of pajama that he had worn once or twice before.

“This is my clothes and it may not fit you well, but wear it first. I’ll take you to the mall tomorrow after work. Wear this pajama for tonight.”

Wang Cheng did not care whether his clothes were new or not, as long as he could wear them. He had never been very particular about it, because it was easy to soil his clothes when he went up and down the mountain to work. Usually, in less than a month, the original appearance of his new clothes could not be seen anymore, so over time, he preferred wearing old clothes rather than spending money on new clothes. Besides, the old monk also had no money.

Wang Ning’an’s height was one meter and eighty-three, which made him a bit taller than Wang Cheng.

The pajama top did not fit him quite well and the pants and sleeves were a little long. If he rolled them up a little, it would unroll and fall down; but if he rolled it up a few times, it would be shorter. Fortunately, Wang Cheng paid no attention to them. Anyway, his big brother’s apartment was very clean. He must have a servant or a casual worker paid by the hour, who comes to clean up his apartment. Because of his big brother’s circumstances, he definitely did not have the time to clean up his own apartment.

“Big Brother, are you still busy? Have you eaten dinner?” Wang Cheng called Wang Ning’an, who was about to go to his study room. It was almost eleven o’clock at the moment. Workaholics like him could not take a rest all day long.

“I’ve already eaten, you go to bed first,” After dropping this sentence, Wang Ning’an turned to enter the study room.

Wang Cheng stared at the closed door and shrugged helplessly. Unfortunately, there were no ingredients in the refrigerator. Otherwise, he thought of making some midnight snack for his big brother. He then went back to his room. The mattress, chosen by his big brother, was a bit hard. It was still better than a wooden bed and it was also not too soft. Wang Cheng was never picky when it came to his bed, the quality of his sleep was good, and today was even quite fulfilling, so he immediately fell asleep after going to bed.

When he woke up the next day, the sky outside was already bright.

He was used to hearing the constant crying of cicadas, so when Wang Cheng sat up on his bed, he was in a daze for a while, then he remembered what had happened yesterday. An eighteen-storey building was so high; no wonder he could not hear any birds chirping. After that, he sprung out of his bed. Starting today, he would officially live in this prosperous city for three months, which was not too long and not too short.

“You’re up, then come over for breakfast.” Wang Ning’an walked over from the entrance with the breakfast he bought ten minutes ago. There was a morning market nearby. When he did not want to cook or when he did not have ingredients at home, he would go there to buy breakfast. There were plenty of stuff there and it almost had everything.

“Wait a sec, I’ll brush my teeth.” Wang Cheng thought he got up earlier than his big brother.

Their breakfast was composed of crepes, fruits, soup-filled buns, and soy-bean milk. When he realized that his younger brother had a great appetite and was not a picky eater as well, Wang Ning’an bought a lot for each of them and waited for Wang Cheng to come out. After they finished eating breakfast, the two brothers went downstairs together.

Wang Ning’an’s company was called Shenghui Group. Shenghui Group was a large company in Shanhai City, which was said to be a famous company all over of the country. The headquarters was not located in Shanhai City, but its branch here was not small either. Like Hua Ying Real Estate, it was located downtown, but they were located in a different building.

Wang Ning’an had a car, which was also provided by the company. Since there was a free ride, Wang Cheng did not want to ride on crowded buses anymore. He immediately responded when his big brother called him to sit in the car to go to work.

When he arrived at the company, it was still early to punch in.

Like yesterday, Wang Cheng watered the flowers and plants that needed watering. The old monk was also a gardener. During that time, he planted a lot of plants in the courtyard. As a result, he fished for three days and sun-dried the nets for two days [1]. However, Wang Cheng still wanted to take care of the flowers and plants. After he had finished all of them, only then could he start with his day’s work.

([1] A proverb which figuratively means not to persevere in doing something.)

In order to keep up with Li Yu’s pace, Wang Cheng forced himself to learn ‘planning’ that he had never touched before. There were dozens of heavy books on his desk, which he had asked from Li Yu. Li Yu probably liked his ambition and serious attitude, so her attitude toward him was much better now than the first day. She would explain any problems patiently to him. In the middle of her explanation, she even teased him a little, saying he looked like he became a successful man, but not yet, since his clothes did not fit him well.

And, one morning had passed by just like this.

At around twelve o’clock, Zhang Yiheng called Li Yu and Wang Cheng to have lunch together. Tang Sisi heard their conversation and said that she wanted to go, too. They could not reject her since they work in the same company, so everyone let her follow them.

Changhe Building had regular restaurants and buffets, which were located on the fifth and sixth floors. Their customers were office workers in this big building, and some office workers nearby. The price was a little expensive, but the food tasted good. Most office workers who were tired of lunch boxes would choose to eat here.

They ate a buffet. The group’s purchase price was only forty-nine Yuan. Generally speaking, only office workers with a large appetite or higher wages would choose here, because ordinary office workers could not afford the price of the meals.



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  1. Thank you for this chapter! This Tang Sisi … tskk tskk

    I like buffet too but I can’t for lunch break lol. I would fall asleep in front of the computer at work XD


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