SU: Chapter 1. What Now?

Just so you all know, the wolf is forcing me to write this second book. I wanted a break. I work full time. But he read the first book and, after ranting for an hour about how I turned him into a bad guy and twisted everything he said, he urged me to keep writing. He liked the smutty parts and offered to recreate them with me, “purely for literary purposes,” he said. Yeah, right. Anyways, hope you like this book too.

—Ren Kato


Ren Kato awoke to find himself in the arms of his boyfriend, Kensuke Takahashi. It seems I’m his body pillow again this morning, he thought to himself. How did he sleep before without me? He was lying on his back with his wolf snuggled up against him, leg laying across Kato’s groin, and hand on Kato’s tummy. His other wolf, a super-cute plushie that Takahashi bought him, was in the crook of his other arm.

Now that they had took it to the next step, neither boy felt the need to don underwear last night so both were completely naked with a blanket covering them. This situation was actually quite pleasing to Kato. It felt liberating to be completely naked next to another boy and know that he was completely safe, warm, and loved. He began to wonder how he ever slept before without Takahashi.

Takahashi was still asleep as Kato continued to lay there thinking. Over the past three weeks of this hell that was St. Catherine’s Boarding School, which he was probably stuck at until he graduated two years from now, he had slowly fell in love with this wolf. Now he wondered where to go from here. He had never had a relationship with a girl, let alone a boy. All of his experiences growing up—the TV he watched, the songs he listened to, his parents, conversations with friends, classmates, schooling, society in general—were heterosexually-oriented. Boys simply are not taught to love other boys, and in fact, mostly they were taught not to love other boys. Kato figured he could muddle through a relationship with a girl by what he knew and help he could have gotten from his parents and others, but he was at a loss as to what to do with Takahashi. He began to worry if this was really a good idea or not.

He felt Takahashi stretch and then a gentle kiss applied to Kato’s shoulder. “Good morning,” Takahashi said.

Kato replied, “Good morning.” He wasn’t sure what else to say.

“How are you feeling?” Takahashi asked with genuine concern.

Kato mentally assessed his body’s condition after the two bouts of sex they had only 10 hours ago. “A little sore still,” he replied.

Takahashi sighed. “I’m sorry, my first—” he snorted, “and second time ever doing that. Maybe I’ll ask the semes more about it.”

Kato became embarrassed. “U—Uh,” he stammered.

“What?” Takahashi asked.

“You’re going to tell others what we did?” Kato felt his cheeks warm up as he was obviously blushing.

Takahashi snickered softly. “Well, this may be news to you, but most everyone already assumed we were anyways.”

“WHAT!” Kato exclaimed. He was horrified.

Takahashi buried his nose under the blanket and started laughing.

“Fuck me!” Kato breathlessly exclaimed.

Takahashi came back out of the blanket and asked, “Again? I don’t mind but don’t you want time to recuperate?” Takahashi was wearing an evil grin.

Kato took his free hand and smacked Takahashi on his leg, that still happened to be covering Kato’s manhood. “You’re not funny.” He realized he needed to stop saying that expression.

Takahashi smiled and hugged Kato. “I’m just teasing you. Relax. At first, most everyone surely assumed we were because of my bad reputation, but the whole school came to know that you refused to have sex with me when you blurted that out during the movie. So, now, they probably assume that you’re not having sex with me and it’s some kind of penance, or karma, that I’m paying for my sins.”

Kato felt really bad. That one statement he blurted out caused so much trouble. “I am really sorry about that,” Kato said.

Takahashi took a finger and put it on Kato’s lips. “Shh. No more of that. You couldn’t have known how wrong you’d be.” Takahashi wore a big grin.

Kato smacked Takahashi’s bare leg again, “Oh my god, shut up.”

Takahashi started laughing again. “Come on, get up. I gotta pee and it’s breakfast time. He removed his leg and hand from Kato. Immediately Kato felt the intimacy vanish like smoke in a stiff breeze, and he missed it. He got up so Takahashi could get out of bed.

“You have morning wood a lot,” Kato smiled at Takahashi as he looked at Takahashi’s body and pointed.

There was a slight blush in Takahashi’s face as he nervously scratched the back of his head. “Yeah?” He gave a slight smirk then he stood before Kato and cupped Kato’s face with his two big hands and gave him a passionate, yet soft kiss. There was that familiar sense of tingling lightning rushing throughout his body and he could feel his own manhood awaken a little.

Takahashi broke contact and Kato stared back. “What was that for?” Kato asked.

“A good-morning kiss.” Takahashi donned his bathrobe and grabbed some items and left the room, leaving Kato staring after him as he left.


At breakfast, the two boys sat at their respective tables again. Kato noticed that one of the boys that Takahashi usually sat with had returned. He wondered at this since Takahashi said all the boys were given a month in segregation.

“You two have been swapping a lot lately,” said Sōta Murata, Kato’s other friend at this school.

“Yeah, without roommates, it’s convenient. It’s lonely in my room now,” Kato said.

“Have you thought about moving in with him?” Murata asked.

“I can do that? How?” Kato asked eagerly.

“There’s a form you can submit to the administration building for changing room assignments. When the time comes, Nakamura-san and I are going to move in together.”

“Maybe I’ll ask Takahashi-san about it later,” Kato said as he attempted to curb his enthusiasm. Something suddenly occurred to Kato. He didn’t want Murata to know they were now officially boyfriends or having sex. He didn’t know why, but he wasn’t ready to admit that yet.


Kato had returned to Takahashi’s room and gathered the few things he may need for later, including grabbing his plushie wolf. He made Takahashi’s bed and cleaned up a bit and then left to return to his own room.

There were two staff members standing outside his room and it was open. He instantly began to worry. The staff was here to collect Tachibana’s stuff, he was told. He pointed out what belonged to Tachibana. They let him put his stuff away and get his school materials and leave. The last thing they said was that he would have to move to the top bunk because his new roommate, due to an injury, needed the bottom bunk. Kato was disappointed but he figured that probably didn’t matter because he could just move in with Takahashi anyways.


Kato was quite happy to be doing math this morning. He was in a good mood and doing what he enjoyed. He wished he could just be happy like this always, but he just knew that rain clouds were always at the ready to make life miserable again.

At break, he went to the restroom. Takahashi walked in and started to fuss with his hair again in the mirror. “Damn cowlick,” he grumbled.

Kato finished up his business at the urinal and went to an adjacent sink and washed his hands. He smiled at Takahashi. “I told you—” Kato started.

“Yeah, yeah, gel. Got it. Thanks,” Takahashi interrupted.

Kato snickered. “Hey, so Murata was telling me that we could move in together.”

“No.” Takahashi said, bluntly. Kato could see that Takahashi was in wolf-mode again.

“What? Why not?” Kato asked. He was rather upset at being shut down so quickly.

“I don’t wanna. That’s why.” Takahashi said with a straight face as he was still working out the cowlick.

“Well that makes no fucking sense,” Kato grumbled. “We wouldn’t have to swap anymore.”

Murata walked in to the restroom and went to a stall. Kato suddenly didn’t feel like talking about this anymore.

“I agreed to be your boyfriend, but I didn’t agree to move in with you,” Takahashi said.

Fuck! Kato screamed in his head. Surely Murata heard that. “Whatever,” Kato barked as he turned and left the bathroom.


Kato purposely focused his mind on the next class as he simply did not want to think any more of Takahashi this morning. But thoughts of their sexual adventures the night before crept into his mind, and he couldn’t figure out why Takahashi wouldn’t want to move in. Kato figured they could have sex every night, once Takahashi learned how to do it properly without hurting him. He also wanted to try a lot of stuff even though he wasn’t sure what else there was to do since he never read a book on this subject. But he thought it might be fun to experiment. Maybe Takahashi would allow Kato to masturbate him, or some other interesting things. Then they could sleep together naked with each other every night. Kato could have all the good-morning kisses he could wish for.

The chime announced the end of the class and Kato realized that he spent almost all of it daydreaming. He would have to finish today’s bookwork as homework now.


At lunch, Kato watched Murata sit down at the table. He smiled and greeted Murata.

Murata smiled back. “Hi.”

Kato suddenly became hesitant, but his mind was working on overdrive at the moment and he couldn’t resist asking, “Did you hear that conversation in the bathroom?”

“Which part? The boyfriend part? Or the whatever part?” Murata said with a knowing smile.

“Fuck.” Kato said aloud, though he didn’t intend to.

Murata laughed. “Seriously. I thought you were boyfriends long ago. How long were you intending to keep your little secret?”

Kato sighed. “Well, it’s still new to me, so I’d appreciate if you don’t make fun of me.”

Murata smiled. “Did you guys do it yet?”

Kato glared back, his cheeks were glowing, but he said nothing.

Murata’s eyes opened wide, “Oh my god, you guys did!” he exclaimed in a loud whisper.

Kato looked down at his food. He couldn’t meet Murata’s eyes anymore. He felt ashamed, suddenly.

Murata gently put his hand on Kato’s shoulder, “I’m impressed.”

Kato looked up, “Huh?”

Murata gave a soft smile, “He’s loved you for such a long time. I was really hoping that you would finally see it and respond. I also know you wouldn’t do it with him if you didn’t love him in return. I’m happy for  you.”

Kato looked down at his food again, at a loss for words. He suddenly realized that he has just been outed to his friend as being in a sexual relationship with another boy. It was embarrassing.

Murata shook Kato a little. “You’ve grown Kato-san.”

Kato looked up. He again spoke the first thing that came to his mind. “He doesn’t want me to move in.”

“Yeah, not sure what’s up with that. But I’m not the one you need to talk to about that.” Murata shrugged.

“I guess I’ll talk to him on the way to the Sports Complex this afternoon,” Kato said.


Kato returned to his room. He opened the door and a very tall boy was standing there. “Hi, little man,” the boy said. Kato’s mind went blank as he stared back in horror.



5 thoughts on “SU: Chapter 1. What Now?

  1. Jeongipoom Deer

    I’m glad to see the story continue, but hope my heart can take it. As soon as I read the part about the new roommate being injured I thought of the Star Wars line: “I have a bad feeling about this.”


    1. rainess09

      Let’s go through the list of students that’s been hurt so far recently. Uhh well yeah there’s Handa-san and well yeah that’s it end of list.

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