BMHS : Chapter 29.1 – How does it feel?

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower

Meng Ting woke up early in the morning, but Yan Sui was still fast asleep, so he looked at the man properly for a while. In the past, Yan Sui used to wake up almost around this time. Slowly, Meng Ting reached out to touch Yan Sui’s chest, as it moved up and down.

In fact, he wanted to touch it last night, but at that moment, shyness shrouded his mind. He did not have the nerve to speak, let alone put his thoughts into practice.

Meng Ting was quickly caught with his hand on Yan Sui’s chest. Meng Ting’s body immediately froze. It took him a long time to blink, and for once again, he could feel Yan Sui’s strong heartbeats in his hand. This feeling was amazing, but it was quite embarrassing to be caught in the act.

Meng Ting raised his body, and a good morning kiss landed on Yan Sui’s forehead, “Yan Sui, good morning.”

He said as he withdrew his hand; but, his attempt to pull his hand away failed. Shifting Yan Sui’s attention was not successful.

“How does it feel?”

Yan Sui let go of Meng Ting’s hand and pinched his tender cheek.

Meng Ting blinked and responded honestly, “It’s quite nice…to touch.”

He had never touched anyone before, but all of his senses told him that if he comes into contact with Yan Sui, he would not reject it. Yan Sui would even like it more and more.

When he said that, he reached out and touched it a few times again before he confirmed to Yan Sui, “You‘re my man, I can touch it, right.”

“Yeah,” Yan Sui answered and there was some helplessness between his eyebrows. Perhaps, it was difficult for Meng Ting to understand the hardships of being patient, and he always raised the limit that Yan Sui needed to restrain himself. When the two got bored of lying on the bed for a while, they jogged as usual, walked the dog, and played with the kitten, then they had breakfast. After they finished eating their breakfast, Yan Sui did not immediately go back upstairs and change his clothes to go to the company; instead, he went to the sofa and sat down, then he stretched his hand out to pull Meng Ting in his arms, who was holding Furball at the moment.

“I asked Gu Lang to help us organize a party. All of those people in my Moments are invited. The party venue is in the western suburbs coast. We set off at around two o’clock in the afternoon. If you like, we can spend the night there, but if not, we can come back early.”

When Yan Sui was talking, Meng Ting looked at him. Yan Sui explained this thoroughly, and Meng Ting briefly thought deeply about it, then he nodded at once.

“If that’s the case, then let me take Furball and Rhubarb to the Pet Shelter first.”

He still remembered what Zhen Han had instructed him. Every three days, he had to take Furball and Rhubarb back to the clinic for further consultation. Today was their third days at the Yans’ residence.

Yan Sui still embraced him and did not get up. Meng Ting spoke once more, ”I know how to get there. You must be busy, you should go to work.”

Yan Sui actually thought that it would be better to call Zhen Han and let him come over, but based on Meng Ting’s nature, it seemed that it was unlikely for him to trouble others. That day when Li Yi came early in the morning to check on him when he was sick, Meng Ting even said thank you earnestly.

“Okay, how about if you let Zhao Bing follow you, then I’ll be at ease.”

Meng Ting nodded obediently. Although he did not think this was particularly necessary, he also did not reject Yan Sui’s good intention.

Yan Sui accompanied Meng Ting to sit for a while, then he got up and went upstairs, but he did not go to the company yet; instead, he entered the study room. This morning, he chose to stay in the study room to deal with his work.

Not long after, Wang Feng finally came.

“Schedule a trip and I need be free for seven days after the wedding.”

Wang Feng completely did not expect that Yan Sui would ask to spare seven days after the wedding, but he nodded, “Yes sir.”

While he was still mulling over it, Yan Sui gave Wang Feng the answer himself.

“Tell me, do you think it’s best to go on a trip domestically or overseas?”

After Wang Feng heard this, a row of ellipsis wirelessly extended in his innermost being. What kind of trip was this? This time, it was obviously a honeymoon trip. He absolutely did not expect that Yan Sui could also catch up with the current trends.

“There are places with beautiful scenery in the country as well, but in my opinion, it’s better to go overseas; otherwise… would you like to ask Young Master Meng?”

Yan Sui pondered over it for a while, then he raised his hand. He asked Wang Feng to write up his itinerary first and set it aside for discussion later.

Somehow, he thought it was unnecessary to ask Meng Ting this question, because for Meng Ting, apart from Donglin Town, perhaps, he had never had fun thoroughly around Haicheng itself, so there was no point of them going on a trip domestically or overseas.

However, honeymoon trips were always meant to be different. He needed to be more careful. If Meng Ting likes it, then Yan Sui could take him out in the future and have fun regularly.

Of course, he did not come up with this idea by himself because he just suddenly change from an old-fashioned to a romantic man. Before he went to the company yesterday morning, he went to meet the psychiatrist introduced by Li Yi first and talked with him for nearly two hours.

That psychiatrist said that Meng Ting’s condition should not be dealt with in a hurry; however, it was good to take him out for a walk more and broaden his horizon. Putting his mind at ease always have its advantages.

Yan Sui contemplated about it, then this ‘honeymoon trip’ suddenly popped out of his mind. However, seven vacant days would also mean that he would be particularly busy before and after their marriage.

So, he definitely could not accompany Meng Ting to take the two little guys to the Pet Shelter.

Zhen Han ran this pet clinic pretty well. The grooming section starts from eight in the morning until eight in the evening, and there was basically no idle time. There were quite a lot of people, who would take their pets here, and all of them must make a reservation in advance.

However, the one who was responsible for the reservations were the two girls at the front desk. No matter what, Zhen Han would not trouble himself here; however, he was still suddenly asked to ‘make an appointment’ today for Meng Ting.

“Your sister-in-law will be there in a moment.”

After Zhen Han received this text message from Yan Sui, another text message came immediately.

“Take good care of your hands.”

Zhen Han stared at the two messages properly for a while, then he laughed mischievously.

The laughter with a unique coldness of the Yan family members even made the scalps of two male nurses slightly tighten, and they both felt a little bit scared as they passed by his sofa throne.

So to speak, no one has recklessly went and touched the President’s stuff, right?

He did not wait for a long time, Meng Ting held Furball in one hand, while pulling Rhubarb in the other. He was followed by Zhao Bing, who was tall and robust in black, from behind.

“Do you have an appointment?” The girl at the front desk smiled and asked Meng Ting this question. Since he came in with a kitten and a dog, this was probably a good conjecture.

Meng Ting shook his head. He swept his gaze all over the place, “I’m looking for Zhen Han, I’m his sister-in-law.”

“Sister-in-law…” The girl at the front desk somehow could not control her voice being faced with this strange phenomenon… Even though same sex was recognized by the law nowadays, it was quite rare for a man to address himself so earnestly like that. Besides, Meng Ting seemed to be not fully grown up yet, nor did he look like a married man at all.

Meng Ting was not good at talking to others, especially to creatures like this one called ‘girls.’ Their feelings were quite easy to stir. It seemed like he had said something extraordinary, but he did not say it wrong. Zhen Han was Yan Sui’s younger cousin from his mother’s side, so Meng Ting was his cousin’s sister-in-law.

“Is he here?” He asked this question with hesitation.

“I’m here. Sister-in-law, you’ve arrived, come in.” Zhen Han could see Meng Ting right away from the window in the reception area, so even if Yan Sui did not send him the two text messages, he also could not neglect Meng Ting. He raised his hand to the girl at the front desk, hinting that he would receive Meng Ting.

Meng Ting quietly heaved a sigh of relief, nodded, and followed Zhen Han.

After that, a series of examinations were performed on Furball and Rhubarb. Zhen Han was absolutely professional as a veterinarian. He had quite a good skill with cats and dogs, but in some areas, he still needed help from others. Originally, he wanted to let the nurses come in, but Meng Ting took care of it pretty well, so he did not call them.

“They like you.”

“Yeah, I like them, too.”

Meng Ting stretched out his hand and rubbed Rhubarb here and there for a while, while Rhubarb rubbed against Meng Ting’s hand. The dog quite enjoyed his caresses.

“The wound is healing pretty quickly, and its possible to recover completely in about a month.”

Zhen Han spoke as he looked at Furball inside its cage beside Meng Ting’s feet, “Furball‘s healing will be slower. I’m estimating it would take two or three months.”

He also could not figure out why Meng Ting chose to name this kitten Furball. Could it be that he was ardently hoping for this kitten to grow quite a lot of fur in the future, eat a lot, then become like a ball?

Needless to say, Meng Ting still really thought so.

Meng Ting nodded earnestly when he heard it, “I know, we’re not in a hurry. It will be fine.”



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