SU: Chapter 2. Return of the Enemy

Segregation was a last resort to discipline a student. It was used rarely as many thought it was cruel and inhumane to take a student and isolate them for any length of time during their tender years. But what was the staff to do with a student that should be expelled but had no family or other resources? It was unconscionable to put a child on the street, homeless.

This issue was hotly debated during many administrative meetings and it was determined to keep the status quo until a better option could be found.

—Discipline at St. Catherine’s, vol 1, p. 94


The tall boy started to approach. Kato then tried to escape by backpedaling out of the room. Kato breathed in fear, “Handa-san, fuck me!” before he lost his footing and landed hard on his butt.

Stars. Stars was all that Kato saw. The pain in his rear was excruciating, causing him to yelp out on pain and tears to form in his eyes.

Handa stood and looked down at Kato with a grin. “I accept your offer anytime you like, after I heal up. The doctor said I should avoid any strenuous activity for another week.”

Kato looked up without understanding. Handa chuckled and went back into the room. Kato came to his senses again and scampered up and ran to the only place he knew that was safe.

He didn’t even bother knocking, he flung open the door, saw Takahashi there, and almost knocked him over as he tackled him in a big hug. He buried his head in Takahashi’s chest.

“Ow, what the fuck?” Takahashi cried out in pain. “Watch the back, you idiot!”

Kato was so frightened he was shaking. “H—handa-san,” he managed to squeak out.

“Huh?” Takahashi asked.

“In my room,” Kato replied. “H—he’s in my room.”

Takahashi took Kato’s arms and forced them open, then he pushed Kato aside and marched out of the room. Kato couldn’t think but to follow quickly. If he gets into a fight with Handa—

Takahashi marched right into Kato’s room. “What the fuck are you doing here?”

Handa turned around. “Well, if it isn’t the little chicken-shit Takahashi-kun. Still taking care of your uke, I see.”

Takahashi glared back with his fists clenched.

“I figured you’d show up sooner or later. I’m confused though. Is he your bitch, or are you his? I never could figure out how two ukes can fuck each other.” Handa was grinning.

Takahashi looked like he was about to jump when Kato grabbed and arm and pulled him backwards. “Don’t do it, Ken!”

Handa started laughing. “Don’t do it, Ken,” he said, mocking Kato.

Takahashi growled, “What are you doing here?”

Handa replied, “Well, I’m your bitch’s new roommate.” He smiled darkly. “I’m here to take care of your little man.”

“If you touch him, I will come back and end you,” Takahashi spoke with a deadly intent.

“Tell you what, fuck-face. I won’t touch your bitch for at least a week since I need to heal. That is, of course, if he doesn’t beg me to like he did earlier,” Handa said.

Takahashi glanced at Kato. “Nuh uh, I didn’t say anything like that!” Kato pleaded.

Handa laughed, “’Handa-san, fuck me!’ is what you said.” Kato finally understood what he meant. “Bet that cute little ass of yours is nice and tight too. How was it, Takahashi-kun?”

Kato held on to the raging wolf. “Ken,” he pleaded.

Handa continued, “Anyways, after I heal up, if you still feel like getting your ass kicked, fine. We’ll do it. I’m game. I’ll make you my bitch. Then you won’t have any need of that uke anymore.”

Takahashi was beat red, but he turned, grabbed Kato by the arm and pulled him out of the room and back to his. Kato was pretty fearful of Takahashi who was in full wolf-mode.

Takahashi pushed Kato into the room and entered, closing the door behind him. He stood there glaring at Kato, fists balled up, and shaking slightly. Kato was now extremely worried.

Takahashi closed his eyes and started to collapse. Kato sprung into action, leaping forward to catch Takahashi. He laid Takahashi down on his back on the floor with his head in Kato’s lap and started shaking him slightly, yelling “Ken! Ken! Oh my god, Ken! What’s wrong?”

Kato thought Takahashi felt warm to the touch. Just at that time, another boy opened the door. He looked down and exclaimed, “What happened? Who are you?”

Kato looked up, “I’m his boyf—er, his friend. Who are you?”

“I’m Daichi Xan, his new roommate,” the boy replied. The boy was taller than Takahashi but not as tall as Handa. Kato guessed he might be mixed, perhaps half-Chinese and half-Japanese. This combination made him extremely attractive. He had perfect eyes, perfect teeth, beautiful hair, his features were delicate, and yet very masculine. Kato suddenly became very insecure. He noticed that Xan was wearing street clothes, so he must be a new transfer.

“He collapsed. He feels hot. We should get him to the infirmary,” Kato said. “Here, I’ll stand up and you can help me put him on my back and I’ll run him over there.”

“What the hell? He’s bigger than you. I should do it,” Xan said.

“He’s my seme.” Kato growled.

“Huh?” Xan asked with a confused look.

“I will do it,” Kato replied.

“Okay, okay, fine.” Xan said.

Kato and Xan awkwardly lifted Takahashi and put him on Kato’s back, arms over his shoulders and legs around his waist. Kato had given and received many piggy-back rides with his friends, so he knew what to do. He was fairly certain he would be able to do this but knew he would be dead by the time it was over.

He left out the door and hurried to the infirmary, with Takahashi on his back, and Xan at his side to make sure Takahashi didn’t fall off. The effort was grueling, and the pressure made some of Kato’s already sore parts even more sore.

They arrived at the infirmary and Takahashi was still unconscious. They placed him on a gurney, and he was wheeled away. Kato was sweating profusely and hunched over a bit. His backside was on fire, along with his legs and arms.

“You are welcome to stay in the waiting room until the patient is stable,” the nurse kindly offered.

Kato asked, “Can I be excused from class if I’m here?”

“I’ll notify your teacher that you’re in the infirmary. No problem,” the nurse smiled soothingly.

If only all the staff here were as nice as this nurse, Kato thought.

Xan excused himself, leaving Kato behind.

He stood in the waiting room for over an hour when the kind nurse came back. “He’s in room 203, down that hall, first right, then first left.”

“Thank you,” Kato replied as he followed the directions.

He walked into the room and Takahashi was lying with his eyes closed. There was a needle in his arm and a bag of some clear liquid hanging above him. A pain developed in Kato’s gut. He walked over to Takahashi and put his hand on his forehead, attempting to determine if he had a fever.

Takahashi’s eyes opened up. He turned and looked at Kato. “Hi,” he said weakly.

“Hi,” Kato replied back softly. “You okay?”

“I have a blistering headache, but I’m okay.” Takahashi smiled a little. He reached over and held onto Kato’s hand.

“Did they say what was wrong?” Kato asked.

“They said it’s the flu that was exacerbated by stress, injuries, and dehydration. They said drink plenty of water, take medicine, and rest a couple days.”

A tear worked its way out of Kato and down his cheek.

“Oh now, whatcha crying for?” Takahashi asked.

“Don’t worry about anything. I will take care of you,” Kato promised.

Takahashi chuckled softly. “I’m not dying. I’ll be okay. No need to take care of me.”

“But I want to,” Kato protested. “You took care of me!” he exclaimed.

That look came over Takahashi’s face gain, wolf-mode. “I said I’ll be fine,” he tonelessly stated.

Kato didn’t want to argue so he said, “Fine.”

“You let me know if Handa-san touches you. I’ll break him if he does,” Takahashi growled.

Kato silently swore to himself that even if that happened, he would never tell Takahashi.

Takahashi closed his eyes again. Kato took his hand back and pulled over a chair. He was glad this room had only the two of them alone there. He sat in the chair, gently, and picked up Takahashi’s hand and held it again. He didn’t say a word, but just stared at his wolf. It wasn’t long before a soft, cute little snore came from Takahashi.


Kato returned to his room after staying with Takahashi for an hour. He saw that Handa was not there. He assumed the jerk must be in class. He decided to take the time to do that homework from class earlier today.

Just after 4 o’clock, Handa walked in. “Hi, little man,” he greeted.

“I have a name, you know,” Kato griped.

“Uke? Bitch? Which is it?” Handa smirked.

“Kato, you ass,” Kato barked back.

“Whatever,” Handa replied.

“How do you ever expect to get an uke when you act like this?” Kato blurted out. Sometimes he amazed himself at his inability to keep quiet.

“Who said I wanted one? What if I just want a fuck buddy?” Handa sarcastically replied.

“Fine, but why does it have to be Takahashi-san? Can’t you get your own?” Kato argued.

Handa laughed hard. “So, you don’t want to share your fuck buddy with anyone else? Is that it?”

Kato flushed, something like an angry blush. “I didn’t mean it like that.”

“My offer still stands. I’ll fuck you any time you like. You don’t even have to tell Takahashi-kun,” Handa said.

“No thanks. Find someone else.” Kato flatly replied.

“Suit yourself. I bet I’m better in bed,” Handa said.

Kato willed his mouth shut to not give Handa any more ammunition to fire back.

Handa shook his head and smiled and he headed to his bed and laid down.

Kato closed his books and left the room to cool off in the restroom. Some boys were going in and out, cleaning up for dinner. Kato stared into a mirror for a few minutes. He seriously wondered where this life of his was leading him.




One thought on “SU: Chapter 2. Return of the Enemy

  1. Jeongipoom Deer

    I’m torn between wanting Handa to get his butt kicked and then get kicked out of the school, and wanting to see his backstory and redemption. There is clearly something there. Isn’t that life, though? There are people in my life I would just like to get away from so it didn’t take such a toll on me trying to figure out how to manage my reactions to them, but I know the healthier path is to keep trying as running away doesn’t acknowledge or work on the problem. Sigh. Thanks for another thought provoking chapter.


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