HIHEZL : Chapter 49. A Snowball Fight!

Author: Angelina

Translator: xallisonjanex, chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

“We’re back.” Ke Bu opened the door with bags in his hands. The group was playing mahjong with great interest. Chu Haoyu’s eyes did not even move away from the mahjong table when he said: “You’re so slow, you didn’t take the opportunity to have sex at the park, right?”

Ke Bu slapped the back of Chu Haoyu’s head then said, “How filthy can your thoughts be.”

“Do you want to play, Zhi Li?” Ying Xiujie was kind enough to want to let Zhi Li take his seat. Usually, apart from Gong Zhu and Zhou Xinhe, the members of this small group would show kindness, not for the sake of noble sentiments. As expected, Ying Xiujie pulled his pockets inside-out and said, “I’ve lost my family’s fortune, my New Year money! My dignity as a man! All lost to Xinhe.”

“She’s the only one winning, what in the world—!” Chu Haoyu also shouted in grief and indignation.

“This is what they call ‘The kind will live a peaceful and safe life.’”

Soon after, Chu Haoyu’s parents also returned. Mrs. Chu gently greeted everyone, “I’m sorry for letting everyone wait for a long time. Xiao Yu just told me today that you‘ll come over, so I was only able to go out in a rush to buy some vegetables. Are you hungry? I’ll go and prepare the meal right away.”

Mr. Chu took off his coat: “The snow outside seems to be getting thicker, be careful not to catch cold.”

Ke Bu could not figure it out. He really could not figure out, how on earth did such a good couple raise Chu Haoyu to become this perverted? Chu Haoyu looked out the window. He rolled his sleeves up as he stood up, “Let’s have a snowball fight.”

“You just lost and want to go back on your word.” Ke Bu exposed Chu Haoyu’s real intention. Chu Haoyu pretended not to hear him and for the first time, there were so many people who agreed with him. Gong Zhu and Zhou Xinhe also rushed to the entrance and began to put on their gloves and hats. Ying Xiujie was doing warm-up exercises and even Su Youyan also closed her book.

“There are so many grownups who are so naive.” Ke Bu scorned.

Ying Xiujie looked at Ke Bu, who was putting on his shoes at the entrance, “Isn’t it you who ran faster than anyone else!?”

“I’m just accompanying you guys.” Ke Bu shrugged. This was a group who barely made friends when they were young. They seemed to have never had snowball fights before, so they were very excited. Zhi Li leisurely came over. Just when everyone was in the mood, he suddenly uttered the cold sentence, “Is this cramming for childhood?” giving a heavy blow to everyone, who were feeling positive.

“Don’t say such things!”

“Isn’t it?” Zhi Li pondered. He thought aloud and said seriously, “I thought nobody played with you guys when you were young.” The sad truth had been pointed out and made everyone feel down. Zhi Li opened the door and looked back at the group, who had become very gloomy, “What’s wrong?”

“You say what’s wrong!!” Ke Bu yelled.

They played the rock-paper-scissors game to decide on the groupings. Su Youyan, Ke Bu, and Ying Xiujie were in the first group, while the other group consisted of Zhi Li, Chu Haoyu, and Gong Zhu. Ke Bu secretly felt happy, the sum up of his group’s strength was even better. Zhi Li and Su Youyan looked at Zhou Xinhe, who was left out, then the two made the final round. Zhi Li said, “Whoever loses will have her.”

“That’s exactly what I thought.”

Zhou Xinhe covered her mouth with her hands. With teary eyes, she said, “Your Excellency Zhi Li, you’re better off without me, am I just a burden in your eyes?” Zhou Xinhe ran away. The glistening tears in the corners of her eyes drifted with the wind. The group reached out to her by saying, “Xinhe;” however, Zhou Xinhe had not run far when she suddenly tripped because of the snow and fell over. After that, Zhi Li and Su Youyan indifferently played the last round of the rock-paper-scissors game. In the end, Su Youyan won and Ying Xiu and Ke Bu high fived, “Great! Heaven’s helping us, too.”

Chu Haoyu clenched his fist, “Damn.”

Gong Zhu, who was at the side, hurriedly consoled Zhou Xinhe: “Even if Xinhe‘s quite weak, you guys are being too obvious.”

Both sides occupied their own spots. Ke Bu picked up some snow on the ground and rolled it into a ball in his hands. Isn’t it just a snowball fight? Even if I’ve never played it before, I’ve seen it quite a lot of times on TV. Everyone will throw snowballs at me and I‘ll throw snowballs at you, then everyone will brightly laugh. Everyone will run after one another in the snow.

Ying Xiujie grabbed some snowballs and poked his head out: “WA-TAAAAAH, centipede hands!” When he finished his sentence, a number of snowballs flew over with an amazing speed, as if being thrown by a strong machine. Chu Haoyu quickly hid behind his shelter. Taking advantage of Ying Xiujie’s intervals, Chu Haoyu lifted a huge snowball with both hands and said, “Big boobs attack!” As he watched helplessly while the huge snowball flew over, at once, Ying Xiujie rolled on the ground to move back to his position. He heaved a sigh of relief: “That was close.” The snowball in Ke Bu’s hands fell to the ground. Where’s this snowball fight? This is simply risking your own life. Zhou Xinhe held back as much air as she could, then threw a snowball over to Ke Bu’s group. The snowball fell halfway on the ground. You can’t even throw a snowball over at this distance? When Ke Bu was distracted, Gong Zhu took the opportunity to throw a snowball at him. Su Youyan pushed Ke Bu away and the snowball hit the tree behind him instead.

“Thank you, Youyan.” Ke Bu looked at Su Youyan and he was very moved by her. Su Youyan pointed at Gong Zhu and said, “Don’t take advantage of the animal.”

“Who’s the animal!?” They still mocked his clothes. Now‘s not the time to think about this. Ke Bu quickly analyzed the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. We need to get rid of the weakest ones first, then deal with the boss. Now, their boss is nowhere to be found, is he hiding?

“Xinhe, sorry.”

“What?” She had not finished her words yet when Ke Bu’s snowball suddenly hit Zhou Xinhe in the face. Zhou Xinhe was out of the game! Next one was Gong Zhu. Ke Bu said: “Xiujie, you distract Yutai’s attention.”

“Leave it to me.” Ying Xiujie once again poked his head and asked: “Hey, who left their underwear here?”

“Where, where?” While Chu Haoyu was busy looking for the underwear on the ground, Ke Bu quietly detoured behind Gong Zhu. Just when he was about to lift the snowball, Gong Zhu turned around, and distracted Ke Bu’s attention with his lovely face, that was emitting a golden radiance: “It’s so cold. It seems that I caught cold. If you’ll throw snow at me…” He knelt on the ground and coughed really hard, as if he was about to cough out blood.

“Hey, are you alright?”

“I…” When Gong Zhu was sneakily grabbing some snow on the ground, Ke Bu was suddenly pushed away by Su Youyan and a large snowball landed on Gong Zhu’s head: “I don’t have the heart to see you in such a pain, it’s better to end your life sooner.”

“Did you see through my scheme?” Gong Zhu laughed and patted the snow off his head. Gong Zhu was out of the game! Chu Haoyu found the two and immediately threw snowballs over. Ke Bu dodged to the left then moved quickly to the right. Once in a while, he would counterattack. Once again, he gratefully looked at Su Youyan: “This favor, I’ll definitely double the return in the future.”

“Where’s Zhi Li?”

“I didn’t see him, let’s finish off Chu Haoyu first.”

The sharp-eyed Ke Bu saw that there was someone crawling in the snow. It shouldn’t be that dunce, Ying Xiujie, camouflaging, right? Ke Bu poked his head out to distract Chu Haoyu: “Hey, I’m here, Yutai.” Ke Bu mustered his strength to throw the snowball, and Chu Haoyu avoided it. Just when he was about to press forward, Chu Haoyu’s feet was caught. In shock, he looked down and said, “What the?”

“Die like a man.” Ying Xiujie emerged from the snow and used up all of his strength to pull Chu Haoyu’s feet. When Chu Haoyu fell to the ground, Ying Xiujie rushed up and grabbed the snow on the ground, then he pressed it on the back of Chu Haoyu’s head. Chu Haoyu was out of the game!

“Chameleon Fist.” Ying Xiujie once again hid in the snow. Aren’t you cold? Ke Bu really wanted to ask him.

“Zhi Li? Where are you? Don’t hide, your defeat has been decided.” Ke Bu looked everywhere in this world of pure white snow. The door of Chu Haoyu’s house opened, and Zhi Li came out with a cup of coffee, “Looking for me?”

“When did you go back inside!?”

“It was a bit cold, so I went back inside first.”

“Do you really want to play or not?”

Zhi Li put the coffee on the banister outside the door. He bent over and picked up a ball of snow and held it in his hand, “Then, let’s get this over with quickly.” When Zhi Li walked out, he stepped on a lump on the ground. Zhi Li looked down and put forth all his strength to trample it a few times. “What’s this?” Ke Bu only saw that trembling hand of Ying Xiujie’s being revealed, then Ying Xiujie raised his head and said: “I never expected that such a good camouflage could also be seen through by you, so fierce…” Zhi Li loosened his hand and the snowball in his hand fell on Ying Xiujie’s head. Ying Xiujie was out of the game! It was not clear when Su Youyan managed to stand next to Ke Bu. Zhi Li picked up the snow on Ying Xiujie’s head once again and lifted his hand.

“It’s time for you to return the favor.” Su Youyan said. Before Ke Bu could react, Su Youyan dragged Ke Bu in front of her, then she looked at Zhi Li: “Are you going to throw it at Ke Bu? He will catch cold, and after he catch cold, he‘ll get a fever and die in pain.”

“I die too easily! Is that why you picked me in the first place?”

“Shut up and cooperate for a bit.” Su Youyan coldly said.

As expected, Zhi Li stopped then he looked at Ke Bu. Ke Bu faked his coy face and kept a snowball behind his back, ready to be thrown at Zhi Li any time soon. “Why? Why did we end up this way? I don’t want this. I’m in so much pain because we ended up this way, sigh, let’s concede and leave everything behind. Open your eyes and see clearly, I’m Ke Bu. Are you sure you want to hit me with such a cold snowball?” However, Ke Bu secretly took advantage of this moment and prepared to throw the snowball over.

“What?” Zhi Li’s snowball flew straight into Ke Bu‘s face and Ke Bu fell to the ground. Su Youyan cast him aside, “Damn, I overestimated your charm.”

“Leave me alone, let me be depressed for a while.” Ke Bu was out of the game!

Su Youyan held a snowball in her hand, then she looked at Zhi Li, “If you want to hit me, it’s not going to be that easy.” After she said that, she threw the snowball. Zhi Li turned to the side and dodged it, then he moved toward Su Youyan. Su Youyan did not retreat, too. In the end, the two stood together, face to face. It seemed like it was going to be another fierce battle. Zhi Li naturally should show mercy to Youyan, right?

Su Youyan raised her hand and Zhi Li suddenly said, “Youyan, where’s the notebook?”

“It’s here.” Out of reflex, Su Youyan reached for her back. When she was realized it, Zhi Li had already patted the snow in his hand gently on Su Youyan’s shoulder. Su Youyan was out of the game! Zhi li turned back to the door. He picked up his coffee and sipped on it, then he nonchalantly closed the door and left the messy scene.

The next day, when Ke Bu wanted to sit up from his bed, he let out a heartrending scream, “It hurts, it really hurts!” Due to lack of exercise, after yesterday, his muscles were extremely sore. He lied rigidly on the bed like a corpse. Not only was he suffering from physical pain, but he was also suffering from the sorrow brought about by his loss. Zhi Li! Damn Zhi Li! Is he the Devil?



7 thoughts on “HIHEZL : Chapter 49. A Snowball Fight!

  1. Fiona Gordon

    I noticed that this novel portray “relationship x friends” more vividly than the “relationship x lovers”. Most chapters is about their friendship between each other, having fun, learning together, defending each other and relating with each for instance in this chapter how they relate not having friends when they were kids, etc.

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    1. Fiona Gordon

      I love that about the novel and they make me laugh, I just wish there are more scenes which portray the relationship between Ke Bu and Zhi Li.

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