SU: Chapter 8. Morning Wood


This chapter contains a completely fictitious scene of sexual activity between two 16-year-old boys presented as both willingly consenting without forceful compulsion.

This chapter complies fully with the Free Speech laws of the U.S.A. If you have any questions, please refer to them. Do not post any defamatory, offensive, or obscene comments as they will be reported.

If you feel that you should skip this chapter, please note that no major plot points will be revealed in consideration of those who do choose to skip it. You can safely move on to the next chapter if you wish.


Kato woke up. He didn’t know how it always ended up like this, but he was Takahashi’s bed pillow again. He felt Takahashi playing with his tummy. “What time is it?” Kato asked.

“Just after 5 o’clock,” Takahashi replied.

Kato realized he had a serious case of morning wood. Takahashi moved his hand down from Kato’s belly and gently grabbed a hold of Kato’s manhood. He started playing with it, massaging it. It felt insanely good.

“What are you doing to me?” Kato smirked. “It’s so early and you’re sick.”

Takahashi gently kissed Kato’s shoulder. “But you’re not sick. Let me do this for you.”

Kato wasn’t sure what Takahashi was intending to do. Takahashi pulled back the blanket, exposing Kato’s naked body. He spit into his hand and then began to masturbate Kato.

Kato felt his cheeks warm up when he realized what Takahashi was doing. This had always been a deeply personal thing that he took care of himself when his body needed it. He felt a little bashful to sit here and have another boy do this for him. But it felt incredibly good.

Takahashi started nibbling on Kato’s neck, sending sparks of lightning flying around his body. Kato moaned.

Takahashi whispered into Kato’s ear. “I want you to cum for me, Ren.”

I don’t think I have a choice in the matter anymore, Kato thought to himself. His body wasn’t his to control anymore. It belonged to Takahashi. And that thought drove Kato wild.

Takahashi sucked on Kato’s nipple a bit and before long Kato started to breath rapidly, shutting his eyes hard as he climaxed. The cum shot all the way up to the middle of his chest, covering himself in warm goo.

Takahashi’s hand that held onto Kato’s manhood was now covered in a white, sticky mess. Takahashi kissed the side of Kato’s neck as he continued to gently hold onto Kato. He whispered, “Now, that’s a good boy.”

Kato could feel his cheeks burn but being this vulnerable in the care of Takahashi was exceedingly pleasant. Takahashi sat up and grabbed a small towel that was hanging on one of the rungs to the bunk bed’s ladder. He started to gently clean up Kato’s mess.

Kato’s heart swelled with appreciation. He didn’t know what was exactly his favorite part of having sex with Takahashi but being cleaned up afterwards under his tender care was definitely a highlight.

“Thank you, Ken. Nobody has ever done that for me before,” Kato spoke softly.

“Well, my first time ever doing it for someone else too,” Takahashi chuckled. “I always hated getting cum into the hair. Makes it a pain to clean,” Takahashi said as he was working to clean out Kato’s pubic hair.

Kato smiled. “Me too.”

“I probably should have put the towel down first to catch it. I’ll have to remember that for next time.” Takahashi said.

Kato’s ears perked up hearing that there would be a next time, so apparently Takahashi had fun too. He wished he could try it on Takahashi, but he’d have to wait until Takahashi was ready.

After Takahashi had completed his cleanup task, he simply played with Kato a little more. He ran his fingers through Kato’s hair, playing his Kato’s little happy trail, and also running his fingers along Kato’s scrotum. It was highly erotic, but Kato was spent so he had no more sexual energy. He simply watched Takahashi play around and enjoyed the sensations and the extreme intimacy.




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