SU: Chapter 9. Uninvited Company

It is quite rare for boys to fall in love with each other under seme/uke. Many forget that it’s not about the sex. And it’s not about love. But that doesn’t mean that sex and love don’t happen.

There was a sad case of two boys who did fall in love. Through their carelessness, they were caught by a nun after school in a janitor’s closet. After they were tortured—for the lack of a better word—they were both expelled to the shame of both of their families in an intolerant world. The families lived more than 700 miles (1100 km) from each other. Due to the distance and hostile environments both boys returned to, they probably never saw each other again.

—Victims of St. Catherine’s by Professor Sun Kyung Lee.


“Gotta pee,” Takahashi said. He got up and got into his bathrobe and left.

Kato got up and was dressed by the time Takahashi returned. Takahashi pulled Kato close and then put his hand on the back of Kato’s neck and then started kissing him. Using his tongue, he hinted to Kato that he wanted to French kiss, so Kato opened his mouth and let him in. Their tongues twisted and twirled together, sending more electricity straight to Kato’s brain and his groin. After a minute, Kato was needing to catch his breath and thankfully Takahashi pulled away.

He held Kato’s chin up and looked him in the eyes. They showed self-confidence and yet a gentleness. A question finally was able to form in his head, “What was that for?”

“I was making up for the good-morning kisses you missed out on,” Takahashi said with a loving smile.

Kato couldn’t believe how romantic this wolf could be sometimes. He smiled back. “Thank you for catching me up.”

Takahashi pulled away. “I got a bag of groceries for you, by the way,” Takahashi smiled.

“Oh? Hey, how can I accept such a thing? I need to sign up for some extra chores or something to pay you back,” Kato complained.

“It’s a gift. There is no giving back. You just have to accept it,” Takahashi informed Kato.

Kato sighed. “I don’t deserve such treatment. You should save that money for yourself.”

“I also bought you that bathrobe I mentioned before. And also, two more shirts. I was going to buy you some jeans but wasn’t sure of your size. You’ll have to write it down for me so I can get some next week. You can also wear one of the new shirts today since Culture Day allows us to wear street clothes.”

Kato smiled and simply said, “Thank you.”

“Oh, that reminds me.” Takahashi grabbed a bottle of his cologne and put a dab on his finger. He applied it behind each of Kato’s ears and then a little on the nape of his neck. “I had a little trouble trying to get more of this, but I should have some more next week. You can have your own bottle.”

Kato looked down and modestly said, “You shouldn’t have gone through any trouble for me.”

Takahashi said, “Look up.”

Kato obeyed, looking into those beautiful eyes.

“Stop saying that. You are worth the trouble,” Takahashi said.

Kato didn’t understand why he felt the way he did about Takahashi’s gifts, but there were precious few times in his life that he was ever given things without the expectation of something in return, or to be paid back. He knew Takahashi gave willingly but Kato still felt a strong desire to return the favor.


Kato swapped back, putting his goodies away, and then met Takahashi for Saturday morning breakfast. Kato was feeling super good this morning, for many reasons. He also had quite the appetite this morning as he piled his tray with food of all sorts.

“Shameless,” Takahashi said as he watched Kato dish up. Takahashi was next to him in line and softly laughing.

“Hey. I told you before, I’m a growing boy,” Kato reminded him with a smile.

“And as I said before, I doubt it,” Takahashi smiled back.

Kato harrumphed. Then Takahashi leaned over and spoke softly into Kato’s ear, “I take it back. The only thing that of you that grows is that thing in your pants.”

Kato immediately felt his cheeks heat up quickly. He looked about to see who was watching and smacked Takahashi on the arm, causing the boy to laugh. “You’re a naughty wolf,” he said. Takahashi only laughed harder at this.


The boys sat at their usual tables and Murata sat too.

“Did you get all your origami done?” Kato asked.

“Man, I was up way too late last night. I ended up having to ask for Nakamura-san’s help.” Murata chuckled and said, “He can shoot a bow and arrow, but he sure can’t fold a piece of paper.”

Kato smiled. “Nice.”

“What about you?” Murata asked.

“I finished five drawings. I planned six but just ran out of time,” Kato said.

“Shall we double-date again?” Murata asked.

“Yeah, let’s meet and then we can drop off our projects and explore,” Kato said.


Outside the dorm, Murata, Nakamura, and Takahashi were standing there, waiting. Kato forgot to even ask if Takahashi was fine with this arrangement.

“Nice shirt,” Murata said.

“Thanks,” Kato replied. “Takahashi-san bought it for me.”

Kato was about to start walking when a voice came from behind, “Wait up!” He looked around and saw that it was Xan, and to his annoyance, Handa.

He quickly glanced at Takahashi, who was simply glaring, and then to Murata who showed no emotion, then to Nakamura who looked indifferent.

Apparently, Xan had not yet met Murata and Nakamura, so they did polite introductions. Then Xan put his arm around Kato’s shoulder and started walking. “Kato-san. Let’s go!” he said excitedly. Kato looked back for a brief second and the other boys looked at each other then followed.

As they walked, Xan talked about the similarities and differences between Chinese culture and Japanese culture, things he had noticed as he grew up in both worlds. He was quite anxious to see what St. Catherine’s had to offer on the subject. Kato looked over at Murata once as they walked, and Murata simply shrugged. Takahashi was in wolf-mode. Handa simply glared back at Kato. And Xan just chatted away, seemingly oblivious to everything. Kato wasn’t really sure what the deal was with Xan anyways. He talked to Kato like they were old friends.

The boys delivered their projects and then Xan spoke up. “So, according to the schedule, Handa-san and I have theater at 9:00 am, and lunch is at 11:00 am—they’re having an outdoor barbeque in November for who knows what reason—but saves us time so we don’t have to return to the chow hall, always a bonus, and then it seems sports are this afternoon at 1 o’clock until 4 o’clock, and a bunch of exhibits sprinkled out throughout the day, dancing and music in the evening, and fireworks—which I am particularly going to enjoy, as both of our cultures love fireworks—”

Kato was listening to all that and wondered if Xan even breathed once.

“—and tomorrow looks like it will be some performances by the seniors in the morning and other classes like culinary arts, and it seems we still have to go to Mass as scheduled, damn, but after lunch will be a live band, and—”

Kato stopped listening. He started to wonder if Takahashi could sing by tomorrow. His voice was so coarse still, and his cough, although better, had not cleared up entirely.

“That sound good you to, Kato-san?” Xan asked.

Kato snapped to and instinctively lied, “Yeah, sounds fine.”

“Okay, then see you for lunch.” Xan smiled happily then motioned for Handa to follow him as they walked off.

Murata smacked Kato in the arm. “Why did you agree to have lunch with them?”

Takahashi spoke up, “Because he wasn’t paying attention, if I had to guess.” Takahashi didn’t sound pleased.

“Hey, how come all the sudden he’s my responsibility?” Kato complained. “He’s your roommate.”

“You’re the one that made friends with him. He was practically falling all over you on the way here.” Takahashi growled.

“Guys. Guys. Stop.” Murata spoke up. “Xan-san seems like a nice fellow and nobody here likes Handa-san, but Kato screwed up and now we either have to snub Xan-san and probably create some hurt feelings, or we have to suck it up and join them for lunch. Which is it?”

Nakamura-san spoke up, “I doubt Handa-san will attempt anything stupid with both semes here.”

The boys all looked at Kato. He just didn’t understand why he was always at the center of trouble. “Then I guess we eat lunch with them,” Kato said.

“Fine,” Murata said. “Come on Nakamura-san. Let’s go see some stuff.” With that they left.

Kato looked at Takahashi, who was still in wolf-mode. Takahashi looked back. “I’m sorry I wasn’t paying attention,” Kato said.

“Let’s go. It probably would have been rude if you had been paying attention and turned Xan-san down anyways,” Takahashi replied.

“Where to?” Kato asked.

“There’s a Japanese music history exhibit I want to check out,” Takahashi said.

“Okay,” Kato said as he followed Takahashi.


The courtyards and many buildings of the monastery were filled with exhibits and booths for Culture Day. They walked around for a long while, checking everything out. Kato really enjoyed the Literary exhibit. There was a ton of manga on display from all the popular series. He used to be an avid reader when he had friends who had manga.

At lunch, they went through the line and grabbed food and sat down. Kato really liked beef, but it was usually so expensive that he didn’t get to eat it often growing up. He was going to make sure he ate his fair share of it today. Murata and Nakamura sat down shortly after and followed almost immediately by Xan and Handa. Kato was pretty sure this lunch would have tasted better without the extra company.

Xan prattled on about the theater workshop that he and Handa attended, making light of Handa’s inability to remember and recite his lines. Handa was actually either blushing or he was mad, but he smiled either way. Kato laughed politely at Xan’s jokes but he tried not to meet eyes with Handa. Then Xan went on to relay how well Handa could sing as that was part of the workshop. Handa glowed under this praise. Kato was frankly annoyed at the whole thing and didn’t have much to say about anything the whole meal, neither did the other boys.

As all the boys were putting their trays away, Xan spoke up, “Kato-san, come with me for a minute, if you don’t mind.”

“Where?” Kato asked.

“Restroom. Need to clean all this barbeque off my hands.” Xan looked at Kato sternly. Kato realized that there was more to it than what was being said, but what he couldn’t guess.

“I’ll go too,” Handa spoke up.

“No need,” Xan looked back at Handa. “Wait here, I’ll be but a moment.”

“But—” Handa started.

“Just a moment,” Xan said firmly.

Handa crossed his arms and glared at Kato, then huffed. “Fine.”

“Come along Kato-san,” Xan said.

“Okay,” he said as he followed Xan. He looked back at Takahashi who was in wolf-mode again.

The boys entered the bathroom and Xan went to a sink to wash his hands. “Kato-san, I’m really trying here.”

“Huh?” Kato asked.

“I know you guys don’t like Handa-san. I get it. But it makes my job ten times harder when I have to fight against everyone at the same time.” Xan said.

Kato got angry at the insinuation that he was in the wrong again. “Why are you doing this anyways? He’s nothing but a fucking jerk that nobody likes. We don’t want him around.”

“Hey!” Xan shouted. “Don’t use that tone or language around me.”

Kato closed his mouth and remained quiet. Something in him told him that Xan is particularly dangerous and he should proceed with caution.

“I know who he is, and I know what he’s done. But you guys are going about it all wrong. The guy has been kicked around and abused for so long that now he’s angry at the world and himself. I’m trying to help him.” Xan sighed.

Kato was unconvinced that there could be any help for a guy like that.

Xan must have read Kato’s mind and said, “It’s either help him, or fight him for the next two years until you all graduate or end up dead with another knife wound. Which do you want?”

Kato grumbled, “I don’t want to fight.”

“Good. Then tell your boys to ease up a little and stop glaring. It would help if you joined in the conversation instead of making me carry the whole thing myself. I sound like a mindless idiot prattling on and on.”

“I can try but they don’t have to listen to me,” Kato said.

“No, but I think they will. You don’t seem to understand how much they care for you, and how much power that gives you. Use it to do something good for someone else.”

Kato didn’t know what else to say. He wasn’t aware of this power that Xan was speaking of. The only power he knew he had was to get in trouble.

“Let’s go. I wouldn’t want Handa-san to think that I dumped him for you,” Xan said as he flashed Kato a breath-taking grin.




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