BMHS : Chapter 29.2 – How does it feel?

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, chiangyushien

Proofreader: Zeraphiel25

The corners of Zhen Han’s mouth slightly curved upwards when he heard these words and eventually turned into a smile. As a doctor, some aspects were interlinked. The first time he met Meng Ting, he immediately felt that Meng Ting had a problem. It was not because Meng Ting harbored any evil intentions toward Yan Sui or have any threatening issues; rather, the problem in itself, was that he was not in a sound state of mind.

This kind of problem could be either be big or small. Originally, he was quite mindful because of Yan Sui. However, after he met with Meng Ting twice, it turned out that he actually made a fuss about nothing.

Meng Ting could communicate with others normally. He only manifested some antisocial behaviors to the outside world, and would sometimes delay responding for one or two beats; however, it was not an intolerable problem.

From the small bed, Meng Ting held Rhubarb in his arms and tied a leash on it. He consoled Rhubarb for a while, then he took Furball out from the cage. Only then could he stand up straight, look at Zhen Han. “Thank you,” he said as he was about to leave with Rhubarb and Furball, but he was stopped by Zhen Han.

“Hold on! Wait outside with Rhubarb and Furball for a while. I’ll change my clothes and go to the Yans’ residence with you, then we’ll go to the beach together at noon.”

Meng Ting blinked and only then did he manage to realize that Zhen Han was also one of Yan Sui’s friends in his Moments. He was also one of the those who would join that party.

“I can wait.”

Meng Ting could not think of a need and reason to decline Zhen Han, so he pulled Rhubarb and carried Furball and waited outside.

Soon afterwards, Zhen Han really went together with him to the Yans’ residence.

Yan Sui stood by the window as he received a phone call. From a distance, he noticed the two, who were chatting as they went through the main gate. He made Zhen Han controll his hands, but he forgot to make him shut up. Even Meng Ting, who was willing to listen to his chitchat, was unable to talk much.

However, Yan Sui did not know that what Zhen Han had talked about was non other than some of his secret gossips and dark history.

“You mustn’t judge him based on his very upright appearance. Actually, he’s a ruthless man. When we were young, I don’t even know how many times he had used Gu Lang and I as his scapegoats.”

Meng Ting lifted his eyes to look at Zhen Han. He looked unconvinced, but he was not good with talking and he also could not think anything particularly strong to defend the man. He only emphasized, “No, I don’t think so. Yan Sui‘s a very good person.”

“Tsk, then you don’t know him yet. You should listen to me.”

Pitter-patter… The nine-year-old Yan Sui led them to trample on the flower fields next door that Uncle Zeng had cultivated. In the end, both of Zhen Han and Gu Lang suffered a beating, but Yan Sui was spared. On top of that, Uncle Zeng gave him pancakes to eat and praised him.

Even though Zhen Han talked about this story with sound effects and a convincing look from beginning til end, Meng Ting still thought that Yan Sui was a good person.

“Even Uncle Zheng thought Yan Sui‘s good—so do I.”

Zhen Han’s sentiments and those eloquent accusations have been automatically ignored by Meng Ting.

Zhen Han finally realized how Meng Qi had always felt, that feeling of wanting to vomit blood whenever he confronted Meng Ting, even his muscles were stiff. It was very difficult to change Meng Ting when he had set his mind on something. It would not be easy to shake Yan Sui’s image in his mind.

“Also, each time he goes to a party, he won’t be happy if he doesn’t beat up several people. He’s a hundred percent violent.”

Meng Ting actually did not like it when others spoke ill of Yan Sui. He pouted and turned his head away, but he still could not think any other way to refute except for fighting. He swept his gaze around, and suddenly, he saw Yan Sui, who stood in front of the window and was looking at them. All of a sudden, the gloom that he felt vanished.

He let go of Rhubarb’s leash, waved at Yan Sui, and a brilliant smile unconsciously appeared on his face.

“I know, Yan Sui is very awesome. You guys are definitely no match for him.” Meng Ting looked completely full of pride. He was proud of Yan Sui.

So, they deserved to be beaten up?

Zhen Han was certain that Meng Ting‘s brand of obedience was not the kind of obedience of an upright person with a positive value system. It was more of a near-blinded belief and adoration for Yan Sui. Zhen Han had wasted so much time talking around with him like this and could not drag down Yan Sui from that little shrine in Meng Ting’s heart.

Of course, what really happened then was quite far from what Zhen Han had told Meng Ting. Yan Sui beat up people, but it was to teach several troublemakers a lesson. There were times wherein he even worked together with their families to punish them. It was not considered as cruelty if you did not lose your temper.

The more the time passed by, the lesser the people in their generation who were not afraid of Yan Sui. This was the case, especially after he became less and less fond of smiling. Every time there was a gathering, he was entirely worthy of the name ‘refrigerator,’ which simply relied on a nuclear power plant for his success. His power is terrifying.

However, since Meng Ting’s around now, can’t he refrain from being such a wet blanket?

After he saw Yan Sui, Meng Ting did not want to listen to Zhen Han’s gossips anymore, and he hastened his steps to put Rhubarb back to its kennel and place Furball on the couch. When he was about to go upstairs to look for Yan Sui, the man that he wanted to look for already came down the stairs.

“We’re back.” Meng Ting and Yan Sui drew near, and immediately held each other’s hands.

“Yeah,” answered Yan Sui, then ruffled Meng Ting’s hair, “You’ve worked hard.”

“It wasn’t troublesome.” Meng Ting shook his head, then he squeezed himself in Yan Sui’s embrace and rubbed himself against the man. He had completely forgotten Zhen Han, who followed him from all the way back.

Zhen Han was not blind. From the window, he already received Yan Sui’s warning. He turned his back on them, sat on the couch and petted the kitten. Once Meng Ting and Yan Sui had enough intimate moments, both of them came over, hand in hand, and only then did Zhen Han speak.

“I came over to scrounge for a free meal, then let’s go there together later on,” he said then suddenly leaned forward, “Nanny Wang, don’t forget my meal. I want to eat braised chicken wings.”

He looked at Meng Ting and said, “Have you tasted it? It’s Nanny Wang’s specialty.”

Meng Ting glanced at him and turned to look at Nanny Wang, who was smiling, then shook his head lightly, “I haven’t, but Nanny Wang’s eggplant dish is delicious, too.”

No matter what, when a foodie meets another foodie, there would be quite a lot of things that they could talk about. Zhen Han already had eaten all kinds of local or foreign delicacies. Even when only bringing up eggplant as the topic, he knew seven or eight kinds of recipes for it. For a while, he let loose a stream of eloquence and Meng Ting’s eyes suddenly brightened up and looked ravenous.

Yan Sui slid past through Zhen Han’s with a rather cold glare. In the midst of their conversation, he rubbed Meng Ting’s hand and whispered, “Do you want to stay here and watch television or go to the study and accompany me?”

As soon as Meng Ting heard what he said, he did not care anymore about his discussion about food with Zhen Han. He looked at Yan Sui and earnestly said, “Of course, I’ll accompany you. I’m just afraid that I might disturb you.”

“You won’t,” Yan Sui’s eyes softened a little, then he led the boy away with his hand.

What did Zhen Han want to find out from Meng Ting? Yan Sui still could not understand.

However, he and Meng Ting had made a lot of progress compared to them. It was even quicker than his own expectations. The speed was completely unexpected. Yan Sui was annoyed with the fact that Meng Ting deliberately busied himself talking with another person, and he did not want to hide it at all.

Zhen Han raised his head by forty to fifty degrees for a long time, then suddenly laughed out loud. The sound of his laughter in the living room was unending, “Ha ha ha!”

To his surprise, he actually witnessed Yan Sui’s jealous look in this lifetime. Well, he could post about this in his Moments.



30 thoughts on “BMHS : Chapter 29.2 – How does it feel?

  1. Pa Nana

    I am curious if anybody is going to be beaten up at the party after what Zhen Han said now?
    ..Oh well, if Yan Sui is going to make a move, make sure to bring your wife along too, he can also fight!
    Thanks for the chapter.

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  2. Blood

    YS eating vinegar and MT proud of the power of her husband, aww are so cute, follow and feed this poor soul with more dog food ❤*.(๓´͈꒳`͈๓).*❤

    Thanks for the chapter! 💕💕💕

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      1. historias

        Hi. Sorry if I bother you, but I wanted to ask you, if I can take your translation to translate it into Spanish, of course with the respective rights.


  3. They keep saying Meng Ting i has something wrong mentally and that it’s noticeable.

    … i am not noticing anything? He’s just a bit slow and doesn’t know how to socialize or communicate with people. That’s it. He just doesn’t know how to communicate with people, since he’s never had people to communicate with.
    And does that make you mentally retarded? Or in this case, everyone in the story is saying Meng Ting is a bit autitistic. Even though he passed his mental health check? The psychiatrist only told Yan Shi to watch him and help him get over his phobia and little problems.

    But everyone is saying it’s noticable how Meng Ting is wrong mentally. And I honestly dont see it. And it’s quite annoying. I don’t believe Meng Ting is I’ll at all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Despite his real age & what he went through, there is something very childish & “innocent” about MT. At times, he has an astonishing insight because he simply doesn’t think the same way other people do, other times, he is very basic, like a child, with his likes & dislikes.
      He is a little bit broken from all the abuse he went through. I don’t remember all the details, but he was in basic social isolation as a young kid, tortured & starved to the point of getting addicted to medication he ate out of hunger, later shunned in his school, forced into constant fights, isolated again by scared classmates, then in his first lifetime, worked to death in a yet another quite isolated environment, the lab, where, if I remember correctly only one person was kind to him, probably saved him from being an absolute outcast & made it so had some minimal human interaction skills.
      Humans are social creatures. We don’t do well in isolation. Babies have died from not being held, adults have gotten severe PTSD from being in isolation cells in prisons for too long. If you add the constant abuse, well, it’s a miracle he’s functioning at any level.

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    2. rainess09

      Mentally retarded isn’t the politically correct term anymore. I think it’s called Intellectual Disability (ID) now. But in the story it was implied that he does suffer from some kind of ID since birth. He’s burdened even more by the abuse he suffered from his formative years which in turn lowered his emotional quotient even further. His soul* age is 28 but his mental/emotional age is of a pubescent. That’s a sign of autism as well as ptsd from child abuse. They say people w/ autism often suffers from being unable to hold their concentration and or even form logical reason. They can’t hide their emotions well and often acts upon them by instinct hence termed as intellectual disability. I guess they mean that being normal means being able to prevent acting upon your thoughts and be deceitful orz

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      1. I was entirely following your train of thought and understanding your logic.

        And then your last comment just threw everything you said into a corner lol.


      2. rainess09

        Orz it’s true tho. Sometimes having a little ID makes one a better person lol. But one of my friend do have autism. She is high functioning autistic. She’s been cultivated and cared for exceptionally well as a child so even tho her real age is at late 20s, her family had managed to get her emotional age into the late pubescent. She extremely talented in arts and craft but a real dolt in everything else. If she don’t ask her stuff about feelings and emotions you won’t even know she has autism. You’ll only think she’s a little dumb and innocent. She can barely do any self-reflection, meaning she may hurt someone and won’t feel regret or understand how her words hurt that someone. She even holds a decent job now and have a boyfriend of her own. I think they’re about to get married. Anyway my point is, this is also a kind of autism, but there are also worst kinds of autism or ID out there brought about by either genes or environment.

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      3. I see.
        But I wouldn’t say it really fits well with Meng Ting. Since Meng Ting can understand emotions. IE, he knows people being cold and aren’t sincere.


      4. rainess09

        You’re right tho It might be another form of autism. Not very knowledgeable on this regard only basing it on my rl exp.


    3. Mari020

      I got you an answer: Asperger Syndrome (I got it too btw), although it’s difficult to communicate, it’s possible, and if you add some traumas you have Meng Ting. Ah, right, people with Asperger have very sensitive senses, hearing (for me it’s horrible sometimes), and the smelling, that would explain how MT was a genius with perfumes.

      English is not my native language, so, sorry if there is any mistake

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    1. historias

      Hi. Sorry if I bother you, but I wanted to ask you, if I can take your translation to translate it into Spanish, of course with the respective rights.


      1. historias

        You would give that person permission to traslate it. Thank you I will contact that person.


  4. Omg hahahahahah spilling the beans on his cousin, but Meng Ting barely even heard any of it, poor Zhen Han 😂 “If Yan Sui beat them, they deserved it” is right!


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