SU: Chapter 11. Fifth Date, But Who’s Counting?

Murata: so…ran into Yuki, my ex…

Kato: really???

Murata: yeah, she grew up to be a stunning woman

Murata: I always thought she was pretty and the years have been kind

Kato: and???

Murata: I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to fall in love with her again

Murata: I wanted badly to ask her out for coffee

Kato: what the hell for?

Murata: to catch up…

Kato: that’s dangerous, don’t you think?

Murata: she was my first love

Kato: but not your only love

Murata: yeah

—A text message conversation between Ren Kato and Sōta Murata


At dinner, Kato started the conversation first. “Nakamura-san looked really cool today.”

“Yes, he did,” Murata replied. “Kyūdō is rather romantic.”

Kato wasn’t sure about that but smiled anyways.

“I can’t wait to see what he’s going to be like as a fourth-year,” Murata said.

They ate in silence for another minute before Murata spoke up again, “Hey, I noticed you’re being more supportive to your seme, today.”

Kato wasn’t sure about that either. “I think I found a way to turn off Takahashi-san’s wolf-mode.”

“What?” Murata looked at Kato with surprise and concern written all over his face.

“Xan-san said I have power. I think I can make Takahashi-san not be a wolf,” Kato replied.

Murata put his chopsticks down and sighed. “Listen, maybe he meant well, but I think you should be very careful with that advice.”

“Why’s that?” Kato asked, a little annoyed that his newly-found discovery was being shot down.

“I believe Xan-san is good at manipulating people. He’s clearly manipulating Handa-san. I think he is trying to manipulate us too,” Murata explained.

“What the hell?” Kato was irritated. He didn’t like the idea of being manipulated.

“Hold on a sec,” Murata said. “I don’t think he has any bad intentions. But I just want to give you a warning about his advice.”

“And what would that be?” Kato thought Murata liked to beat around the bush instead of just telling him already.

“The power he was talking about is called love,” Murata stated. “But it should not be used as a tool or a weapon. If you do it wrong, Takahashi-san will probably feel manipulated, hurt, and maybe betrayed. I don’t think you want that.”

“I see,” Kato lied. Maybe he wouldn’t use it for other stuff, but if he could turn off wolf-mode, he was convinced it was a good thing. How could stopping an argument with the wolf be a bad thing? he thought.

Murata looked at Kato for a whole minute. He looked like he had something further to say. After becoming self-conscious, Kato asked, “What?”

Murata picked up his chopsticks and said, “Nothing,” and continued to eat.

Kato gave up. He didn’t want to bother with whatever was bugging Murata right now.


When Kato got back, Handa was already there. “We’re swapping again tonight,” he said, without any preamble.

“What?” Kato was annoyed, not with the idea of swapping, but Handa’s tone. Handa glared at Kato. “Fine, fine, I’ll tell Takahashi-san,” Kato acquiesced.

Apparently satisfied with that answer, Handa left the room. Kato hoped that he wouldn’t have any trouble convincing Takahashi to swap this time. Then he became worried. What if Handa wants to swap and Takahashi refuses? What will really happen then?


Kato felt strange being in his street clothes all day and no shower. He did not shower daily before but since he came here, Tachibana made sure Kato showered daily. Now it felt strange not to. The only other times were Halloween and when he was sick. His cheeks warmed a tiny bit when he thought of Takahashi cleaning him up when he was sick. He didn’t know it at the time that Takahashi was in love with him. It explained a lot. Kato felt a little bit bad too that he made things so difficult. He thoroughly enjoys being taken care of by Takahashi now.

At six, he left the dorm and again everyone was waiting for him. He simply failed to understand how this worked, how everyone got here already and waited on him. Maybe the clock in the room is wrong, he thought. He was annoyed to see Xan and Handa here too, apparently arguing about something.

“I am not fucking dancing, forget it,” Handa growled.

“Why not? Everyone else going to be,” Xan growled back. “What are you gonna do, be the one odd kid out? Sitting in a corner pouting that nobody wants you.”

Kato looked at the other boys. Murata looked uncomfortable, Nakamura looked indifferent, and of course, there was wolf-mode Takahashi.

“I do not fucking pout,” Handa growled.

“You do too! And it’s so damn cute! So, if you want to, go ahead!” Xan exclaimed.

Handa left his mouth ajar, apparently at a loss for words. Kato could swear that Handa might be blushing, but either way, Handa didn’t continue the argument. Kato was impressed at Xan’s ability to manipulate. He just hoped he wouldn’t be on the receiving end of that someday.

Xan turned and said, “Kato-san! Nice of you to show up. Everyone, let’s go!” He turned and started walking.

Handa followed Xan, and then Murata and Nakamura followed.

“Looks like tonight is our fifth date, but who’s counting?” Takahashi flashed that smile that Kato loved.

“Not you, apparently,” Kato snickered.

They went to one of the buildings of the monastery that had boys streaming into it from all over. The building looked like it was used for storage but had been converted to a dance hall. It had three floors and as the place filled up, the boys would go to higher and higher floors. The six boys went up to the top floor.

There were plenty of tables and chairs, obviously from the various chow halls. There was soda pop, some sort of fruit punch that was fizzy, which tickled Kato’s nose in a pleasant way, and even more food if anyone was still hungry from all that went on today. The music was loud and lively, there were boys dancing, and a few karaoke machines sprinkled about. Kato laughed at some of the songs that were intended for female singers as the other boys tried to sing them.

Kato joined Murata and Xan in singing a karaoke song when it was their turn. The semes didn’t want to sing. Kato was a little disappointed, but he knew why Takahashi couldn’t sing.

After the song, Xan went over to Handa and grabbed him by the hand and fairly drug him out onto a make-shift dance floor that was provided. Kato was laughing hard at this, mostly because Handa danced like a tree, a very tall tree. Murata took Nakamura by the arm and drug him out there too. Murata couldn’t dance either.

“May I have this dance?” Takahashi asked politely.

“Yes,” Kato replied.

Takahashi led him out on the dance floor. Kato didn’t know the first thing about dancing, but he had fun anyways. They didn’t do anything fancy, just moved to the beat of the music and imitated the others and what they saw in the movies and anime. Kato looked over and saw what Xan was doing to Handa and blushed. He looked about but there were no adults here. He figured if a nun saw that, she’d probably faint.

After a couple hours of this, Kato was pretty much beat. He heard a few boys talking about going to the roof. “Wanna go?” he asked Takahashi.

“Sure,” Takahashi smiled.

They found the door to the roof and went out onto it. It was designed in such a way that nobody was going to fall off of it, with a waist-high wall around the perimeter. It was also dark as there were no lights. One could see the great many stars in the sky. There were a few other boys up here but not as many as Kato would have guessed.

“Come, that corner over there isn’t occupied,” Takahashi said. Kato followed.

“I like stargazing,” Kato said. “A shame you can’t do it in the city. But up on this mountain, it’s amazing.”

Takahashi looked at Kato and grabbed his hand. They intertwined fingers. Kato’s heart felt warm even though the night was a bit cool.

“Did you know that the closer you are to one star, the fainter other stars become?” Takahashi asked.

Kato looked up again. “Really?” He asked.

“Yes. Our sun is a star so close that we can have trouble seeing other stars. In fact, I can only see one star right now.” Takahashi continued.

Kato looked at Takahashi and wondered what the hell he was talking about, and right now of all times. He looked back into the sky. “Huh? Which one is that?”

“You,” Takahashi said softly.

Kato looked back at Takahashi. His eyes stung a bit and his heart caught fire and started burning brightly. Takahashi pulled Kato close and gave him a very passionate kiss. Kato felt a few tears drop from his eyes.

After that long kiss, they stood together, hearts beating as one, as Takahashi went on to talk about the constellations. Kato had no idea that Takahashi loved astronomy. It was very romantic. He listened with his ears and his heart.

About an hour later, word spread that the place was closing up. Kato looked at Takahashi, completely forgetting to mention the swap. “Um, Ken,” he spoke.

“Yes?” Takahashi replied.

Kato looked at the ground. “Handa-san said I have to swap again tonight.”

Takahashi chuckled. “Yeah, Xan-san already informed me. Come back with me and we sneak by the old nun.”

Kato stopped for a moment as a thought suddenly occurred to him. “Hey, what happened to the fireworks?”

“I dunno,” Takahashi shrugged.


On the way into the Dorm, they saw a note explaining that due to technical issues, the fireworks would be on Sunday night.

They didn’t even have to sneak by the nun. For some reason she wasn’t there. Kato had forgotten to bring anything.

The boys stripped to their boxers and decided to play some cards as they sat opposite each other.

“Hey, anything you need, you can use mine,” Takahashi said.

“Yeah, but what about brushing my teeth?” Kato asked.

“Use my toothbrush,” Takahashi smiled.

“Yuck. That’s disgusting,” Kato replied.

“Hrm, worse than having your lips around my cock?” Takahashi said with a sarcastic grin.

“What the fuck! You are a naughty wolf!” Kato dove over the cards and tackled Takahashi and started tickling him by attacking his ribs.

Takahashi laughed out at the surprise attack, “Me! You’re a naughty bunny!”

The boys wrestled and tickled each other for a few fun-filled minutes. There was no clear winner as both were unbelievably ticklish. They called a temporary cease-fire.

The cards were everywhere but both boys didn’t want to move. Takahashi was lying on the bunk on his back and Kato was lying on top of him with his head on Takahashi’s chest, listening to Takahashi’s heartbeat. Takahashi had his arms around Kato, holding him.

Kato got up and decided to move down a little. He began to massage Takahashi’s manhood from the outside of his boxers. He suddenly had the urge to see what Takahashi looked like while he was having an orgasm. He also wanted to be the one who gave it to him.

But it was not to be for Takahashi said, “Wait”. He got up, and motioned Kato to get up. Then he took off his boxers and Kato’s too and then laid Kato down on his back.

“I asked around,” Takahashi began, then he quickly added, “discretely.” Kato smiled. “I’ll do it right this time.”

So, they had sex like they did the first time, but Takahashi took his time and prepared Kato well. It definitely didn’t hurt as much as previously.

Kato enjoyed himself immensely, and so did Takahashi, but he really wanted just to please Takahashi. He was a touch disappointed. He could have gone a few more days without sex since it was only this morning he had it. He wanted to play with Takahashi’s body and see what it can do. Kato was pretty sure he was going to hell for this like the Catholics kept promising that happens to bad boys. If that was truly the case, he wanted to do all that he could with Takahashi and ensure it was worth the trip.

After he was cleaned up by Takahashi, they settled in for the night. Kato was happy to sleep naked again, skin against skin, with his wolf. He thought that it was too bad he left his other wolf in his room as he fell asleep in Takahashi’s arms.




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    I really liked the line about Kato listening with his ears and his heart. A lot of people can’t even manage the first part, let alone the second!

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