Jubo : Text 028. College Entrance Examination Top Scorer

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: tend0u

Proofreader: KainGuru

A quiet life would always pass by quickly. In the blink of an eye, it was finally Friday.

After time had passed by, Wang Cheng had slowly blended into this bustling city, and the pace of his life had begun to change with the rhythm of the city.

Wang Cheng got off work earlier today. There was almost no overtime work at night, so after returning to the apartment, he would make dinner well in advance. The frozen foods that they bought at the supermarket have not been eaten by them for a few times. Since his big brother tasted the food he made, he did not say anything, but his speed of eating was obviously much faster, and he did not eat any frozen foods or takeaways anymore either.

Occasionally, Wang Cheng would get up early and use the ingredients in the refrigerator for breakfast. He did not go to the morning market to buy breakfast anymore, but he had to do this frequently because his big brother had already eaten so many snacks from the morning market that he felt sick, especially since he missed the taste of hometown. For lunch, the two would eat at their respective companies.

Chu Yifeng could be counted as a generous boss. Although Wang Cheng had no salary, he still received some benefits. For example, the expenses for lunch was basically handled by the company. Like Li Yu and a few of them, he heard that the meal allowance given by Chu Yifeng was two or three times more than other companies. It was unknown if this was true or not.

Wang Cheng never had lunch with Chu Yifeng since that day.

Since the project had been confirmed, Zhang Yiheng and Li Yu had been busy for the past few days. Wang Cheng did not know what the boss had said to the two, but it seemed that it was exciting news. Wang Cheng had been seeing Li Yu’s excited face lately.

At that time, Wang Cheng did not know the reason and even thought that Li Yu was ‘expecting,’ so when he opened his big mouth and talked about this, he got peeled off on the spot, and the most direct consequence was that his workload increased.

A woman under the mountain is a tiger.

Wang Cheng felt that there was still some truth in that statement.

On Thursday, Wang Cheng went to Mount Feng Xia with Zhang Yiheng. Shiquan County, nowadays, had long been in ruins. Many houses had been demolished and the land had been refurbished as well. There was only one operating machine on the open ground, and also workers who had dust all over their bodies. These workers were employees of Chang Hong Construction Company, which was cooperating with Hua Ying Real Estate. The progress of the project was not slow.

Because of this trip, Wang Cheng was able to learn that Mount Feng Xia was much more valuable than what he had imagined. Unfortunately, he could not go and see Mama Wang and the other three when they passed by Guans’ Village; however, this regret was quickly cast aside, into the back of his mind, with the call from Mama Wang, because Wang Ziyu’s college entrance examination results already came out.

Mama Wang told him on the phone that Student Wang Ziyu had a very high score in the examination.

It made Mama Wang so excited that Wang Cheng could almost not even join the conversation. It could be seen that this high score was certainly not an ordinary one. Under Wang Cheng’s inquiry, Mama Wang finally told him the figure.

The college entrance examination score could be checked online or by phone. However, Wang Ziyu’s score was not checked online, nor did they make an inquiry by calling; rather, her teacher gave them a call, congratulating Wang Ziyu for becoming the top scorer of Shanhai City’s science department in college, with a total score of 728 points, which was seven points higher than the second placer.

This news made the whole family happy, especially Papa Wang, who had been expecting the examination results of his little daughter. He went out later and told everyone he met that his daughter was the top scorer.

This top scorer title was not ordinary. They heard from her homeroom teacher that Wang Ziyu may even be the provincial champion and therefore could make their family happier. However, this matter had not been confirmed yet, so they dared not to promote it carelessly. The family was very tacit and only said that she was Shanhai City’s science department top scorer. Since Papa Wang went out to flaunt it to others, Mama Wang, who had calmed down, gave him and his big brother the good news.

The day after tomorrow was the weekend. Wang Cheng decided to go home. His big brother was going on a business trip, so there was no way to go home with him, but the family had been used to his busy work, and he had not been home for half a year.

Shanhai City was not the largest city in the province. Although Shanhai University’s faculty could be ranked in the top five in the province, they rarely get a provincial top scorer for the annual college entrance examination. Even Wang Ning’an failed to get the title of provincial top scorer for the college entrance examination. His score was only three points away from the first place. At that time, it was unknown if many people felt sorry for him.

Now, Wang Ziyu would most likely make up for this regret, and would even be happier than knowing that she was the city’s science department top scorer.

In the afternoon, they received a phone call from the Ministry of Education, and the other party verified what Wang Ziyu’s homeroom teacher had told them.

She was indeed the provincial top scorer, and unexpectedly, the second placer was from the school that took the first place title from Wang Ning’an by three points during that year. The other party also lost to Wang Ziyu by three points, which really made up for the shortcomings they received during that year and had let the other party experience that kind of helpless disappointment and regret as well.

Even his big brother could not help but feel deeply moved regarding this matter. She really deserved to be called his little sister!



16 thoughts on “Jubo : Text 028. College Entrance Examination Top Scorer

  1. rainess09

    Wang Cheng’s the only illiterate in the fam fam eh? This romance sure is slow. Is the author waiting for MC’s hair to regrow to normal length?

    Liked by 8 people

      1. rainess09

        I’d love to but I know zero mandarin/cantonese characters. I’ll absolutely misunderstand a lot of the mtl-ed sentences.


  2. IamNobody

    I think Wang Cheng is not illiterate. If I remember correctly he did finish highschool. Unfortunately, he didn’t pursue tertiary education so he doesn’t have a bachelor’s diploma.
    I don’t know how was his performance in school but seeing his two siblings were top scorers his grades were probably not bad.
    He said before that the old monk used to teach him about spiritual stuff and though he doesn’t have a photographic memory his could be considered good enough.


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