TUMBT : Chapter II – 11

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: xallisonjanex, chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

Mu Xueshi’s eyes rolled round and round a few times, and in a split second, he understood what the Third Prince meant. He laughed loudly and said excitedly: “The truth dawned on me. I get it now. Xi is really smart. Why didn’t I realize that? You meant to say my father was killed first before he was burned, so there must be someone who murdered him. My father’s death wasn’t accidental—he was murdered.”

After saying this, the Third Prince suddenly flicked Mu Xueshi’s forehead with his middle finger and Mu Xueshi immediately felt like he was seeing stars. He rubbed his forehead as he looked at the Third Prince with a puzzled look. He did not understand why the Third Prince suddenly attacked him.

The Third Prince did not talk anymore. He squatted down with a dignified look on his face to observe the floor, and also the tables and stools around it, ignoring Mu Xueshi.

Mu Xueshi did not dare to ask the Third Prince what he had done wrong. After thinking about it for a while, Mu Xueshi immediately realized it. It turned out that the Third Prince had already mentioned this issue earlier and ruled out the possibility that Imperial Tutor Mu had died before he was burned.

“Argh, look, what a bad memory I have!” Mu Xueshi smacked his head hard and inwardly cursed himself.

He then looked at the Third Prince and saw that he was groping for something on a wooden stool’s leg. Mu Xueshi moved his little head closer, looked carelessly as he cottoned up to the Third Prince, and asked, “Xi, what are you looking at?”

The Third Prince did not speak nor respond to him, as if he did not hear what Mu Xueshi was saying.

Mu Xueshi asked a few more questions, but the Third Prince still ignored him. Mu Xueshi wondered whether the Third Prince thought that he was too stupid, unwilling to discuss with himself, or the Third Prince was too busy helping himself redress the grievances, so Mu Xueshi did not act willfully and make a scene.

Mu Xueshi pouted and sighed, then he directly sat on the floor, and watched the Third Prince silently. The Third Prince was very serious when he was thinking about the problem, but he must say, the Third Prince was the most handsome and looked completely impeccable.

Mu Xueshi was in a daze as he observed the Third Prince for a long time before he realized what he was doing. This is too absurd! All of a sudden, Mu Xueshi pinched his thigh hard, forcing himself to divert his attention. Somehow, he felt lately that he always wanted to see the Third Prince for no reason. If he could not see the Third Prince, his heart would feel itchy. He cursed his perverseness, but he still could not help but keep looking at the Third Prince.

“Who’s there?”

All of a sudden, the Third Prince frowned and asked coldly. Although he did not turn to the side, he clearly sensed there was a swaying shadow of a human figure by the window.

Mu Xueshi was frightened and quickly looked around. As it happened, Wu Cai pushed the door open and entered. With his pretty phoenix eyes and a smile, he moved toward the two in the room.

“This worthless commoner especially came to report to you, dinner has been served. Your Highness, Young Master Xue, you’re welcome to enjoy it.”

After he said this, Wu Cai still looked at the Third Prince for quite a while. It could be clearly seen from the look in his eyes that he took fancy of the Third Prince. However, when he faced Mu Xueshi, the admiration in his eyes immediately disappeared and turned into indifference and contempt.

Mu Xueshi did not pay attention to Wu Cai’s hostility at all, but he noticed that Wu Cai was like him when he showed admiration for the Third Prince in his eyes. He did not know why but Mu Xueshi suddenly felt very uneasy, so he stood in front of the Third Prince and blocked him on purpose. His whole body was very close to Wu Cai, occupying all of Wu Cai’s line of sight.

“Thank you!” Mu Xueshi reluctantly showed a friendly smile to Wu Cai.

Wu Cai heard his voice, and it was exactly the same with the voice that he was once familiar with, but to his surprise, the tone was like that of a completely different person. In the past, Mu Xueshi cherished words like gold and never said thank you. Even when people misunderstood him, he was too lazy to refute for himself.

“Come on, let’s go eat!” Mu Xueshi said as he deliberately stood on his tiptoe and put his arm around the Third Prince’s body, to show off how good his relationship was with the Third Prince.

Although the Third Prince looked indifferent, he did not refuse Mu Xueshi’s actions. He understood Mu Xueshi’s thoughts carefully and saw nervousness and hegemony on Mu Xueshi’s face. He even had a smile floating around the corners of his mouth.



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