BMHS : Chapter 30.1 – Meng Ting Won’t Really Change to the Other Side Because of Food, Right?

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

Zhen Han was basically sure that Yan Sui did not have the time to swipe on Moments right now, so he made a post.

“I could say a few words, and Little Sister-in-Law was taken away, stingy.”

“Stingy!!!” Gu Lang was the first one who commented, but these row of exclamation marks did not mean that he shared the same enemy with Zhen Han. He was talking about Zhen Han, who was worthy of being called stingy himself. Once in a while, Zhen Han would invite him to dinner, and they definitely would go to a place where Zhen Han had personal connections or where he had coupons.

On many occasions, when he received phone calls from Zhen Han, all of which were about borrowing Gu Lang’s membership cards, so he could get a discount… Gu Lang had given him a number of membership cards for free, but Zhen Han still looked for him to borrow them anyway. Gu Lang was really speechless.

Of course, after he posted his first comment, he immediately added a sentence, “I’m talking about you, Han.”

After Zhen Han posted in his Moments, he continuously scrolled down and commented on all kinds of madness until lunchtime drew near. It was only when Yan Sui led Meng Ting down the stairs with his hand did Zhen Han put away his phone and get up.

Zhen Han’s gaze slowly shifted from their clasped hands to Yan Sui’s face, then he lightly snorted. He was three years younger than Yan Sui. When they were young, they would go out and play together. When he was tired, he wanted Yan Sui to hold him; however, not only did Yan Sui refuse to, but he also did not take his hand. It was really annoying. He only gave him a leg…

The cruelest thing was, apart from that, he kicked Zhen Han and drove him away as well… Yan Sui was cold-blooded to this extent, which was also exceptional. Of course, all of the Yans were a bunch of weirdos, and so was he.

However, Yan Sui led the boy upstairs with his hand, then led him back down in the same manner… This different treatment, is this still the same Yan Sui? He’s evil to the core. He paid more attention to his lover than to his friends.

After Zhen Han finished his unspoken criticism, he became lively again and sat down voluntarily at the dining table.

Of course, he felt somewhat suffocated sitting at this meal. Those two acted like ‘give me some vegetables and I’ll give you some meat’ back and forth. They looked so sweet. A grown man like him was regarded completely as air.

When Yan Sui was full, he put down his bowl and chopsticks then looked at Zhen Han, “Auntie said she booked a plane ticket back home for the day after tomorrow, and she asked you to meet her at the airport.”

Zhen Han went on gnawing on a chicken wing until it was finished, and only then did he lift his eyes to take a glance at Yan Sui and coldly say, “I’m not going.”

“Come back for who? Didn’t she plan not to return to her country for that man? Ah…” Zhen Han added as he grinned with bitterness, then he took two chicken wings in his bowl. He got up then went to the sofa and continued eating there.

Yan Sui was silent for a while. He hardly said anything to Zhen Han. He turned to look to his side and Meng Ting looked at him as well as he chewed his food. With bulging cheeks and a slightly perplexed looked in Meng Ting’s eyes, he then looked at Zhen Han. Meng Ting seemed quite anxious and did not know what to say.

Yan Sui put two chicken wings in Meng Ting’s plate. Almost all of the dishes today had been eaten by him and Zhen Han, “Here, eat these.”

Meng Ting nodded, then went on immersing himself in eating.

There were many things that he did not know about the ins and outs of the story; furthermore, he did not have a hand in it the least bit, nor did he want to say anything recklessly. He was better off remaining obedient and not cause Yan Sui any trouble.

Zhen Han’s anger came and went in a flurry. After eating a few chicken wings, he returned to the dining table and continued eating there.

Nanny Wang did not use a plate; instead, she directly put the braised chicken wings in a big bowl. She helplessly watched it being eaten up by these two.

“There’s still more in the kitchen. If this isn’t enough, I’ll get some more.” Nanny Wang said kindly, with a particular sense of accomplishment.

“I’m good, I’m full. I’ve eaten to my heart’s content.”

Usually, even though Zhen Han likes this dish, he would not eat a lot like this. However, he intended to give face to Meng Ting today, so he accompanied the boy to eat, but ended up eating a lot carelessly.

On the other hand, Meng Ting looked at his own bowl, then looked up to Nanny Wang and said, “I want to eat a half bowl of rice more.”

Altogether, he had eaten three and a half bowls of rice this time, with the premise that he had to gnaw on a lot of chicken wings. Otherwise, he would probably need four bowls of rice to be full.

Of course, Nanny Wang did not prohibit it. She continued to laugh and said, “Go ahead, go ahead.”

Meng Ting did not need a servant to help him fill his bowl with rice. He went hurriedly on his own.

Zhen Han looked at Nanny Wang sourly and said, “Nanny Wang, you like Meng Ting and you don’t like me anymore.”

“If you’ll eat four bowls of rice as well, I’ll like you again.” Nanny Wang had worked for the Yans for many years. She practically watched Yan Sui and Zhen Han grew up. With this camaraderie, it was natural for them to speak with each other casually.

Zhen Han quietly looked at his bowl. At this age, he could only eat three bowls at most. Usually, he would regard a bowl and half as too much. If she wants him to eat four bowls…he felt that it was impossible for him to do so.

When Meng Ting came back from filling up his bowl with rice, Zhen Han glanced at it once again. What Meng Ting meant by ‘half a bowl’ was actually ‘more than half of bowl.’ From the outside, it was totally impossible to see that Meng Ting would have such an enormous appetite.

“There’s still rice in the pot, you don’t need to be polite.” Meng Ting failed to understand why Zhen Han did not hesitate to eat free chicken wings but hesitated so much to eat rice. However, Zhen Han came to this house to eat, so it should not be wrong for Meng Ting to say these words. He thought about it and looked at Yan Sui again.

Yan Sui had finished eating, yet he did not leave the table. He held his chopsticks and continued helping Meng Ting take the dish. He did not say anything, but he was still very considerate and dazzling.

Zhen Han got up and went to lie dead on the couch. This light bulb had insufficient wattage. This experience of his was a bit unpleasant and he could not bear to accept it.

After they finished eating, Meng Ting took Rhubarb and Furball, whom also had eaten enough, to go for a walk. Yan Sui went back to his study. Zhen Han stayed in the living room for a while, then he went to the room where he used to stay in the Yans’ residence. Although the dust did not severely accumulate to a layer, he indeed had not returned and stayed over at the old residence for several years, even if his working place was only less than thirty minutes away from here.

He sat in the room for a while, then he went up to the third floor. He asked Uncle Xiao to open the door to the room of his two deceased grandparents for him. He did not enter the room. He just stood at the doorway for a long time before he came back downstairs.

A man dies the way a lamp goes out. Perhaps, the deceased did not care, but how could the living not care?

Zhen Han’s complexion became gloomy. Strangers were prohibited to enter that place, so when some servants saw him coming down from the third floor, all of them looked very cautious.

Meng Ting directly brushed past by him with Furball in his arms. After a few steps away, he managed to realize that the man he had passed by was Zhen Han, so he turned around to look at Zhen Han. He could not think of anything to say, so he just nodded lightly and continued to return to his room.



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  1. Su Mucheng

    “This light bulb had insufficient wattage.” That made me laugh! So much dog food, no wonder he couldn’t eat four bowls of rice!

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! Is it healthy to eat so much? Oh well, he’s a young guy, & quite slim if I’m not mixing up novels, so I suppose it’s not a problem for now. Part of it might be psychological, once he feels more stable in his home & life, he will less feel the need to eat like he doesn’t know when the next meal will come, though from what I understood, these tendencies rarely go away completely.

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  3. Kimmy

    Poor Zhen Han…

    Meng Ting and his hubby is still serving dog food like always!

    Thanks for the chapter! 💕


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