Jubo : Text 029. Remittance

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: xallisonjanex

Proofreader: Zeraphiel25

On Saturday afternoon, Wang Ning’an simply packed up his clothes and took his assistant to quickly get on a plane. Their destination was the capital of China.

Shenghui Group’s headquarters was located in the most prosperous commercial center of the capital, where prosperity was one or two grades higher than that of Shanhai City. Some people may not be able to go there in their lifetime, let alone take root there.

Wang Ning’an could be regarded as the fastest-winning elite in Shenghui Group. Although he was the branch vice president, it was said that his ability was far more supreme than that of Branch President Liu’s; therefore, the people in the branch questioned when would he be promoted as the president. Rumors had it that the vice president’s business trip to the headquarters had something to do with it, but rumors were rumors after all, and in the end, even the parties directly involved did not know.

On the night of Wang Ning’an’s departure, Wang Cheng also took his clothes and went home.

It was a pity that he could not drive; otherwise, he would not have to squeeze himself into the bus and just take his big brother’s car home.

Wang Cheng made a phone call to his family in advance, so when he came home, he saw his sister, Wang Ziyu standing at the door, waiting for him. As soon as she saw him, she immediately ran over surprised.

“Second Brother, you’re finally back.” Wang Ziyu could not hide the joy in her face. It was not too much to say that she was blushing, but it was indeed a big event. The college entrance examination is a major turning point in life for many high school students, and she was no exception. Wang Cheng knew his sister was carrying many people’s expectations—the family members’ and the teachers’ at school, too. As a matter of fact, the pressure laid upon her was not a small thing.

“My sister brought back a provincial top scorer to the family, of course her brother should come back for her celebration.” Wang Cheng pinched her tender cheek. His sister never put makeup on, nor did she use skin care products, but her skin was better than many girls and more beautiful than the rivers and mountains.

“Second Brother, did you bring me a gift?” Wang Ziyu asked with expectation.

It was strange to say that although she spent more time with her big brother than her second brother, she was closer to her second brother. She could act spoiled with him without any sense of distance or burden, but when she faced her big brother, she could not do it. Wang Ziyu always felt that her big brother was more like a majestic elder; standing in front of him makes her feel like a junior, preparing to listen to his preaching, though they were obviously siblings. Perhaps, the reason was because her big brother had more experience.

“There must be, how could there not be, let’s go inside first, then I’ll tell you.” Wang Cheng nodded affirmatively. He had been pondering what kind of gift he should buy for his little sister since he received the phone call from Mama Wang the other day.

Papa Wang and Mama Wang waited for them in the house. Knowing that their son already had dinner, Mama Wang still gave him some snacks to eat.

Mama Wang inquired about his work. She was afraid that it was too hard for him. Wang Cheng told them that he could still cope with it. Although he occasionally helped Zhang Yiheng, his workload was really not that much. Seeing that he was not lying, Mama Wang let it go. In the next second, she suddenly grabbed Wang Cheng’s ear and looked at him fiercely.

“Your old mother has one thing she wants to ask you.”

“Mom, if you have something to say, please say it nicely, don’t raise your hand on me, it hurts.” Wang Cheng, who was being pulled on the ear by her, immediately cried. He did not understand why his Mama had a bad temper.

“Did you remit half a million to your father’s account?”

Because the house was still being renovated, Papa Wang would go to the credit union to withdraw money from time to time. As a result, he found out that there was more than half a million in his account. It scared him on the spot and he also asked the staff at the credit union about it. They told him it was not a mistake and it was transferred to his account from another party. Papa Wang vaguely remembered that his second son said that he would give him a surprise. If he were asked one question, that would be related to the name of the sender. Sure enough, it was from Wang Cheng.

When Papa Wang came home he told Mama Wang about it. It was a good thing to have money but the old couple was never interested in their second son’s money. They still wanted to give him money to marry his soon-to-be wife. They were going to call and ask him that night, but that afternoon, they received a phone call from the school and the two old folks were so happy that they have forgotten about it.

Wang Cheng knew that if his parents finds out about this, they would be unhappy. In fact, he originally wanted to remit one million, but when he thought of his parents living a lifetime as diligent farmers, it would certainly be too much, so he gave them half. He would certainly not say this to Mama Wang; otherwise, his other ear would also suffer.

“Mom, of course your son can’t let his parents have a hard time. It was Father’s Day then, so I sent a sum of money. After the house is finished, I’m afraid there won’t be much money left. Mom, don’t you want to manage a piece of land, chicken and ducks? All of which requires capital.”

“So what, your mother will find a way, don’t send us money again.”

“Yes, yes, yes, there’s absolutely no next time.” Wang Cheng thought that so much money was enough for his frugal parents to spend, so he estimated that there would not be a next time.

“Lanfang, Cheng Cheng admitted he was wrong so forgive him already. He just came back and is certainly tired. Let him rest. We can speak more tomorrow.” Papa Wang immediately jumped in to smooth things over.

Mama Wang actually felt sorry for her son so she let him go.

Wang Cheng, who had escaped, quickly ran back to his room.



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  1. BlackPowder

    This is so disappointing. Why don’t they ask if he wants to go to university? All they think is that they owe him big but didn’t do anything to repay him.

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