TUMBT : Chapter II – 12

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: xallisonjanex

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower

The Third Prince, Mu Xueshi, the Madam and Wu Cai ate together. Mu Xueshi had been very curious about Wu Cai’s identity. He did not know that Wu Cai was Imperial Tutor Mu’s male lover. Even if he knew, he did not understand what a male lover really meant and dared not asking about it easily. As a result, he had been amidst the clouds and mist and did not know how to address Wu Cai.

The Madam kept a gentle smile on her face and from time to time, she would often grab some dishes for Mu Xueshi. As for the Third Prince she dared not to exchange pleasantries rashly.

During the whole course of the meal, everyone inside the manor noticed that the Third Prince’s eyes would only soften when he was facing Mu Xueshi; other than that, his gaze would be as cold as the freezing winter and make people shudder.

Mu Xueshi also paid little attention to his words and deeds. Originally, he always said what he wanted to say to the Third Prince; but now when his eyes met with the Third Prince‘s, he would quickly restrain himself.

The meal was very awkward. As for the reason why it was awkward, everybody was well aware of it, but they did not show it on the surface. All along, only Mu Xueshi was eager to say something there but was hesitant, so with an uncomfortable look on his face, he sighed constantly while eating.

Moreover, Wu Cai noticed that Mu Xueshi’s table manners now had changed significantly as before. Although he rarely ate with Mu Xueshi in the past, he would never wolf down like this. On top of that, he remembered that when Mu Xueshi was imprisoned in the palace, he suffered a lot. As for the reason why Mu Xueshi became so close with Third Prince, Wu Cai could not figure it out.

“Why are you always looking at me!?” Mu Xueshi suddenly asked loudly.

Finally, Mu Xueshi could not help but roar at Wu Cai. At first, he was already having difficulties eating, and now that Wu Cai kept on staring at him, that would even make it more awkward, right.

After Mu Xueshi finished saying that, he immediately cast a sorry look at the Third Prince, telling him that he could not bear it, and hoped the Third Prince could forgive him. The Third Prince did not react to this and still ate the dishes in his bowl calmly.

Mu Xueshi was relieved and looked at Wu Cai with a fox-borrows-tiger’s-fierceness expression, hinting that he best not retort. Wu Cai immediately understood what Mu Xueshi meant. Although he remained silent, his eyes were filled with anger.

After they finished eating their meal, Mu Xueshi and the Third Prince stayed in the principal hall for a while, but there was no new discoveries. When Mu Xueshi left all of those people, he suddenly felt a lot more comfortable. He looked at the Third Prince’s frowning face and could not help but say: “Indeed, it’s too difficult. It’s been more than a month and the crime scene has been destroyed, how are we going to solve this case!?”

The Third Prince saw Mu Xueshi’s remorseful look and could not help but raise one of his brows and give him a complex look.

Mu Xueshi saw the Third Prince staring at him. At once, he became very uncomfortable, so he asked hastily, “Why… why are you looking at me? Didn’t you say I did not do it?”

The Third Prince chuckled, stood up, and said: “You must understand, unless you’re not Mu Xueshi.”

Mu Xueshi’s complexion abruptly changed, and his beautiful lips trembled slightly as he asked, “What do you mean?”

“Before you lost your memory, you have a sound mind, not even the smallest details could escape your eyes. What you lost is your memory of the past, not your intelligence.”

Mu Xueshi immediately understood what the Third Prince meant, and the things that have been bothering him in the past two days have been brought up by the Third Prince. Mu Xueshi felt uncomfortable in his heart, but he dared not admitting it. If only he took advance of explaining it clearly to the Third Prince in the first place, then he would have asked the Third Prince to use the power in his hands to help him find the silver coin, and then retrieve the original owner of this body.

But now, My Xueshi did not dare giving it a try so easily. He was afraid the he would not be able to return anymore and that he would be estranged from the Third Prince.

“Isn’t this a piece of cake? Look, I have a sound mind and I can see everything clearly, too. I’m just deliberately playing dumb to tease you. In fact, I‘m a man of great wisdom who often seems slow-witted.”

Mu Xueshi barely smiled a few times, but despite the proud look on his face, he looked like he lacked self-confidence.

A man of great wisdom who often seems slow-witted…I think you’re a big fool, Chen Youzai! Mu Xueshi secretly mocked himself.

Seeing that it was getting late, the Third Prince wanted Mu Xueshi to prepare for their return to the palace. Mu Xueshi originally wanted to investigate some more in here, but since the Third Prince had issued out his desire to go back, he could not be forced to stay here any longer. He feared that the Third Prince would leave him in this gloomy house, and he also had to go back and wait for the oriole orchid to bloom.

The moment they were about to mount on the horse, Mu Xueshi hesitated suddenly. He did know whether he should sit face-to-face with the Third Prince or with his back, facing the Third Prince. He felt that sitting face-to-face with the Third Prince was awkward but he was a little addicted to this kind of intimacy.

When he was hesitating, Mu Xueshi suddenly noticed a figure not far away, and when he set his gaze there, the shadow disappeared immediately.

Apparently, the Third Prince also saw that the figure appear on the right side of the entrance to the Imperial Tutor’s manor. It was just enough to make out the shadow of half of that person’s head. Mu Xueshi also paid special attention to it. There was a hairpin stuck on the left side of the person’s hair and there were about three or four large beads on it, with two slender pendants under the beads.



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