BMHS : Chapter 30.2 – Meng Ting Won’t Really Change to the Other Side Because of Food, Right?

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, chiangyushien

Proofreader: Zeraphiel25

The tip of Zhen Han’s eyebrows arched, but he still went into Yan Sui’s study. The two cousins obviously wanted to continue the topic that they could not continue at the dinning table earlier.

“What is she going to do here when she gets back?” Zhen Han did not look for a place to sit. He just poked around in front of Yan Sui’s desk, with an incomparably ghastly look on his face; obviously, he was a little angry at Yan Sui. Although it could be said that venting his anger out on Yan Sui was unreasonable. He was really in a bad mood and yet he still wanted to discuss the reason why his mother was coming back to the country.

“When Grandpa and Grandma met an accident, she didn’t come back; when our family almost got divided, she didn’t come back; what is she planning on doing here when she comes back?”

When her father and mother, who loved and spoiled her throughout her life, got involved in an traffic accident, she did not come back home; when her family, who brought her up since childhood, almost got robbed by others, she did not return home as well. Now that those people had been dead for so many years and now that the Yans had climbed one storey up the social ladder under Yan Sui’s leadership, for what reason did she still want to come back home?

Perhaps, she wanted to talk to and inquire about Zhen Han — how could she still have the face to return home!

“If you let her come back and stay here at the Yans’ residence, no matter what, don’t bother calling me your cousin in the future! I won’t have anything to do with you or with everyone around you anymore.”

If it were not for the Old Master, Old Madam, and Yan Sui who were all so good to him, Zhen Han would have left and completely sever all of his ties with that woman.

Yan Sui only raised his eyes and glanced once at Zhen Han when he came in. After that, he continued signing the documents and reading the cases on the computer. When Zhen Han finished talking, Yan Sui pushed the computer a little and leaned back on the chair, then he looked at Zhen Han while he was sitting in this position.

Zhen Han straightened his neck up. He naturally felt guilty, but if Yan Sui really forgives her so easily, then Zhen Han would really disown all of his relatives.

“To forgive her or not is our grandparents’ and your business, I won’t meddle with it. As for the Yans’ residence… she won’t stay here.”

As Zhen Han had thought, she would feel ashamed if she were to stay here.

“I won’t forgive her, neither Grandpa nor Grandma will forgive her too, but don’t you dare think of taking advantage of their deaths just because they can’t speak their minds out anymore.”

Zhen Han snorted; obviously, when he remembered her, her anger level shot up and rose once again and it did not fade away at the very least bit all this time.

“Then don’t forgive her.” Yan Sui’s voice was still so cold, but this made Zhen Han feel a little bit better. “Look after your Sister-in-Law, but don’t draw him over to your side.”

Zhen Han thought about it and warned Yan Sui. He was afraid that Yan Sui was blown by a pillow wind [1] because Meng Ting changed him completely.

([1] A reference to how it is said that people are more open to suggestion after intercourse.)

However, Yan Sui took his time before replying to his words. He looked at Zhen Han giving him a warning glance, then tapped his fingers on the table, “What happened between me and Meng Ting isn’t something you can intervene. He’s your Sister-in-Law. You should understand how to conduct yourself when in front of him.”

Zhen Han admitted that he became more and more unreasonable because of his anger, but he still did not feel that his worry was uncalled-for. Yan Sui, himself, was not aware about the changes he had undergone because of Meng Ting. However, Meng Ting’s influence on him could be easily seen at a glance.

On top of that, Meng Ting was…a bit too simple and too fragile. He was obviously becoming Yan Sui’s weakness now and most probably even in the future. It would be very much necessary for Yan Sui to be on the lookout about the possibilities in advance.

“Okay, if you say so.”

Zhen Han even dared acting shamelessly toward Yan Sui when they were young. However, when Yan Sui assumed his position as the head of their family later on, Zhen Han no longer dared acting like this. From then on, Yan Sui had been busy for several years and because of this, Zhen Han had developed a knot in his heart. The number of times they could talk with each other like this was very few. Yan Sui had not changed but Zhen Han was not certain about it.

However, Zhen Han, himself, was quite determined that he would never forgive his mother, including those who would pardon her for what she has done in the past.

Zhen Han stood in the study for a while, then eventually came out. It was not long before their departure, so he did not go back to his room anymore. In the living room, Meng Ting was eating some fruits with Nanny Wang. His mouth was full of strawberries. Zhen Han recounted, didn’t we just finish eating lunch not long ago?

Zhen Han was really worried about Yan Sui. Meng Ting wouldn’t really change to the other side because of food, right?

“…I already gave them the new medication. You just have to look after them and make sure not to allow them to fight.” Even if Meng Ting had never seen Rhubarb and Furball fight before, it was better for him to be safe than sorry. Both Rhubarb and Furball have not recovered completely yet, so it was estimated that neither sides would end up suffering in case they would fight.

“Also, they‘re very well-behaved, so you better not give them the cold shoulder.”

“Very well, I like them very much.” How could Nanny Wang say no to him. Meng Ting was the patriarch’s wife, and apart from that, he was gentle and well-behaved. She would definitely take good care of Meng Ting’s pets.

“Also…if Yan Sui’s mother would come over, please help me hide them.” Meng Ting was too embarrassed to trouble Nanny Wang, but in this household, apart from Yan Sui, he had the most favorable impression on Nanny Wang, who cooks their meals for them. Now that they were leaving for the party, Meng Ting would naturally trust her more.

“Wherever you prefer to hide them is fine, just don’t let her throw them away. If the situation calls for it, give me or Yan Sui a call, and we’ll leave the party and come back home right away.”

Nanny Wang listened but she did not know what to think. Anyway, Zhen Han thought it was extremely amusing.

Yan Sui’s mother and Meng Ting could be compared to a tiger and a wolf. Of course, if He Wan hears this part of the dialogue in person, one could reckon that she would think about getting mad. Where could you ever find a daughter-in-law who would dare to speak about her mother-in-law like this? Even in Meng Ting’s opinion, his worry was very reasonable.

“Very well,” Nanny Wang said once again. After that, she took Furball in Meng Ting’s arms and rubbed it gently. She then added, “You don’t have to worry, as the patriarch have said, she wouldn’t dare.”

He Wan may still think of other ways to deal with Meng Ting, but she would not start with these two little critters. Many people were afraid of Yan Sui and He Wan was no exception. However, she had been unwilling to reconcile with him. At the same time, she loathes and is afraid of him. It was extremely complicated.



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        So far we just know that He Wan basically hate Yans’ family so much, but I think it’ll be explained later, so stay tuned in our Wattpad & WordPress to know the answer😁

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  1. If Meng Ting is Yan Sui’s weak spot, then People Will want to cause trouble for him Just to affect YS’s stability? Ugh

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