BMHS : Chapter 31.1 – In any case, I don’t kiss people I dislike. I like to kiss you, Furball and Rhubarb

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

When Meng Ting and Nanny Wang were talking, he saw Zhen Han from the corners of his eyes. He paused, then turned to look at Zhen Han. When Zhen Han thought that he was going to say something, Meng Ting turned his head back leisurely, then stuffed a strawberry in his mouth, and chewed it continuously with both of his cheeks bulging.

“Sister-in-Law, do you hate me?” Zhen Han understood that he was really annoying in some respects. However, so far, he was sure that he had not exposed these traits of his to Meng Ting yet, and Meng Ting was, in a way, a slow-witted person.

When Meng Ting heard him ask this, he was somewhat surprised, so he looked back at Zhen Han; nevertheless, he shook his head.

Zhen Han smiled, walked over, and sat on the sofa next to the wall. He slightly raised his chin and said with certainty, “In that case, Sister-in-Law, you like me.” He was gentle mannered and adorable, really deceiving!

He felt proud all of a sudden, but he saw Meng Ting shake his head once again. He neither likes nor hates me, what does that mean?

“You’re Yan Sui’s cousin. I don’t hate you, but I don’t like the bad things you say about Yan Sui.”

When Meng Ting let the cat out of the bag, the living room suddenly became quiet. Nanny Wang bowed her head and secretly reprimanded Zhen Han. She saw the remote control on the table and immediately turned the TV on. The sounds coming from a drama series reverberated within the living room, making the awkward frosty atmosphere seem better.

However, Nanny Wang still looked at Zhen Han with disagreement. How could he speak ill about Yan Sui behind his back, let alone, Meng Ting did not like it. Even she and Uncle Xiao did not like it either.

“Ha ha,” Zhen Han touched his nose. He laughed possibly out of joy or anger, whatever the reason was, it was difficult to distinguish. When he looked at them again, Meng Ting and Nanny Wang were already immersed in watching the TV.

“I hate you, I hate you, I hate you…ngh.”

“Ahem, ahem…” Zhen Han swept a glance at the TV and gently coughed. What perfect timing. It was the scene where the main couple was kissing. He glanced at Meng Ting once again and found that he did not look embarrassed, but there was a little bewilderment in his eyes. When the storyline progressed, he became completely at a loss…

Zhen Han suddenly felt that Yan Sui was a little inhumane. This Meng Ting clearly did not understand anything. Just looking at the beginning, he could already guess the story flow and the melodramatic ending of this young campus idol drama; however, Meng Ting was unable to make sense of what he was watching — he was puzzled over a kiss…

So, these two seem very intimate, but in fact, they’re still at the stage where they’re just holding hands and embracing each other? This Yan Sui’s too useless!

While Zhen Han was watching TV, all kinds of thoughts ran around in his mind. Meng Ting, who was seated on the sofa beside him, was really watching TV. Despite being puzzled over a kiss, he was also confused about the plot of the TV series, to the point that when Yan Sui came down the stairs, the three, who were too focused on the TV, did not realize it.

Nanny Wang was the first to notice Yan Sui, and need not reminding, she got up and offered her seat.

Yan Sui sat down and wound his hand around Meng Ting’s waist. While Meng Ting’s eyes were fixed on the TV, he leaned his body consciously on Yan Sui’s. When the scene in the TV changed, Meng Ting also looked away from it. He looked at Yan Sui and said, “You came down. Are you tired? Thirsty?”

“I’m not tired or thirsty,” Yan Sui said as he started to tighten his hold a little. Meng Ting was nearly squeezed in his embrace.

Meng Ting was a normal seventeen-year-old boy. His skeletal frame was naturally not too small. However, Yang Sui felt that Meng Ting’s position in his arms was particularly suitable for him. As Meng Ting had said, they were very suitable for each other and matched in various senses.

Seeing that Meng Ting was still looking at him, Yan Sui asked, “Is it interesting?”

Meng Ting hesitated for a moment, and only then was he able to nod, “Not bad, even if it’s strange in some respects. They said they hated each other, but they still kissed. Isn’t it that only those who like each other could kiss?”

Meng Ting also knew that his belief was not necessarily right for the world, but he still said stubbornly, “In any case, I don’t kiss people I dislike. I like to kiss you, Furball and Rhubarb.”

Zhen Han and Nanny Wang’s minds grew weak and numb when they heard this, let alone Yan Sui, who was facing Meng Ting squarely.

Although Meng Ting used these ‘intimate words’ subtlety to make Yan Sui stand side by side with Furball and Rhubarb, he was referring more to Yan Sui.

He reached out and ruffled Meng Ting’s hair, then he also rubbed Meng Ting’s cheek, “You’re right.”

Meng Ting was slightly taken aback when he heard this. He nodded happily and even came closer to say, “Yan Sui, you also think my opinion is right.”

It felt nice to be acknowledged by Yan Sui. If no one else was around, he would have kissed Yan Sui. He thought about it and gently pursed his lips. Yan Sui also gazed at his lips.


“Ahem,” Nanny Wang and Zhen Han both coughed to make their presence known, but they stood up in the end.

“I’ll go back upstairs to the bathroom.”

“I’ll look after Furball and Rhubarb.”

Before their wattage was completely depleted, the two finally found an excuse to leave that sticky living room which did not need a servant to stay for them.

Meng Ting looked back and saw that their retreating backs were completely gone. He no longer had any scruples; he just wanted to hold Yan Sui’s hand and straddle across the man’s legs.

He firmly held on Yan Sui and straddled across the man’s legs. When it comes to possessiveness, Meng Ting might have wanted to surpass Yan Sui a little in terms of his words and deeds.

Yan Sui’s face was overflowing with helplessness as he smirked; nevertheless, he indulged in Meng Ting’s overbearing posture.

Meng Ting stuck close to Yan Sui’s cheek and rubbed against it, “When they were here a moment ago, I had to endure and work hard not to hug you. Now, I want to hug you a bit longer.”

“Okay,” Yan Sui responded. His gaze fell on Meng Ting’s curved eyebrows. He came a bit closer, then pecked on the space between Meng Ting’s eyebrows. Meng Ting’s eyelashes quivered gently, but he did not close his eyes; instead, he took the initiative raising his face, then he smiled and said, “I had to bear with not kissing you as well, now I can finally kiss you…”

Before Meng Ting could even finish his statement, Yan Sui sealed his mouth with his own lips, and immediately disposed of Meng Ting’s uncertainty with this sudden action of his.

Meng Ting did not put forth more strength when he straddled over Yan Sui’s legs; instead, he sat directly on Yan Sui’s lap. Compared to Yan Sui, he was actually a little shorter, so this posture just complemented their unequal height.

When their lips parted, the couple looked at each other. Yan Sui held Meng Ting’s waist, and Meng Ting cupped Yan Sui’s face firmly, then they kissed once again. When their lips and tongues collided, lightning stirred up fire on the ground [1]. This kind of numbness and stirring of the nerves swept their minds for a moment and their heartbeats accelerated, like two fawns, that jumped vivaciously and ran wildly when they were let loose.

([1] 天雷勾动地火 : 天雷 or lit. ‘heavenly thunder’ or ‘lightning’ metonymy male desires. 乾 or qian in the eight trigrams represents male principles and has the heavenly/firmamental [天 or tian] nature. Conversely, 地火 or lit. ‘ground fire’ refers to female desires. 坤 or kun in the eight trigrams represents female principles and has the ground [地 or di] nature. Therefore, continuous usage of this in love stories points out that nature has bestowed mankind with instincts geared toward irresistible desire/lust.)

At the end of their kiss, the two men pressed against each other’s forehead. It took a long time before they could open their eyes slowly. They looked face to face afterwards and could not help but smile at each other.

Their shyness was a little less than when they were intimate in the past, and this kind of comfortable and warm feeling grew with each passing day. Such kiss became more and more addicting for Meng Ting, and also for Yan Sui.

Meng Ting embraced Yan Sui’s neck and leaned on his shoulder. His peaceful sleeping look was more well-behaved than Furball’s, making Yan Sui’s tender heart be left in a complete mess.

He ruffled Meng Ting’s hair, and found it hard keeping himself from smiling. Originally, Yan Sui thought that it was unlikely for him to like someone and it was even less likely for him to kiss someone in his living room.

However, things like human affairs were something difficult to foresee. Him liking a person — this matter was the most impossible thing to happen. Furthermore, what could possibly happen in the future? Even he, himself, was unable to determine the answer to this question, but one thing that he could confirm was that he had already began expecting unexpected occurrence like this.

Zhen Han going back upstairs was only an excuse. He sat in his room for a while and when he felt that it was almost time, he came down.

However, when he came down, he saw that those two were embracing each other inseparably. The blue veins on his forehead unconsciously throbbed. He was single and did not have a boyfriend to shown off, was it necessary for them to bully him like this? There’re really no human rights!

“Ahem…” he coughed once again to make his presence known. Yan Sui turned to look at him and gave him a warning glare.

Zhen Han did not understand so he came closer. Yan Sui carried the boy in his arms and got up. He also toned down his voice.

“He fell asleep.”

“Oh,” After hearing him say this, Zhen Han immediately nodded. Not only his voice was a little softer, but his movements as well. He turned around, but then turned back to face Yan Sui once again and whispered, “Then…are we still going?”



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  1. ThatOneCryingInTheCorner

    The fact that Meng Ting feels so safe that he can fall asleep on Yan Sui’s lap is nice to see, unlike in his previous life or early years he has place he can feel safe and receive love. Ting Ting deserves all of it!!😂(crying from happiness!)

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  2. Fiona Gordon

    I was smiling so much and my heart started pounding even faster while they we’re talking and then they were kissing each other. 😊

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  3. Thanks for the chapter! So lovely!
    In a way, MT’s straightforward thinking cuts straight through the BS to the important stuff: who he likes or not, how he shows it, what he wants. No wonder his hubby finds him so compelling, surrounded as he is by smiling vipers.

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  4. Zhen Han really thought of Meng Ting as weak innocent bunny.. being Yan Sui weakness (lol if only he knows what Meng Ting capable of), shocked silly by kissing scene (yeah, right). It is so funny because Meng Qi at first was like that too. Such pretty face and innocent looking 😅


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