BMHS : Chapter 31.2 – In any case, I don’t kiss people I dislike. I like to kiss you, Furball and Rhubarb

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung

Proofreader: KainGuru

It was already two o’clock, and if they were to leave now, they would arrive at the beach more or less at four o’clock. They could play in the water for a short while then watch the sun set. On top of that, drinking wine, chatting, singing, and dancing were the regular program for parties at the villa.

If they waited for Meng Ting to wake up, they would be late and they would not be able to watch the sun set by the time they arrive; therefore, it would be meaningless to choose the beach for the venue.

“Let’s go,” said Yan Sui. He took a step forward and walked out. At the door of the living room, they waited for a while. Uncle Xiao came over with a suitcase and was also carrying a long coat in his hand. He came closer and draped it carefully over Meng Ting’s body, who was in Yan Sui’s arms, then took two steps back.

Yan Sui turned around and walked ahead with the boy in his arms. Zhen Han and Uncle Xiao followed after them, two steps from behind.

Uncle Xiao handed over the suitcase to Zhao Bing, then Zhao Bing placed it in the trunk. Yan Sui sat in the back seat with Meng Ting’s in his arms, then Zhen Han sat properly in the front passenger seat.

Uncle Xiao retreated two steps once again, then bowed slightly as his eyes followed the car go further away. After a long time, his face that was previously too serious, revealed a little smile.

Their patriarch really liked his wife very much, just as much as his two former masters liked theirs. This is good, so good.

The car made its way on the asphalt road to the seashore. Zhao Bing’s outstanding driving skills came into play today. Even if he had to make a big turn, he tried his best to drive out of the perfectly straight lane. It was a good road for the car and there were no noises that were at sixes and sevens; thus, Meng Ting had a completely good sleep in Yan Sui’s arms.

Contrariwise, Zhen Han felt a bit oppressed. In his Moments, he posted a row of ‘hush’ emoticons, and along with it was his grievance.

Originally, he thought that if he left with Yan Sui and Meng Ting, he could chatter freely for the whole journey. However, the only one who was willing to listen to his chatter was Meng Ting, and to his surprise, Meng Ting had fallen asleep in Yan Sui’s arms, even before they set out for the journey.

Even without Yan Sui’s warning, he did not dare to make a noise, so he just swiped and swiped on his Moments and looked helplessly at it, because he would eventually have to endure it.

Yan Sui looked at his watch. Meng Ting had been asleep for an hour and a half. He stretched his hand out and ruffled the furry head in his arms. He wanted to wake him up, but Meng Ting just rubbed against his hand, mumbled something, then continued to sleep like a log.

The space between his eyebrows were filled with peacefulness and Yan Sui’s will to wake the boy up suddenly diminished.

The quality of Meng Ting’s sleep had never been good, and at the moment, he slept well, which was rare, so Yan Sui just let him have his own way.

With this in mind, Yan Sui continued to hold the boy in his sleep, patted him from time to time, and once again, Meng Ting was completely fast asleep.

The car stopped in front of a three-story compound villa, which stood on a golden sand beach that was visible in front of the villa. From a distance, they could see a group of men, wearing Bermuda shorts, as they rushed over toward them. They were staying and chatting in the villa before they arrived. When they heard them arrive, they swarmed out as well.

Zhen Han was the first one to come out of the car, and several people greeted him right away.

“Master Han, why…”

However, Zhen Han’s first action when he got off the car was precisely the same as the emoticons he had posted in his Moments. He put his index finger on his lips as a gesture to tone it down a little and he looked really serious, so the man, who was speaking to him, obviously lowered down his voice.

”…did you come out of Boss Yan’s car?”

Zhao Bing got out of the car, walked to the backseat, then opened the door. Yan Sui got out of the car, then he carried Meng Ting in his arms out of the car.

Meng Ting’s body was still draped with a long coat and more than half of his face was hidden, with one side of his face pressed against Yan Sui’s chest. It would be a surprise if one could see what lies underneath this.

This was what they call a living interpretation ‘Only after a thousand entreaties does she appear’ and ‘Her face half hidden behind the pipa in her arms [1].’ At first, they were just curious about what Yan Sui’s wife looked like. Now, they were sitting on the edge of their seats.

([1] These two lines were excerpts from the ‘Song of the Pipa Player,’ which was a long poem by the Tang poet, Bai Juyi [772-846].)

These group of men wanted to open their mouths to talk, but when Yan Sui swept his gaze on them, all of their throats solidified, which almost suffocated them to death.

They only knew that they could not speak, yet in the end, they did not know why they could not speak. They dared not to send meaningful glances directly to Yan Sui; instead, they confronted Zhen Han. However, even if their eyes were about to pop out, Zhen Han, himself, kept his lips pursed and shook his head, unwilling to reveal anything.

He felt oppressed during the entire journey, naturally, he also wanted to let them have a good feel of this sour feeling of being unable to speak when you wanted to speak.

“Yan Sui! You’re the host, but you just arrived. The sun’s about to set, and you haven’t seen it!” Yan Sui and Zhen Han’s meaningful glances could not reach and be seen by Gu Lang on the second floor. Gu Lang bent half of his body over and craned his neck. He was afraid that Yan Sui and the others could not hear him, so he roared that happily.

Meng Ting slept for two hours and now was actually about time for him to wake up, too. However, he felt at ease and muddled in Yan Sui’s arms, so he wanted to stay in his arms a little bit longer.

And, with one roar from Gu Lang, his drowsiness seemed to have disappeared and his whole body felt somewhat stiff. He slowly opened his eyes and found that there was quite a lot of sullen and curious gazes.

His body stiffened once again. He was somewhat at loss. He looked up and saw the side profile of Yan Sui’s face, and only then did he feel at ease again.

“Yan Sui, what’s going on?” Meng Ting whispered.

“Nothing, are you still tired? If you’re still sleepy, you can continue to sleep.”

Yan Sui looked down. His serious and cold gaze for Gu Lang suddenly dispersed a bit, although nobody could see the difference at all.

Meng Ting continued to hold his hands tightly around Yan Sui’s neck, then gently shook his head, “I’m not tired, where are we?” Actually, he wanted to ask why those people around them were staring at his Yan Sui.

“Western suburbs coast. We’re finally here.”

That was what Yan Sui said as he lifted his foot and continued walking into the villa. Even if Meng Ting woke up, that did not mean that he would put the boy down.

Meng Ting looked at those people, surprised, he was somewhat worried that Yan Sui would be snatched from him, so he used that opportunity to hold on to Yan Sui. He also did not ask Yan Sui to let him down and walk on his own.

The onlookers’ expressions were also unanimously indescribable. The strange and unexpected turn of events happened.

This is Yan Sui? This crazy devil who’s spoiling his wife is Yan Sui?

It was just a few days ago since Gu Lang organized the gathering, how could this bizarre thing happen?

Gu Lang realized that he made a mistake. He did not dare to crane his neck anymore to look over them from second floor. He sneaked down to the ground floor and took the key, then he personally led Yan Sui and Meng Ting to the room that he prepared for them.

“Don’t mind them Little Sister-in-Law. All of the people outside are my and Yan Sui’s friends. Take a rest for a moment first, then come out later. I… no, it’s Boss Yan who will introduce them to you,” Gu Lang said. He retreated three steps, went out of the room and conveniently closed the door.

After Meng Ting comprehended and digested the situation, he slightly loosened up his hands that were clasped tightly around Yan Sui’s neck, and said, “Fortunately, it’s okay now.” He heaved a sigh of relief.

“What’s okay?” Yan Sui observed Meng Ting’s expression carefully and when he saw that Meng Ting did not look uncomfortable, only then did he place the boy down on the lone couch in the room, but he still kept the boy in his embrace, then he took his hand out.

“Fortunately, it’s not the line of people who wants to marry you,” said Meng Ting, then he came up and rubbed his cheek on Yan Sui’s and added, “You’re my man.”

The light in Meng Ting’s eyes were bright and clean. When he said these words, he cast a quick glance out of certainty.

Yan Sui raised his hand and ruffled Meng Ting’s hair. His gaze was entirely gentle as he said, “Got it, I’m your man.”

“Hmm.” Meng Ting nodded. He moved up closer once again and kissed Yan Sui’s cheek, and only after that did he completely release his strong clasp around the man’s neck.

He got up and pushed the window open, “So this is the beach, it’s so beautiful.”

The sea was light blue and clean, the reefs were black, the sandy shore was golden, the sea breeze was warm and salty, and the sound of the sea waves crashing suddenly sounded from afar.

The saffron sunlight shone slantwise through the window and Meng Ting’s whole person was enveloped by a tangerine light and shadow. His slightly curly hair was swaying with the wind and was a little softer than those sea waves.

Yan Sui looked spellbound. Meng Ting suddenly turned his head. His cheeks should be slightly reddish in the sunset, and his long eyelashes left a row of silhouettes. That cherry-colored lips that remained unchanged moved, then he said, “And Yan Sui, you’re as beautiful as the sea.”



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