SU: Chapter 17. Slow Down

One of the first policies that Sister Angela was able to influence was the removal of the corporal punishment of students who engaged in sexual activities. She was a firm believer that it sent the wrong message, one that was completely devoid of the love and respect that the students deserved. She was also able to almost entirely eradicate expulsion, except for egregious, or criminal cases.

Some claimed that these changes in policy would only cause rampant homosexuality to flourish, but that was not the case. What it did do is pave the way for better policies and a much more tolerant and understanding staff, and this was a blessing to the student body.



After lunch, Kato waited outside for Takahashi so that they could walk to the Sports Complex together. Xan showed up first, much to Kato’s annoyance.

“Kato-san!” Xan exclaimed with his characteristically charming smile.

“Hello,” Kato said dully.

Xan made some idle chitchat about the fireworks show that poor Kato missed last night, and Kato didn’t care to correct that misconception. Before long, the rest of the boys showed up, Murata and Nakamura, Handa, and Takahashi.

“Everyone’s here. Good, let’s go Kato-san!” Xan said.

Internally, Kato had reached his boiling point. He barked out, “You go on ahead. I need to talk to my seme.” He glared at Takahashi.

Xan looked puzzled and then looked to Takahashi, then to Handa and signaled with a nod that they should go. “Ok, see you later,” was all Xan said as he walked away.

Murata looked at both then walked away with Nakamura.

After everyone was out of earshot, Takahashi asked, “What the fuck was that about?”

“I wanna fucking walk with you, alone. Not them,” Kato complained.

“Oh. Well, let’s go then,” Takahashi said.

The boys started walking. Takahashi glanced at Kato a couple of times as they walked. “You gonna fucking tell me what’s wrong or you gonna keep that shit to yourself too?”

Kato stopped and glared. “Are you actually trying to start another fucking argument today, Ken?”

Takahashi held out his hands, “Sorry! Calm down. I was just trying to find out what’s wrong.”

Kato crossed his arms, “It’s hard to be calm when you ask me like that.”

“Sorry!” he said again. “Come on, let’s just go.” Takahashi made a waving motion toward the Sports Complex.

“That’s the other thing that pisses me off about you,” Kato said.

“What the fuck did I do now?” Takahashi asked.

“Instead of resolving the issue, you blow me off.”

“What issue? You’re the one with the issue. You’ve been bitchy for two days now,” Takahashi complained.

Kato threw his hands up in the air and yelled, “Bitchy?”

Takahashi yelled back, “Stop yelling, and just tell me what the problem is.”

Kato simply glared at Takahashi. He suddenly was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. Instead, a few tears of frustration worked their way out and rolled down his cheeks. Kato simply knew that he was not happy right now.

“Hey, Ren,” Takahashi said softly. He moved toward Kato and gave him a hug, which made Kato start crying softly. Takahashi let Kato cry for a minute before he pulled back. He wiped Kato’s tears away.

Kato looked around and saw that there were many students all headed to the Sports Complex and they were getting quite a few odd looks.

“You ok?” Takahashi asked.

“No,” Kato squeaked out as he shook his head.

“We need to get to class. Can you tell me a little about what’s wrong on the way to class?” Takahashi asked.

“Yeah,” Kato said as the boys started walking. There were too many boys going to class today, so he didn’t want to complain loudly with so many ears around.

They walked for a bit and Kato wanted to talk about the most burning issue, the thing that was on his mind the most. “Um,” he started.

“I’m listening.”

Kato now felt bashful and he looked about. No boys were currently in earshot. He spoke quietly, “I wanna do other things with you.”


“Your body,” Kato said.

“Yeah, I figured as much,” Takahashi said flatly.

“What? If you already know, then why won’t you let me?” Kato asked.

“I said you could look, but I never gave you permission to touch.”

“Ah, why not?” Kato whined.

“I still don’t understand why you want to. We’ve already had sex, twice.”

“That’s not enough,” Kato said. “I want to run my hands all over your body, experiment, see what it can do.”

Takahashi snorted. “Pervy,” he said, with a grin and a slight blush.

“Yeah, and I’m pretty sure that’s your fault. I was normal before I met you.”

Takahashi laughed. “I doubt that. I just awakened your latent perviness.”

Kato smacked Takahashi’s arm playfully and said, “Whatever.”

The boys walked for another minute. They were almost at the Sports Complex. Takahashi motioned Kato to stop. In all seriousness, he said, “I went through some bad shit last year that I told you some of, but not all, and including that week of hell. Just be patient. Please?”

Kato looked at his wolf and suddenly felt ashamed for asking things that Takahashi wasn’t ready to give. He was also a bit sad that there was, apparently, much more to what happened that week to Takahashi.

“I’m sorry for being selfish,” Kato said as he looked down at his feet.

Takahashi sighed. “Look up. I hate talking to the top of your head.” This caused Kato to look up and meet eyes with Takahashi. He continued, “I don’t think you are being unreasonably selfish. It’s probably not wrong to be. I’m just damaged goods and I’m the one being selfish and overprotective of myself.”

Kato made a slight nod in agreement as Takahashi continued, “Seriously, we’ve known each other a month and only made it official last week. Slow down.”

“I’ll try,” Kato said.

The boys continued walking to class without another word, but Kato’s mind was abuzz. He simply couldn’t wrap his mind around the concept that he was the one pushing for more sex. He always thought the wolf was the sex-crazed maniac. This was a troubling thought and he did his best to stifle it.


Today’s workout with the weights was particularly grueling. Kato didn’t complain but he could tell that something was up with Takahashi, but he knew better than to ask.

After the workout was over, all of the students put the equipment away and went to the locker room. Kato went to his locker to change and Takahashi told him to wait. Kato wasn’t sure what they were waiting for, so he simply sat there. After a few minutes, the locker room was emptied.

“Come on, let’s take a shower,” Takahashi said.

Kato’s ears perked up. He had fun last time and was eager to do it again. It was so sensual. The boys stripped and Takahashi got some things from the locker. They took their towels and went into the shower.

Kato cranked up the heat. His muscles were very tired after that intense workout. He stood for a minute with his head under the shower, letting the heat soak in. When he pulled out, he looked over at Takahashi, who was standing there looking at him.

“What’s up?” Kato asked.

Takahashi held out his soap bottle and a pouf and said, “I give you permission to wash me.”

Kato had the sudden thought that if anyone else in any other time in any other part of this world had ever said that to him, he would have had a million snide comments to make and quite a few vulgar things to say. But he was so ecstatic that all he could say was, “Okay.”

He took the soap and pouf and Takahashi turned around. Kato applied a liberal amount of soap to the pouf and worked it in. He first noticed the bruises on the back of his wolf. He was pretty sure that he would remember those 12 bruises for the rest of his life.

With pouf in hand, he gently washed Takahashi’s back. When he got to that most perfect butt, Takahashi spread his legs a bit to allow access. Kato was a bit less discrete than Takahashi had been. He had no shame and used both his free hand and his pouf to thoroughly wash everything. He figured if he never ever got this change again, he was at least going to make good use of this one.

He washed Takahashi’s legs down to his feet, which Takahashi lifted so that they could be washed. When Takahashi turned around, Kato was staring eye-level at Takahashi’s manhood. He wanted to save that for last though, so he stood up and started working on Takahashi’s chest, moving to his arms, then armpits. He admired every part he touched. He worked his way down Takahashi’s stomach, avoided the groin for the moment and he knelt down at washed the front parts of Takahashi’s legs.

Now the moment he had been eagerly anticipating had arrived. He gently grabbed Takahashi’s manhood and cleaned all around it. He was fascinated that Takahashi was circumcised, as he himself wasn’t. It was strange and yet intriguing. He wondered a bunch of things, like: When did this happen? Did it hurt? Does it hurt when having sex?

He carefully pulled the skin back, as there was still a bit there, and gently cleaned. His hand was soaped up, and he wanted to see if he could make it hard, so he started stroking it. Takahashi reached down and grabbed Kato’s wrist. “Not here, Ren,” Takahashi spoke softly.

Kato was a bit disappointed. Takahashi let go and Kato stood up and looked him in the eyes and said, “Sorry about that. Got carried away.”

“Shameless,” Takahashi grinned as he pointed at Kato’s erection.

“Pfft. As I said before, I’m pretty sure I was a normal kid until you came along.”

“Let me help you wash up and let’s go,” Takahashi said.

The both of them made quick work of Kato’s body. He wished they could shower daily like this, but then he remembered what Tachibana said a long time ago as to why semes and ukes showered separately. He understood now. The showers would be nothing but an orgy every night. And, Kato was pretty sure he didn’t want to watch others getting it on, let alone have others watch them doing it. As fucked up as this school is, Kato thought, some things make sense.


On the way back to the monastery, Kato couldn’t help but voice what was on his mind. “Ken.”


“You told me that you’d give anything for me to do that,” Kato said.


“Yes. But then you didn’t want me to touch you. And now you let me anyways. I don’t get it.”

Takahashi sighed but said nothing as they walked for another minute. Kato was about to give up, but Takahashi spoke, “During our workout, I made up my mind that I would let you do that.”

“So, you really didn’t want it,” Kato said glumly.

“No, I said I did, and I meant it.”

Kato was still confused. “But you didn’t even get hard. Does that mean you didn’t like it?”

Takahashi sighed again. “Of course, I liked it. But, Ren, you aren’t the only one that needs comfortableness training.”

Kato suddenly grinned widely and said, “Well, then. I look forward to training you.”

Takahashi glanced over then started laughing softly. “Pervy little rabbit.”

“As I said before, you must take responsibility for corrupting me.”

Takahashi reached over and put his arm around Kato’s neck and pulled him close as they walked. “By the way,” he said. “Even though it was only last week that we became boyfriends, this Wednesday will be one month since we became seme/uke. I already spoke with Xan-san about it this morning and we will swap Wednesday night. If that’s okay with you.”

“Well,” Kato said playfully. “I’m not sure. I’ll have to look at my schedule and see if I can fit you in.”

Takahashi attacked Kato’s sides, tickling him, causing him to yelp and sprint, with Takahashi chasing him back to the monastery.

At the door, Kato really wished they didn’t have to part. “See you at dinner,” he said. Takahashi nodded and gave a little grin and a salute and walked off, and Kato went back to his room.




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  1. Jeongipoom Deer

    Encouraging, as always, to see them trying to communicate, understand each other, and trust more. It’s heartbreaking to see the pain they both carry from past events, but nice they are healing each other step by step.

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