BMHS : Chapter 32.1 – I’m your Sister-in-Law, so I’ll give ground to you

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung

Proofreader: Zeraphiel25

Two things that were completely incomparable were put together forcefully by Meng Ting. How awkward must that have felt? However, through the look on his face, the emotion in his eyes, and also his eloquence, people could not help but believe him.

Being compared like this by Meng Ting, Yan Sui could not raise any resistance.

When Meng Ting saw that Yan Sui just looked at him without saying anything, he completely turned around, then he came over, grabbed Yan Sui’s hand, and pulled him close to the window.

“Does it look nice?”

“It looks nice,” Yan Sui answered. He moved forward and pulled Meng Ting in front of him, his hands looped around Meng Ting’s waist, and rested his chin over the boy’s shoulder. When the sea breeze gently blew in, he slowly closed his eyes.

Meng Ting slightly turned his head to the side to look at Yan Sui. His lips brushed over the side of Yan Sui’s face. He stayed in that position a little longer, then he turned his head back. His cheeks were a little red, still, he firmly held on to Yan Sui’s hands, that were embracing him by his waist.

Yan Sui opened his eyes slightly, then slowly closed them again. The corners of his mouth evoked a smile. This mood was a little more beautiful than the sunset over the sea.

After a long time, Yan Sui whispered in Meng Ting’s ear to ask, “Let’s take a walk on the beach?”


They opened the door and came out. The group of men, who were roaming around in the corridor of the second floor, all turned around, one by one, and swept their gazes on them, as if they wanted to find anything wrong with Yan Sui and Meng Ting, but they found nothing at all.

Meng Ting confronted their gazes. His impulse to use all of his limbs to simultaneously grab on to Yan Sui had arisen once again. His eyes slightly opened wide, held Yan Sui’s hand with his, and quietly tightened his grasp on it.

Yan Sui looked at Meng Ting and thought that he was nervous when he was looked at by these people.

“This is Meng Ting, your sister-in-law.”

“Sister-in-Law!” Five people in the corridor of the second floor dropped their jaws. Regardless if they said it in a loud voice or in whispers, shouting or not, their voice when they said ‘sister-in-law’ sounded particularly uniform.

“You already know Zhong Ming. He is Ji Ke. He is Xiao Ming.”

Yan Sui pointed at three, who were right in front of them, then gave Meng Ting an introduction.

“Hello.” Meng Ting said hello. His eyes were full of sincerity, but his body, that was unconsciously vigilant, still remained unchanged.

It felt like he was carrying his favorite big white steamed bun his arms, then he walks in a crowd, not knowing whether they were hungry or not. He could smell that sweet and fragrant flavor, but he was afraid that if anyone approaching would also smell it, they would turn around and snatch it from him.

Of course, he was aware that Yan Sui was not a big white steamed bun, but he likes Yan Sui as well. Even Yan Sui’s mother said that if the people who wanted to marry Yan Sui lines up, the line would continue from the north to the south of the city. In that case, how many people would there be? There was a great chance of running into them in a party like this.

He was very worried.

“I’m Shi He. Sister-in-Law, you can just call me Rock, just like Boss Yan does.” said a tall man behind Zhong Ming. Yan Sui did not need to open his mouth anymore since he already introduced himself. After Shi He introduced himself, he elbowed the more sophisticated man beside him.

“Senior, I didn’t expect I’d be able to have a drink in your wedding feast so soon.” The man, who wore a black suit and a white shirt, had white skin, looked so gentle and refined in manners, and spoke quite amiably. “I’m Rong Nan, and I have the same teacher as Senior. Senior was the apple of the eye of our teacher. Even in our gathering, which was held every year, he always boasted about Senior.”

“Yan Sui’s very good,” Meng Ting answered, then nodded, but he grabbed Yan Sui’s hand even tighter. Although this Rong Nan did not give him such a strong vibe that he coveted Yan Sui just like Su Siyu, he still felt that there was something odd with him. Moreover, everyone called him ‘Sister-in-Law’, but it was only Rong Nan who did not address Meng Ting like that.

Yan Sui gently nodded at them and said, “I’ll take Meng Ting to the beach for a walk, then we’ll come back later.”

After he said this, that row of five men naturally made way for them.

Rong Nan slightly hesitated, but made way for them as well, then watched Yan Sui as he led Meng Ting away.

“Gee, why’s our sister-in-law so obedient that I want to touch him.” Shi He muttered out his own feelings. He smiled and held Zhong Ming’s shoulders in front of him. After that, he raised his hand to ruffle Zhong Ming’s hair. Since he could not touch their sister-in-law’s hair, he could only make do with his buddy.

Zhong Ming had a muddled look, then with sullen face, he began to resist, “Rock, you’re so bold. You even dare to touch my hair?”

“How was my touch…?”

Several men, who rarely gathered together, were fighting, making a ruckus, and bursted out with rage. It was a very nasty situation, but they could not deny that they were sincere enough rushing back to Haicheng after traveling thousands of miles.

Yan Sui and Meng Ting heard Zhong Ming’s howling downstairs and some of them were even laughing and frolicking, but the couple did not stay. They came out of the villa and went to the beach for a walk.

The soft fine sand that they had stepped on under their feet felt very special. Meng Ting’s footsteps were heavy for a moment, then became light the next. He was having a very good time.

He suddenly bent over and grabbed a handful of sand, then said, “It’s so soft.”

He opened his hands slowly, and the fine sand slipped away from the narrow slits between his fingers. When the sea breeze blew, the sand that was left on his palm was also blown away.

Meng Ting looked down at his palm. Yan Sui did not know what he was thinking of at this moment, which gave him the urge to hold the boy in his arms.

He took a step forward and gently pulled the boy into his arms, then he whispered to ask, “What are you thinking?”

“The wind was so strong that it blew away my sand.”

Such matter as grieving over the passing of spring or feeling sad with the advent of autumn, Meng Ting could not do it. There was a reason why he opened his eyes wide, “It blew into my eyes.”

He looked up at Yan Sui, and there was already a layer of misty tears in his eyes, which made them look moist.

Obviously, Yan Sui was thinking too much. He almost made an unexpected mistake. However, being looked at by Meng Ting like this, Yan Sui was still soft-hearted.

He let go of his hand from Meng Ting’s back, held up Meng Ting’s face, and got a little closer, “Bear with it, don’t blink.”

“Yeah.” answered Meng Ting. He lifted his face obediently, and restrained himself from his impulse to close his eyes. His eyelashes could not prolong the control and slightly trembled. His peach blossom eyes’ grace covered all in one glance.

Yan Sui’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down, then he forced himself to concentrate a little. He inspected Meng Ting’s eyes carefully, then he blew his left eye, where the sand got into, “Blink your eyes once, then open them and let me take a look at them again.”

Meng Ting heard what he said and opened his eyes obediently, but the rims of his eyes and eyelashes were wet and the tip of his nose was slightly tingling. He did not feel wronged, but his aggrieved look was extremely pitiful.

Yan Sui was even more distressed, so he blew it again twice, “Blink again.” After a moment, he asked, “Is it okay now?”

Meng Ting blinked again and again. When he felt that it was better now, he nodded, “It’s alright now.”

He raised his hand to wipe his tears, but Yan Sui caught his hand.

“Don’t rub it with your hand.” Yan Sui said then fished out a silk handkerchief from the pocket of his suit, and his other hand lifted Meng Ting’s jaw, then he wiped his eyes carefully. “You can play with sand, but you need to be more careful. If it gets in your eyes, then it won’t be good.”

Meng Ting did not respond. He just looked at Yan Sui. The coast‘s landscape was very beautiful as before, but it was certainly not as good-looking as Yan Sui, who spoke to him like this. Yeah, his Yan Sui looked the best.

As the two men stood on the sandy shore, the setting sun cast oblique rays that lengthened their shadows.

They did not walk too far. Just standing on the second floor of the villa, one could see their figures from afar. From the moment when Yan Sui took the initiative holding the boy in his arms, all of the laughing and frolicking consciously calmed down, and each and every friend of Yan Sui’s stared at each other stupidly.

Even if they did not know what Yan Sui and Meng Ting had talked about, was it still necessary to find more evidences? Inadvertently, other than the ‘you and me, me and you [1]’ sweet words, they completely ignored their intimate behavior. Yan Sui bowed his head to blow Meng Ting’s eye, but all of them thought he was asking for a kiss.

([1] 你侬我侬 means “you and me, me and you” it’s an expression which is used for two people who are very in love)

Just when their cheeks were about to go sore and withdraw their gazes, the two shadows overlapped again, but this time, it seemed that Meng Ting kissed Yan Sui.

“Oh my gosh! I want to fall in love, too. I definitely don’t want to be oppressed like this.” Shi He cried out loud and hooked Zhong Ming’s neck firmly once again, “How about if we get together?”

Zhong Ming looked sideways, “Okay, deal with my Dad first, then I’ll get together with you.

“Hehe,” Shi He laughed and withdrew his hand, then he looked at Zhen Han, “Master Han, let’s get together. Boss Yan is too much! We must give him a taste of his own medicine.”

Zhen Han glanced at Shi He seriously and then turned his head and said, “You‘re too ugly.”

Shi He got shot twice in a row and dejectedly retreated two steps. He looked extremely sad.

“Okay, okay, is there anything good-looking for you, haven’t you been oppressed enough?” Gu Lang said loudly, but he looked like he had just been oppressed miserably. He escaped the first day, but he could not escape the fifteenth. He was mentally prepared, but he did not expect that Yan Sui would be so inhumane. Didn’t they realize there’s a dozen bachelors here!?

In fact, Meng Ting did not kiss the man at all. Since the sound of the sea waves was too loud, he was afraid that Yan Sui could not hear him, so he leaned a little closer, that was all.

“I like you, I like you very much.”

The afterglow of the setting sun reflecting on Meng Ting’s eyes was very beautiful. His eyes were so absorbed in looking at Yan Sui, as if only he could hold him down.

The reality was also the same. At the moment, Meng Ting completely forgot where he was. The heartbeat in his chest suddenly became very clear, and of course, Yan Sui’s heartbeat was the same. He was too excited and his heartbeat was too fast, even when there was no kiss involved and they were not calming each other. Yan Sui only talked to him and watched him, and his heartbeat accelerated.

At this moment, he did not need anyone to tell him. He was aware that what had caused this erratic heartbeat of his was a very simple reason, yet it was the most unexplainable one.

He had never liked anyone before, and it was unlikely that he would like anyone else in the future.

He likes Yan Sui now and even in the future. He was very sure about this.

Meng Ting’s flowery language repertoire was very small and he did not know how to describe his own like for a person. He could only repeat the word ‘like’ itself incessantly, yet this word was more touching than any flowery phrases.



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