HIHEZL : Chapter 51. A Girl Named Duo La

Author: Angelina

Translator: xallisonjanex, chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

The girl, who suddenly appeared in front of Ke Bu and Su Youyan, was Duo La. She looked at Ke Bu with her face that was as delicate as a doll’s, then she gracefully walked near Ke Bu with her hands clasped behind her back. She smiled and squinted her eyes, baring her canine teeth: “Isn’t this Ke Bu? It turns out you’re also in this school?” Ke Bu did not know what expression he should use to respond to Duo La’s smile. Behind this smile was Ke Bu’s fear. He stood stiffly and did not even notice that his fingers were trembling. Ke Bu could not forget Duo La even though he had tried to do so. Duo La’s existence was still deeply imprinted on both his and Zhi Li’s memories. It was like a tacit agreement between them to avoid talking about her. She was different than the wicked Lan Yin and the indifferent Youyan. Duo La was dark, and underneath her cute and delicate appearance was a dark and bottomless heart.

The scar on his leg began to ache all over. Su Youyan noticed the obvious difference in Ke Bu, but Duo La did not seem to notice Ke Bu’s strange behavior and continued to say: “I heard that Elder Brother Zhi Li already has a lover. I wonder if it’s true. I really want to see this person. Ke Bu, do you know who this person is?” Duo La looked at Ke Bu with her pure and big eyes. If Ke did not know Duo La, he would have been fooled. She was a very good actress, with no chink in her armor. Ke Bu clenched his fingers. Duo La turned her head and looked at Su Youyan: “Is it you?”

“What if I say yes?” Su Youyan answered with a wooden expression and stared back at Duo La. Ke Bu was about to say something, but he was stopped by Su Youyan’s stern glance. This is so embarrassing. Is my fear so obvious? Youyan, you tell lies without the slightest scruple, now aren’t you too kind.

“Hello, my name is Duo La. What’s your name?”

“Su Youyan.”

“What a nice name. I’ll remember it. Please advise me as much as possible afterwards.”

The door to the club room was pushed open and Zhi Li stood in the faint light. He had changed into clean clothes, with a refreshing fragrance, accompanied by his damp hair. Duo La turned around and something flashed in her eyes—it was happiness, excitement, and a girl’s shyness. This was real. Ke Bu could not see Duo La clearly but he was very sure that Duo La’s feelings for Zhi Li had persisted and twisted even to the extent of becoming somewhat hideous.

Zhi Li was dumbfounded, “Duo La?”

“Elder Brother Zhi Li, I finally get to see you. Isn’t it a very pleasant surprise?” Duo La stepped forward and intimately held Zhi Li’s hand.

“When did you get back?”

“I came to see you as soon as I got off the plane because we haven’t seen each other in a long time. Elder Brother Zhi Li, take me for a walk around the school. Sorry, can I borrow Elder Brother Zhi Li from you for a moment?” Without waiting for a reply, Duo La pulled Zhi Li away.

“You don’t have problem with that?” Su Youyan asked.

Ke Bu shook his head, “She is entitled to do so, and Zhi Li also can’t refuse.”

“Who is she anyway?”

“She can be considered as Zhi Li’s younger sister. She’s the adopted daughter of Zhi Li’s uncle. She used to stay in Zhi Li’s house when she was a kid. It won’t be too much to describe them as childhood sweethearts.”

“Oh, so it’s like that.” Su Youyan picked up her clothes and prepared to leave. Ke Bu called Su Youyan, “Youyan, why do you have to lie?”

“I just said it thoughtlessly. There’s nothing to be done if she believes it.”

“Don’t let Duo La get near you. She’s very dangerous. I won’t let you do this. I’ll find Duo La and make it clear with her.”

“It’s okay, Ke Bu. Let me take care of this Duo La.” Su Youyan’s eyes were filled with determination, not allowing Ke Bu to refuse it. Ke Bu watched her leave. He sat on the stool, feeling limp and weak. Would it be okay? Ke Bu grasped his legs. Duo La’s possessiveness of Zhi Li had reached to a terrible degree. She went to school in different place, but she would occasionally come to Zhi Li’s high school, and more or less bring disaster to those who had a good relationship with Zhi Li. Ke Bu was no exception. She did not allow anyone in this world to get closer to Zhi Li apart from her. At that time, because of Duo La’s arrival, Ke Bu did not take her little mischievous pranks seriously. However, one day, Duo La wanted to see him in the stairwell. With a sincere smile, she said: “Ke Bu, what do you want from Elder Brother Zhi Li? How disgusting, just seeing you makes me sick. You don’t deserve to stay beside Elder Brother Zhi Li. You’re not even qualified to be his dog.”

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand.” Ke Bu was going to leave but Duo La blocked his way. Ke Bu stared at Duo La, “What do you want?”

“What do I want?” The smile on Duo La’s face disappeared and was replaced by a terrifying look on her face. It was as if darkness was going to break through her eyes. Word by word, Duo La said in Ke Bu’s ear, “I…want…you…to…die.” Ke Bu could not believe what he heard. He looked into Duo La’s eyes and saw that those eyes were serious—she was not joking. Ke Bu saw these frightening eyes for the first time. Duo La reached out and pushed Ke Bu by his shoulders with all her might. Ke Bu lost his balance and fell backwards. It was as if his heart was caught in his throat. Ke Bu did not even have the strength to shout. He just rolled down from the stairwell, and pain surged up from his knee. Cold sweat trickled down Ke Bu’s forehead. He held his legs as he groaned in pain: “Argh!”

Duo La jumped down the stairs gracefully with her hands behind her back, then she lowered her head, “What’s wrong? Does it hurt so much? You can complain to Elder Brother Zhi Li. Tell him that his dearest sister had done such a terrible thing. Who do you think will he believe in? You, or me who’s been obedient in front of him from childhood ‘til now?” Ke Bu gritted his teeth. He bore the pain as he stared at Duo La. The pain made him speechless.

“Oh, how scary. Is the dog going to bite? You can still make this kind of expression. It seems the pain isn’t enough.” Duo La stomped on the leg that Ke Bu was holding. She had no hesitation, nor did she have any sympathy. She was simply bullying Ke Bu with a hint of pleasure in doing so. Ke Bu began to lose consciousness. He closed his eyes with Duo La’s fearsome face as the last thing he saw before he completely lost consciousness. After that, when Ke Bu woke up, he found out that it was Zhi Li who sent him to the hospital. Zhi Li looked at Ke Bu’s leg, “How did this happen?”

Ke Bu scratched his head and did not dodge Zhi Li’s eyes. “I was careless. I lost my balance, so I fell down the stairs.”

“Are you stupid?”

Zhi Li waited until Ke Bu’s parents came then left. Ke Bu did not say a word about Duo La, not because of Duo La’s warning; his pitiful self-esteem as a boy that could not make a complaint to Zhi Li was a small part of the reason. And the main reason? It was because Duo La was Zhi Li’s family member. It was impossible not to have any affections for her when they have been together since they were young. Zhi Li treated her like his own younger sister. It was impossible for Ke Bu to speak ill about Duo La in front of Zhi Li. He did not want to put Zhi Li in a difficult position between him and Duo La.

As a result, the issue did not end there. The white curtain in Ke Bu’s hospital room was suddenly lifted aside. Duo La stood there with flowers in her hands and an apologetic look on her face. Ke Bu, who was sitting on the bed, instinctively moved back a little. Duo La hung her head low like a child who had done something wrong: “I’m sorry, I was short-tempered when I saw you and Elder Brother Zhi Li together. I didn’t mean to do that. Elder Brother Zhi Li asked me to apologize to you.”

“Zhi Li already knows?” Ke Bu looked at Duo La’s guilty face.

“I told him everything. He scolded me and said that if you don’t forgive me, he’ll ignore me. Are you still angry with me? I also don’t know what I was doing at that time. Ke Bu I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.” Duo La’s eyes were full of sincerity and Ke Bu sighed, “Alright, alright, my leg will heal soon.” Ke Bu picked up his crutch and stood up. Duo La quickly supported him by his shoulder: “Do you want to go to the bathroom? I’ll help you.”

“No need, it’s no big deal.”

“But it was also my fault that your leg became like this. Just let me help you, otherwise I’ll feel guilty.” Ke Bu looked at Duo La’s face from the side. After all, she was still a little girl, who was three years younger than him. It was just a moment of impulsiveness. In the end, Ke Bu allowed Duo La to support him. When they reached the top of the stairs, he felt somewhat frightened, so he comforted himself in his heart. Duo La whispered: “I’ve fooled you.”


“Elder Brother Zhi Li knows nothing about this.”

“You?” Ke Bu’s face turned pale. Why, he could not see through this girl at all. Duo La took Ke Bu’s crutch. Ke Bu grabbed on to the railing. Duo La turned to him and blinked her big eyes: “This time, will you die?” Ke Bu felt a throbbing pain in his temples and it just so happened that a doctor was passing by. Ke Bu loudly called for the doctor and when he turned around, Duo La had disappeared. Later on, Ke Bu laid in the hospital for a whole month. It was impossible for him to get rid of Duo La’s face. The expression in her eyes, wishing she could make him disappear practically became Ke Bu’s nightmare.

In the end, the next time when Duo La played tricks on a girl in Zhi Li’s class, she was caught red-handed by Zhi Li, so Zhi Li scolded Duo La. He was neither light nor heavy with the words he used to scold her. Duo La went crazy. She was unable to bear with it and became hysterical. She burst into tears and said: “Why are you scolding me? It’s obvious that they hate me, and they want to drive me away from you. You only see that I’m bullying them, but you didn’t see it when they’re bullying me. And you even scolded me. It’s Elder Brother Zhi Li who’s bad. This is all Elder Brother Zhi Li’s fault. Since you hate me, I’m better off dead.” Her words were extreme, and everyone thought that these were just the words of a little girl, having a tantrum. Who would have thought that Duo La would actually grab a knife on the table and place the sharp edge of the knife on her wrist: “It’s all Elder Brother Zhi Li’s fault. It’s all Elder Brother Zhi Li’s fault.” Duo La murmured repeatedly. Zhi Li frowned and stepped forward. Duo La did not hesitate to cut her wrist with the knife. Blood flowed down from her wrist and dripped down bit by bit along her fingers to the ground. Zhi Li grabbed Duo La and pressed the wound on her wrist: “Get a towel, hurry!” Zhi Li rushed the person beside him. That person was dumbfounded, but then he quickly looked for a towel. Zhi Li wrapped it around Duo La’s wound. Duo La’s small and delicate body was taken outside the classroom. “What the hell are you doing!?”

“Is Elder Brother Zhi Li still angry with Duo La?”

Zhi Li looked at Duo La’s aggrieved and weak face: “I’m not angry, okay, don’t talk anymore.”

“Great, great.” Duo La said softly.

Later on, Ke Bu heard that Duo La easily gets distraught when irritated so she was sent abroad to recuperate. Henceforth, Zhi Li always felt guilty toward Duo La. Now that Duo La came back, she had grown up a lot. However, when Ke Bu first saw Duo La’s smile, he knew that she did not change at all. She had that look in her eyes as if she was saying ‘so it turns out you’re still alive.’ He could see that her darkness was binding up Youyan.



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