Jubo : Text 030. Gifts and Goals

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: xallisonjanex

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower

Wang Ziyu secretly knocked on Wang Cheng’s door when Papa Wang and Mama Wang went to sleep. The door was not locked and Wang Cheng let her come in directly. He was sorting out his clothes. It turned out he was taking out all of the old clothes that had turned yellow because of washing. The clothes on the hangers had been replaced with new clothes that he had bought in the city. In fact, there were not that many; maybe there were at least three or four sets.

“Second Brother, are you finally going to throw away all of your worn-out clothes? That’s wonderful.” Wang Ziyu closed the door and her eyes fell on the pile of clothes that laid on the floor. It was nice that he finally knew how ugly his clothes were. She already had a lot of opinions in mind regarding the fashion sense of her second brother.

“What worn-out clothes, in any case, these clothes have been with me for several years. Even if they get no credit, shouldn’t they get rewarded for their hard work?” Wang Cheng said; however, he really did not want these clothes any longer.

“Then, what are you going to do with these clothes, Second Brother?” Wang Ziyu stuck out her tongue because she definitely did not believe what he had said.

“What do you think about donating it to the poor in the impoverished mountain areas?”

“Second Brother, if you really want to donate to the poor, do it at least with some sincerity. Beggars won’t even wear these clothes, aren’t you ashamed? If anyone finds out about your plan, don’t tell them that you’re my second brother.” Wang Ziyu knew that her second brother would not have anything good to say.

“You dare to dislike your second brother? It seems that you no longer want your gift.”

“Don’t…! Second Brother, I’m just kidding.” Wang Ziyu quickly rushed over and hugged Wang Cheng’s arm, then blinked at him, ”I know my second brother’s the best. You’re so open-minded and so perfect. I’m sure you won’t make a fuss over this with your sister, right?”

“Considering you told the truth, Second Brother will forgive you.” Wang Cheng was very happy with her, ”The gift is on the bed, go get it yourself.”

Wang Ziyu saw the gift in one glance. When she found out it was a laptop, she immediately jumped up out of joy. Scared, Wang Cheng rushed over to cover her mouth. Their parents were already asleep and if they woke up, he would be the one to suffer. Mama Wang would definitely be the first one to curse at him.

Wang Ziyu knew about their mother’s temper, too. If she woke up and saw the laptop, she would surely confiscate it from her. By that time, there would be no space left for her where she could go and cry in, so she lowered her voice and said to Wang Cheng, “Second Brother, I love this gift.” Her voice was filled with surprise.

All three siblings were students at Shanhai Middle School. Because of this, their family was considered exceptional in the village. Of course, in the best universities in Shanhai City, 80-90% of the students were people who live in the city. Their families were richer and most students, who were boarding, had their own computers. Wang Ziyu had always been envious of them, but she never said anything to her family, so Wang Cheng’s gift, which was the laptop, was really a pleasant surprise for her.

“If you like it, just take it back to your room to open it, and don’t stay up too late playing with it. Go to bed early.” Wang Cheng piled up the clothes in the corner of the floor and prepared to take it out for tomorrow.

“I know. Second Brother, you should sleep early, too. Good night.” Wang Ziyu looked satisfied as she held on to her gift, back to her room.

The next morning, Mama Wang found out about the laptop, but she did not say anything about it. Her second son bought a gift for her daughter, the provincial top scorer. Wang Ziyu did need a computer when she would go to college, of course, on the premise that Mama Wang did not know the price of the laptop.

After Wang Ziyu’s position as the provincial top scorer was confirmed, they receive invitations from a number of universities. These universities were both good and bad. In order to attract her, each of the Eight Immortals showed his or her own special prowess when they crossed the sea [1].

([1] An idiom which means to give full play to one’s unique capabilities.)

Some universities even offered huge temptations, such as promised to give Wang Ziyu scholarships every semester, and some even said that the four-year college tuition would be free; however, these things could not attract Wang Ziyu. She had already made up her mind before the college entrance examination. Her goal —— Beijing University.

Beijing University was the most famous institution for higher learning in the country. It was the goal of many students. However, because the standards were so high, very few candidates could only be admitted through the college entrance examination every year, but this was absolutely not a problem for Wang Ziyu.

Beijing University had different admission scores for each provinces. Last year, the province was 681 points. It was estimated that there would be no major changes this year. There was absolutely no problem in going to Beijing University, and there was no need to worry about money, so their family had no trouble in choosing a school. Unlike some homes that were not well-off, they had to consider whether they could afford it at home or not, because Beijing University was not only expensive, but it was also located in the capital, so living expenses and consumption would be high.

In the afternoon, Wang Cheng made a pot of heat-clearing soup, then placed it in a basket, and prepared to give it to Papa Wang and Mama Wang for drinking.

The couple came back for lunch at noon and afterwards, they did not take a rest and went directly to their new house. After a series of happy events in their family, the couple was in good spirits, but Wang Cheng was still worried that it would be too much for their bodies to bear with the exertion. He warned Wang Ziyu repeatedly to stay at home as much as possible to keep watch. After that, he walked out alone, while holding the basket, toward their new house.

Because their family was not short on money, Wang Cheng’s parents wanted to have a better life in the future, so the location that they selected for the new house was the best. They even had a Feng Shui master read the location. Although they had spent a lot of money, they were happy and everything was worth it.

Before he got there, Wang Cheng saw Mama Wang from afar, who had just walked out of their new house.



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  1. Woooo what a pleasant surprise! Thanks to lonelyCauliflower & xallisonjanex.

    I like how filial and family-centered Wang Cheng is. How funny is that Wang sister received a gift and yet got told to not stay to late playing with it. I would so stay late playing with a new gift, something like a new laptop or a tablet for example, just for exploring its capacity alone… 😝

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