TUMBT : Chapter II – 13

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: Renkun27

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower

The Third Prince apparently noticed the figure, but as soon as the figure disappeared, he put his line of sight back on Mu Xueshi’s face.

Mu Xueshi’s good-looking eyebrows wrinkled together. He did not know what to think. When he noticed the Third Prince’s gaze, he realized that the Third Prince was waiting for him, so he extended his arms like a child, letting the Third Prince pull himself up.

At first, Mu Xueshi only wanted to let the Third Prince pull himself up with his hands. He did not expect that the Third Prince would actually dismount the horse to hold himself up so he could leap onto the horse. Mu Xueshi still had not reacted, but the Third Prince’s horse had already set forth.

Mu Xueshi felt that every move of the Third Prince had an elegant and smart carriage. Even a man like him could not help but be fascinated by the Third Prince, let alone a woman. Mu Xueshi conceived a thought about the Third Prince in the future, wherein he was surrounded by a cloud-like group of beautiful women, and all of which would contend for his affection. Unexpectedly, Mu Xueshi had some unknown interest in his heart regarding this.

Although the Third Prince had been looking attentively ahead of them, he could observe Mu Xueshi’s every move. Mu Xueshi still had a broad smile on his face when he mounted the horse, but now, why does he look like he was dejected again? The Third Prince faintly knew something about the reason behind this, but he was not certain.

All of a sudden, Mu Xueshi’s complexion changed. He firmly pulled the Third Prince’s arms and loudly said: “Hurry up! Let’s go back at once, back to Imperial Tutor’s manor!”

“Why?” The Third Prince’s thick eyebrows twisted up. He did not understand why Mu Xueshi wanted to return all of a sudden.

“I forgot my big bird.”

When the Third Prince heard Mu Xueshi say this, his slight worry immediately subsided. He thought that Mu Xueshi thought of some clues, or was suspicious of something, but he did not expect it to be such a trivial matter.

The big bird that Mu Xueshi spoke of was just the bird that he took out with a bow and arrow. Mu Xueshi had always held it like a treasure from the moment he dismounted the horse before. Later on, when Housekeeper Wang saw the bird that Mu Xueshi had in his hands, he took the initiative to ask Mu Xueshi to hand over the bird to him for safekeeping.

When Mu Xueshi saw that the Third Prince did not have the desire to return, he persistently made a noise: “Go back…let’s go back…what if when I get the chance to go back, they already cooked that bird? What will I do? That’s my first archery trophy. I‘ll feel very fulfilled when I see it later on…”

The Third Prince gave him a cold face and did not respond to Mu Xueshi’s request. Obviously, he was very disdainful about this.

Mu Xueshi no longer wasted his time. He immediately moved forward into the Third Prince’s embrace and used his so-called unexpected trick as his last resort.

The horse neighed, its rear hooves abruptly stopped, then turned around, and galloped toward the Imperial Tutor’s manor.

Mu Xueshi’s face looked very proud, but he tried to restrain his emotions, in fear that the Third Prince would fathom his own little scheme, which led to the failure of this trick. However, what made Mu Xueshi happy was that the Third Prince liked to be close to him. In Mu Xueshi’s memories, apart from Mama Chen, there would probably be no one willing to get close to him.

When they returned to the manor for the second time, the moon was already hanging atop the trees, and the gates of the Imperial Tutor’s manor had been locked. The Third Prince did not want to waste time, so he sneaked into the inner wing room of the manor and found the big bird that Mu Xueshi shot down.

Just when he was about to take the big bird out, the Third Prince suddenly fixed his gaze at the clothes placed in the corner of the room, which Mu Xueshi wore before he was imprisoned. Mu Xueshi had always lived in this wing room. It could not get any simpler than it was now. Apart from a bed, a folding chair and a black ink-screen, there was nothing else.

During that time, the Third Prince ordered that Mu Xueshi be escorted to prison in this room. He also forced Mu Xueshi to take off his clothes in front of himself and put on prisoner’s uniform. Mu Xueshi took off his clothes with an expressionless face and replaced it with the worn-out prisoner’s uniform.

Recalling all of this, the Third Prince felt that the former Mu Xueshi was actually a bit obscure. When he called to mind the current Mu Xueshi, the Third Prince misconceived as if he felt like this Mu Xueshi was a different existence. Whether Mu Xueshi was with a mask or revealing his original face, the Third Prince could not relate him with the former Mu Xueshi.

After stopping for a moment, the Third Prince picked up the clothes and left the wing room quietly.



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