BMHS : Chapter 32.2 – I’m your Sister-in-Law, so I’ll give ground to you

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung

Proofreader: Kainguru

The sound of the sea waves crashing made some noise as they come and go. Yan Sui did not even have a way to determine whether his heartbeat was getting faster or slower. This feeling was very special, as if his world had shrunk in an instant, narrowing down to the point where he could only see what was right before his eyes.

After a long time, he responded to Meng Ting with a gentle smile on his face, then held his hand. It was the kind of holding hands wherein ten of their fingers were clasped together. After that, both of them continued roaming on the sandy shore that was laden with the afterglow of the setting sun.

There were a total of thirty who were coming to this party. Yan Sui’s long-time good old friends were also coming. The atmosphere was livelier than ever. Even if Yan Sui gets mad and harsh at everyone over and over again, he could not stop their enthusiasm to gossip as it raged in their hearts.

The little information that Gu Lang and Zhen Han had was already reviewed several times by everyone, but their information about Meng Ting was still miserably little. Apart from the information that he was an illegitimate son of the Mengs, which was already known by the public, the rest of the information about him was unknown.

Now, they have seen that the boy looked exactly like the one in Yan Sui’s photo. Meng Ting was young, well-behaved, gentle, and adorable; however, it was really quite difficult believing that Yan Sui would like this kind of sincere youth. Not that Meng Ting’s character was not good; rather, his character was really not compatible with Yan Sui’s.

“How are they incompatible? Our Sister-in-Law’s very good,” Zhen Han suddenly rebuked Rong Nan’s slightly euphemistic statement at once. He could not tolerate outsiders who were saying that Meng Ting was not compatible with him. He did not like it at all.

He swept his eyes on Rong Nan. He also did not want to pursue what kind of feelings he had when saying those words. After he finished telling him off, he continued working on what he was doing—cleaning the plates. This was already the third time that he washed them. At this moment, he was hesitating whether he should wash them for the fourth time or not.

“It’s not that he isn’t good. It’s just that, in the last few years, it’s been hard for my Senior. And now, he even has a childish…” He no longer continued speaking from here since Yan Sui had already led Meng Ting back.

Yan Sui ruffled Meng Ting’s hair and there was no need to say more about what his pampering meant. What was even more difficult to ignore were his chuckles. It was quite rare for him to laugh like this in front of others, but when facing Meng Ting, this was his common expression.

If you really felt sorry for Yan Sui for all these hard years, then you should now feel happy for him.

Throughout one’s lifetime, it is not easy finding someone who would want you to smile from the bottom of their heart. Obviously, Yan Sui was lucky. At the most appropriate time, he met someone who could bring him a smile.

“Boss Yan, Sister-in-Law, come here quick. We’ll have a barbeque today and everyone has to help.” Gu Lang said loudly. The moment Meng Ting looked up, he grinned once again and said, “Sister-in-Law, you’ll be an exception. What do you want to eat? Boss Yan will grill it for you.”

“Will it be difficult? I want to grill for Yan Sui, too.”

Meng Ting swept his gaze around. He did not know if he could do it well since he was clumsy.

“It’s not difficult.” Gu Lang resisted his heart’s urge. He found that Meng Ting was more temperate than Yan Sui, but he was so sincere that he did not know that what he had said stabbed someone else’s feelings.

There was no one who wanted to grill for his meals. Gu Lang tucked his weeping little heart under his clothes, and continued to say, “The ingredients have been washed, use the strings…”

“Hmm?” Meng Ting listened earnestly, but realized that Gu Lang suddenly stopped talking, so he was slightly puzzled.

When Gu Lang went against Yan Sui’s gaze, his body became stiff in an instant. He muttered, “Boss Yan knows, he’ll teach you.”

After he said this, Yan Sui finally tore his gaze away from him. Gu Lang turned around. His face was wrinkled and looked like he was about to cry. He did not want to be Yan Sui’s target in the future. He still wanted to take advantage of his youth and have a good time.

When he heard this, there was some delight in Meng Ting’s face. He looked back at Yan Sui, then whispered, “Will you teach me?”

“I’ll teach you,” Yan Sui said as he pulled Meng Ting and walked over to the edge of the sink. After all, they played outside for a moment, so it was quite necessary for them to wash their hands.

Meng Ting himself had not been able to move yet when Yan Sui skillfully rolled up his sleeves. Meng Ting looked up at Yan Sui, stood still obediently, and let Yan Sui help him.

After both of his sleeves were rolled up, Yan Sui turned the faucet on first, then he pulled Meng Ting’s hands and placed them under the water. He rubbed and kneaded them, then poured some liquid soap. Meng Ting did not move disorderly. Yan Sui quickly helped him wash his hands clean, then he took his handkerchief out and wiped them dry.

And so, in a short while, he was also able to wash his own hands. Meng Ting then grabbed the handkerchief from him and said, “I’ll help you.”

He said then bowed his head to help Yan Sui wipe his hands dry. After that, he handled the handkerchief with care and kept it in his pocket, then he said, “When we get back home, I’ll help you wash it.”


Yan Sui could feel Meng Ting’s desire to repay him for his kindness. This felt warm and special. He could not refuse it at all.

The people around could not bear looking at them anymore, so they went ahead and washed their own hands. They had been oppressed once again. It was indeed too cruel.

Yan Sui taught Meng Ting how to string together some vegetable ingredients. After that, he smeared some sauce on the skewers and placed them on the barbecue grill. Yan Sui was not very skillful with it, but he was somewhat knowledgeable. He taught Meng Ting mainly on how to string the ingredients together.

On the other side, they also specially invited chefs to handle their meals. They started preparing the roast suckling pig in the morning and also some seafood. The aroma wafted in the air. Even those who were not hungry should be hungry. Moreover, they had a lot of fun today, so it was natural that they were hungry right now.

Gu Lang took a few people in front of the villa and assembled a long table on the sand to accommodate everyone. After that, he wiped the tables and the stools. He arranged the plates, knives, forks and wine glasses and also various kinds of fruit on the table. Those foods that were already roasted well were served on the table, and then the steaming hot roasted suckling pig.

“Oh my, oh my, how can we make it in time?”

Zhen Han definitely did not care about his image. If anyone dares messing around and spill gravy before him, he would pick a fight with them.

They wanted to be carefree when they were together. Who cares about image?

The chefs took the assistants and asked help in carrying the roast suckling pig down. With all the trouble, the ingredients that were extremely heavy were finally strung together under everyone’s efforts. The one who was in charge of roasting, also nicely roasted two full plates.

“Come and have a seat. Let’s eat first while they’re roasting.”

After Yan Sui heard this, he took Meng Ting to the edge of the sink to wash his hands again, then they came over.

There was only a little light on the horizon, but its brightness was still enough to see people clearly. Then, Gu Lang pressed a switch and the sandy shore lightened up.

Everyone came over and sat down. Yan Sui swept his gaze away, then said, “Eat.”

Fortunately, they had no wine in their mouths; otherwise, they would have had the urge to spit it out. Even if it was just a small expression of his goodwill, he should also say something different. What’s with this ‘eat?’

Naturally, this was an unspoken criticism in other people’s hearts, but Meng Ting was very happy. He was already craving for food since he did not eat anything earlier.

Yan Sui looked at Meng Ting, and his voice was a little lower, “Eat.”

“Yeah, you eat, too.”

Everyone was hungry, too. After the couple began to eat, they began to eat as well. Once in a while, they would bow their heads to talk, but it was still joyous and harmonious.

“Boss Yan, I offer politely this drink to you and Sister-in-Law, may you live a long and happy life together.”

“Right, may you live a long and happy life together!”

Shi He took the lead and the surrounding crowd roared of laughter. He opened a bottle and poured the wine. There were all kinds of hubbub. They would not let Yan Sui slip away if he did not get drunk.

Shi He, you’re a good man!

How many sceneries did Yan Sui destroy before? This opportunity was hard to come by, could they still make it back?

Yan Sui was mentally prepared before he came here. He raised his wine glass and swayed it gently, “Meng Ting is still young, no alcohol for him today. He’ll just drink some fruit juice.”

Yan Sui’s shamelessness was really no match under the sky. Almost everyone had this sentence in their hearts. Especially since he was shamelessly serious and dignified. They never thought that this young wife could be useful like this.

Meng Ting bit on a piece of meat, his cheeks moved and moved, and he looked around in circles, finally falling back on Yan Sui. His heart and eyes were filled with admiration. His alcohol tolerance was particularly low and Yan Sui knew it without even asking him. He was really amazing.

“Little Sister-in-Law can’t drink. Boss Yan, you have to drink.”

Shi He received all kinds of gazes from the others. He spoke in behalf of the vast majority.

Yan Sui gazed away and gave Meng Ting a chopstick of green vegetable salad first, “You need to eat vegetables, too.”

“Okay,” When Meng Ting heard him say this, he immediately forked up a chopstick of vegetables and stuffed it in his mouth. After that, he gave Yan Sui a sweet smile.

Right after that, Yan Sui’s countenance eased up a bit. He turned to look at Shi He, then lifted a wine glass, and tried his best to drink a mouthful of red wine.


“This Sister-in-Law is really capable.”

Shi He almost lost, but Meng Ting’s smile made Yan Sui drink willingly.

Meng Ting failed to understand why he said he was capable, so he looked and tried remembering where he could be competent, and yet, he still picked up a piece of meat, “You have to eat, too. It’s not good to drink too much wine all at once.”

“Okay,” Yan Sui put down his wine glass and wanted to fork a bit of meat. The fork that Meng Ting had still had not left yet and forked up a piece of meat once again. He then took it to Yan Sui’s mouth. Yan Sui did not hesitate to open his mouth and bite it.

“This meat is tender and quite tasty.”

In Meng Ting’s opinion, sharing delicious food with Yan Sui was absolutely important and necessary in his ‘being good to Yan Sui.’ After all, he was too slow-witted to think of good things for Yan Sui by himself. There would be too few good things that he could do, so he must accomplish what he had already thought of.

“It’s tasty.” Yan Sui nodded. There was some smiling expression in his eyes.

Compared to Meng Ting’s hesitation in feeding him with cake last time, it was obvious that Meng Ting must have been more comfortable now.

“Master Han, will you feed me once, too?” Gu Lang bumped himself against Zhen Han, who was beside him. He was really stirred up by this couple.

Zhen Han barely swallowed a piece of meat. He turned around and gave two words to Gu Lang, “Get lost.”

Gu Lang dared to touch and try the spoon that he had been using for eating?

Being stirred up too much, Gu Lang feebly turned to his side; however, Zhong Ming, who was beside him, was also not in the mood to greet him. He was more interested in getting Yan Sui drunk and he was thinking hard about what auspicious words he could say.

After this glass of wine, the atmosphere brightened up completely. Everyone sat while eating, then stood while eating, and walked while eating. In the distance, the sound of the waves crashing was not as lively as this scene of bustle and excitement.

Yan Sui had drunk at least two bottles of red wine, yet he was still as steady as Mount Tai, and his face remained unchanged. It seemed as if his drinking capacity was like a bottomless pit. On the contrary, those few, who were hooting fiercely the most since the beginning, were now somewhat staggering as they stood up.

From the beginning until the end, the ones who really ate the barbecue were only Meng Ting and Zhen Han, as well as Yan sui, who Meng Ting never forgot to feed. Those two were foodies. The first one was a man who had a little wife to take care of and the last one was exceptionally eye-catching.

They laughed, made a noise, drank, and had fun all along until around ten in the evening. Even eating champion, Meng Ting, could not eat anymore. He was really overfed.

Furthermore, this barbecue stuff was mainly an interesting process, but eating too much was not good for their health. In the back, Yan Sui asked the chef to cook a small bowl of noodles for Meng Ting, according to his previous request to add a little bit of spiciness in it.



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