Jubo : Text 031. IQ is Too Low

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: xallisonjanex, chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

“You, this child, don’t come over next time. The sun is so hot, you must beware of heatstroke. Aren’t you going to work tomorrow?” Mama Wang took the wooden basket from Wang Cheng’s hands and took out the heat-clearing mung bean soup. As soon as the lid of the container was opened, hot air immediately rushed out.

Almost none of the houses under renovation were clean. Papa Wang managed finding a few useless chairs and wiped them clean before they could sit.

There was ample mung bean soup. Wang Cheng took into consideration the workers here as well, so he cooked a lot and also brought a dozen bowls.

Mama Wang placed portions of the mung bean soup into the bowls that Wang Cheng brought, and Papa Wang called the workers to come and drink the soup.

The workers were all from Guans’ Village. For efficiency and speed, they had invited a dozen of them. Some of them knew Mama Wang. When they heard there was heat-clearing soup for drinking, they were not surprised. Previously, Mama Wang had given them several servings of heat-clearing soup for them to drink. There was a lot and they could practically drink it until they were full.

When they got together, everyone chatted. The college entrance examination results just came out and the enthusiasm about it had not yet subsided; hence, it was inevitable that they would talk about the provincial top scorer. The news about Wang Ziyu becoming the provincial top scorer had already spread like wildfire. There was no one here who did not know. People, who were familiar with Wang Cheng’s family, were inevitably envious because of their three children. Two of their children’s academic scores were so good so that it made people jealous. Although their second son’s scores in school were not as good as Wang Ning’an’s and Wang Ziyu’s, he was still pretty good. Wonder how many generations they have cultivated to bring such good luck to their family.

Papa Wang liked listening to those who praise his children and laughed when some of the workers asked how he trained them. He also talked with others about parenting. The atmosphere was very harmonious.

“Brother Wang, your family seems to have a relative who’s child participated in the college entrance exams, but the results don’t seem to be ideal.” Guan Dayan suddenly remembered this. He was one of the workers recruited by Papa Wang. He was two years older than Papa Wang. Even if he heard some rumors about them, when he said this kind of thing, he should have been more careful.

Their family’s relatives were nothing more than Wang Cheng’s eldest uncle and second uncle’s families.

Both of their new houses were also being renovated nearby. The shameless Mrs. Zhang, Wang Cheng’s second aunt, would come over every few days. To say it nicely, she was dropping by. However, to say it bluntly, she came over to pick a fight. After several occasions that she dropped by, it gave Guan Dayan a very deep impression of them. Soon, he realized the relationship between the two families was not good. However, since the college entrance examination result had been announced, Wang Cheng’s second aunt never came to visit again.

“Uncle Yan, you’re referring to my Second Uncle’s daughter, right? It’s true that they have a daughter who also participated in the college entrance exam this year. It’s my cousin Wang Ningxiang, but I don’t know her results.”

For Wang Cheng, his impression of his second aunt was very poor. Of course, he also did not have a good impression of his cousin Wang Ningxiang. Her temper was the same as his second aunt. From the moment she was young, she had never liked studying, so how could she get a good result in the college entrance examination? Hence, Wang Cheng talked like this on purpose.

Mama Wang glanced at him, but she did not say anything.

“I’ve heard about this, too. It seems…it seems that her result is only more than a hundred points,” Guan Dayan said hesitantly. Generally speaking, only those fools in the village who did not like reading could get this score, and some could even get more than two hundred points on the test. A score of more than a hundred points compared to Wang Ziyu’s score was really too low. It was too tragic to look at. They could only say that the child had no talent for studying.

“Haha.” Wang Cheng clapped his thighs and could not help but laugh heartily. “How low is her IQ to get this kind of score? I’m afraid my cousin has to spend a lot of money to go to college.”

Guan Dayan did not dare agree with him and could only laugh hollowly twice.

“Cheng Cheng, even if her IQ is low, she’s still your cousin.” Papa Wang was afraid Wang Cheng would laugh too loudly and provoke his second aunt to come over, but he did not realize that there was also an issue in his own words.

“It’s still hard to say that she regards me as a cousin.” Wang Cheng was not concerned. In his impression, this cousin of his was bad tempered and very harsh and unreasonable. She made it very difficult for her parents to raise her and she never did any work. If she was not satisfied, she would yell and roar at others. Some said that it was common for her to yell at her grandparents.

“Ahem, ahem, you two should say less.” Mama Wang finally opened her mouth.

After drinking the mung bean soup, everyone went back to work.

Wang Cheng did not worry that these people would spread information about their conversation; otherwise, Mama Wang would have stopped him already. She would not wait until they had finished speaking before she opened her mouth, and all of them knew that his second uncle’s family was not worth visiting. When they get in contact with that family, they would just suffer in the future.

Mama Wang placed the emptied pot and the bowls in the basket and drove him away. The people would not let him stay here to help and there was too much dust.

Wang Cheng knew that Mama Wang meant what she said, so he was forced to carry the basket and leave. When he went out, the sky was overcast, the sun was not shining, and the temperature suddenly became a lot cooler. He had not gone one or two hundred meters when he ran into his second uncle, Wang Hongwen, who was passing by here. The latter initially saw that he was in a daze, so he called out Wang Cheng’s name.

“It turns out to be Cheng Cheng. I heard that you’re working in the city. How come you’re back?”

Wang Cheng looked at the polite smile on his second uncle’s face. He did not misinterpret it. His second uncle was really courteous as if he was afraid that others would not see it. It was totally different from his forced smile previously, which was perfunctory. Wang Cheng thought about it and realized the reason.

The news that he had sold Mount Feng Xia for a large sum of money had already spread. His uncles must have already heard about this matter. In his heart, he was afraid that they would be very envious, since they were suddenly defeated. The capital that they used to strut about and give themselves airs had gone, so they would curry favor with Wang Cheng and his family, and perhaps, they would be able to get a sum of money from Wang Cheng later on. Even if they would really get to that stage, only idiots would be fooled.

“Oh, it’s Second Uncle. Mom called me the other day to say that Little Yu’s college entrance exam result came out. I heard that she was the provincial top scorer so I came back immediately to give her a gift. Oh, by the way, Cousin Ningxiang also seemed to have taken the college entrance exam, how many points did she get?” Wang Cheng had a sincere look on his face, as if the person, who satirized Wang Ningxiang’s IQ for being too low earlier, was not the same.

“That…I’m not quite clear about as well. I will have to ask when I go back home.” Wang Hongwen looked like he had a fish bone stuck in his throat, suspended in midair, and was not feeling particularly well.

“The college entrance exam results have been out for two or three days. Second Uncle, you can really restrain yourself? My Dad was thinking about it every day, even before the results came out. Fortunately, his child lived up to his expectations.”

“Oh, I haven’t congratulated Ziyu for being the provincial top scorer. Uhm, I still have matters to attend to. I’ll talk to you later.” After saying that, he left. He seemed to have left in a hurry.

Wang Cheng looked at his retreating back and smiled meaningfully. Who’d believe that you don’t know it. The people in Guans’ Village knew Wang Ningxiang’s score. There was so much gossip, even Second Aunt must’ve heard about it. If Second Aunt knows it, you should also know it. He was deliberately messing with his second uncle.

Back home, Wang Ziyu was playing with her new laptop in the living room.

Originally, they also had internet access in Wangs’ Village. Not long after moving to their new home, Wang Cheng went to work in the city and no one in the house logged on the internet, so there was no internet anymore.

Wang Cheng did not know much about computers. He could only do simple operations, unlike his big brother, who was more adept at using computers. The computer that had been used at home for several years could still be used with his big brother properly maintaining it.

“Second Brother, this laptop’s really good.” Wang Ziyu lifted her pretty face from the front of the laptop screen. Her eyes were moist and bright. She was clearly a young beautiful woman.

Their family’s genes were good, but they mainly inherited them from Mama Wang. Mama Wang’s original name was Guan Lanfang. When she was young, she was the famous beauty of Guans’ Village. During that time, men chased her in circles around Guans’ Village and many of them were rich. However, their mother only took a fancy to their honest Papa Wang. There was a lot of commotion at that time. Now, looking at Mama Wang’s old age, one could still find traces of her beauty when she was young. Mama Wang did not like talking about matters related to her youth, but in the village, there were some elderly who liked talking about these past events, which Wang Cheng and his siblings had heard of.

“You don’t know anything about computers, how did you know?” Wang Cheng thought that it cost him more than ten thousand yuan to buy this laptop. If it was not good, then he would immediately go look for that shopkeeper to settle the accounts with him.

“I just think it’s pretty good.” Wang Ziyu had never studied computers before. Even if they have a computer at home, it was their big brother’s. She had to study, so she could not play with the computer.

“In two days’ time, I’ll let Dad get you internet access. You can check on university-related matters online.”

“Please don’t bother. I don’t often go online, it’ll be wasteful, and Mom said that in a month or two, we can move in to the new house.” Wang Ziyu shook her head. She was the only person in the family who was still spending money at home, how could she still ask for so much?

Wang Cheng also thought the same thing. The new house was not demolished and rebuilt. There were so many workers, so the decoration and renovation speed was quite fast. It may not even take two months before they could use it. “Oh, by the way, that silly pig that I handed over to you last time, why can’t I see it?” It had been so long since then that he had almost forgotten about this pig’s existence.

“Oh, it’s playing in the chicken shed. Zhu Zhu is too fond of playing. Every time I don’t pay attention to it, it runs away. It’s very fond of the chickens in the chicken shed. If it’s inside the chicken shed, it won’t be quiet there for the whole day.” Be that as it may, Wang Ziyu was still quite fond of the little fragrant pig. It was her first time a little pig like that.

Wang Cheng went to the chicken shed to take a look at it. It was probably tired from playing. The silly pig was asleep, hiding in the corner. If it were not for its dark skin, he would not have noticed it.

That night, Wang Cheng went back to the city after he finished eating dinner at home.



7 thoughts on “Jubo : Text 031. IQ is Too Low

  1. Alex

    MC’s family is so good! They’re all good, smart, and good-looking, with upstanding moral character. I can’t wait for ML to come and dirty MC up a bit!

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    1. BlackPowder

      Only WC is illiterate. And his family spend no time to ask him to go to university. Are they not worried about WC’s future without college certificate? I cannot see in any angle to where this family was good. This is so unfair for WC who is filial. Ah, shameful!


      1. Katie_WanderingFujoshi

        Maybe there’s a story regarding that as well? Why would they not let him study after high school when they let his brother start a company? I’m sure there’s background info that still hasn’t been made clear.


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