S&OP : Chapter 12 – Another Meal Had to be Postponed

Author: Su Youbing

Translator: Xandros

Proofreader: KainGuru

Due to the high ratings of ‘To the Cheap Enemy,’ although it was not a prime time show, the ratings had remained above 20 points, which was higher than the ratings of those TV dramas in the prime time. Xiao Bai’s performance in it was like finding a pot with a matching lid, like a stranded fish put back into water, which complemented each other well.

Many of the audience had called in, highly praising Xiao Bai’s language. His tongue is very sharp, strong and lethal, and is a large-scale weapon of destruction. We’re proud to have him in our country.

His famous remarks had also been collated into proverbs by netizens, compiled in a TXT document, and circulated in major forums. Some of the most famous ones were as follows——

1. Dialogue with the Great God in ‘GO!GO!SU……SUPER STAR:’

Great God: “Why are you in a daze?”

Xiao Bai: “No, I’m listening to your chat.”

Great God: “Is it amusing?”

Xiao Bai: “Well, it’s more amusing compared to the big aunty upstairs of my apartment.”

2. When describing Zhou Minli’s debut in words in ‘GO!GO!SU……SUPER STAR:’

Xiao Bai: “You look no different then than you are now.”

3. In ‘To the Cheap Enemy,’ a young man came crying, saying that he was about to marry his fiancée and even registered both of their names when he bought a house. Now, the fiancée broke off the engagement, and even refused to return half of the property to him.

Xiao Bai: “You should watch more legal shows. You shouldn’t be muddled in the brain just because you can take a wife.”

So, even if they knew that the live broadcast would not start yet at eleven o’clock tonight, many viewers had already waited in front of their TV sets early.

Xiao Bai sat on the sofa and let the makeup artist sweep over his face with a brush. He subconsciously looked at the door.

Xiao Fuping followed his gaze and asked: “Waiting for your manager?”

“Yes, he said he’d come and pick me up.” Because Xiao Bai was now getting more and more popular, Gao Qin specially asked Jia Zhiqing to learn to drive, so as to save him from being taken advantage in crowded buses.

“He’ll come soon.” Xiao Fuping saw the director gesturing and hurriedly said, “Well, the show’s about to start, get ready.”

Xiao Bai’s waist that was originally bent instantly straightened up.

This was also what Fuping liked about him—dedicated and clever.

The one who came crying in today’s program was a girl, surnamed Xu, who had been abandoned by her boyfriend for somebody new.

“I’ve been with him for six years, and for the past five years, I’ve often gone to his house; buying and cooking food. His mother had a minor illness, and if he wasn’t free, it was also me who accompanied her to go to the doctor. But now, he said that it’s over just like that…he even said that I was lazy and can’t behave, his friends didn’t like me…he was the one who said that he’d rather be with me than go out drinking with his friends. It’s meaningless. Now that we had to say goodbye, nothing will be the same anymore.”

Xiao Fuping handed over a paper towel to her.

She wiped her noses and continued to cry: “I know why he chose this woman. Because her family has a good background, she can help him rise up. I’ve seen that woman and she was fat and ugly. Last time, I saw her cursing at him at the public square…he’d rather live with such a person for a lifetime. He used to say that he hated people who were most unreasonable in his life. Now, he’s like a dog, and he doesn’t even dare to utter a single word…”

Xiao Bai suddenly interjected: “He’s already like this, what else do you want from him?”

The girl squatted down and looked up at him with tears in her eyes.

“What I mean is, he’ll spend the rest of his life with the type of person he hates most…” Xiao Bai scratched his head, “Don’t tell me this kind of thing is still not cruel enough?”

Xiao Fuping saw that the atmosphere was a bit cold, so he immediately smoothed things over by saying: “Everyone’s values are different.”

Who knew that the girl would suddenly burst into laughter and end up being unable to stop herself?

Xiao Fuping shrugged at Xiao Bai and said: “Next time, let’s charge them, same rate as a psychiatrist’s fee.”

Xiao Bai said: “Isn’t it that psychiatrists see their patients singlehandedly?”

“…” Xiao Fuping replied, “Do you want to kick me out of the show?”

The program concluded with the girl regretting and repenting for her actions. She reembarked on her new journey in life toward a happy ending.

Xiao Bai packed up his things and ran to the door. However, instead of seeing Jia Zhiqing, he saw Aaron Feng, who was standing by the glass window with his arms crossed on his chest, looking at the night scenery outside.

“Brother Aaron?” Xiao Bai scuttled over to him.

Aaron Feng looked back and smiled, “The recording’s over?”

“It’s live broadcasting today.” Xiao Bai replied, “Where’s Zhiqing? Why is it you who came?”

“That guy’s car crashed and is now lying in the hospital.”

“Car crash?” Xiao Bai’s heart tightened, “Is it serious?”

“Fortunately, it’s just a little bruise. The doctor said that he’ll be hospitalized for a day. Good thing he crashed into a wall and nobody was passing by during that time, if not, I can’t imagine what might’ve happened. I think it’s better for you to find time to learn how to drive. It’s not safe to hand this task to him.” Aaron Feng shook his car key, “Let me send you home?”

“I want to go to the hospital to check on him first.”

Aaron Feng pointed at the time on his watch with his finger, “Visiting time’s over. You can go tomorrow.”

Xiao Bai had no choice but to agree.

The two walked out the door, but they ran into Yan Su’ang.

Xiao Bai felt that Aaron Feng, who had just been very relaxed and comfortable, straightened his back at once and exuded a threatening and imposing manner.

Compared to Aaron Feng, who was as if faced with a formidable foe, Yan Su’ang looked like he was out of sorts.

Because he was busy with filming for his drama these two days, his agreement with Xiao Bai to have a meal again had not been fulfilled. Since it was rare for him to get off work early, he immediately rushed to find Xiao Bai to eat dinner today, but little did he expect that he would be beaten by someone else.

Yan Su’ang and Aaron Feng walked forward at the same time until they were less than two steps away from each other.

Yan Su’ang pursed his lips, “I heard your new movie isn’t doing well with its box office. Would you like me to help you promote it?”

Deep inside, Aaron Feng was slightly surprised. It had always been him who was the first one to provoke Yan Su’ang, then Yan Su’ang would counter-attack after. He did not expect that this time, Yan Su’ang would be the first one to attack. However, Aaron Feng responded very quickly. After a brief shock, he sneered and said: “You better worry about your new album. I heard that overseas promotion isn’t going quite well.”

“I like a difficult challenge.”

Does he mean to say it’s no longer difficult in the country? Aaron Feng’s eyes slightly narrowed.

Xiao Bai rubbed his eyes, “Brother Aaron, I’m so sleepy.”

Aaron Feng suddenly had a bright idea. Is this the reason why Yan Su’ang’s behaving abnormally? He grabbed Xiao Bai’s shoulders and said softly: “Be good, we’ll go home immediately.” As he said this, he peeked at Yan Su’ang’s reaction from the corners of his eyes; however, he saw that Yan Su’ang had a blank expression and his mood did not reflect on his face.

Xiao Bai nodded, looked at Yan Su’ang, waved his hand, and said: “Bye bye.”

The corners of Aaron Feng’s mouth curled up, grabbed Xiao Bai’s shoulders, and brushed past Yan Su’ang.

“Xiao Bai.” Sitting in the car, Aaron Feng’s smile immediately faded, “Are you close with Yan Su’ang?”

Xiao Bai thought for a moment, “We were trapped in the elevator together and he also invited me to eat a meal with him which costs more than 600 RMB.”

“More than 600 RMB?” Aaron Feng’s complexion looked odd.

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing, I just wonder, that meal is 100 RMB more expensive than the shirt I gave you.”

“No.” Xiao Bai broke it down with his fingers and said, “I only ate half of the meal and the other half was eaten by Yan Su’ang himself, so I only ate more or less 300 RMB.”

Aaron Feng slowly started the car. He laughed then said: “I really wanna know what kind of expression that Yan Su’ang would make if he heard your answer. It must be very hilarious.”

“I’ve said it.”

“In front of his face?”

Xiao Bai nodded.

Aaron Feng was excited, “Then, how did he reply to you?”

“He said…” Xiao Bai thought for a moment, “Let’s come back tomorrow.”

“Haha…” Aaron Feng could not help but bend over the steering wheel and laugh out loud.

Xiao Bai looked frightened, “Pay attention to the road ahead.”

“Yes, yes, yes, you can rest assured. I don’t want magazine headline news tomorrow to be filled with news about us, eloping like desperate mandarin ducks.” Aaron Feng sat up straight with difficulty.

Outside the car window, a silver-grey Lamborghini sports car bolted across them like a meteor.

Aaron Feng fixed his gaze, “Xiao Bai.”

“Yeah?” Xiao Bai’s eyelids, that were getting heavier, lifted themselves up.

Aaron Feng’s voice became somewhat deep when he said: “You and Yan Su’ang…better not get too close with each other.”

Xiao Bai wondered: “Do we look like we’re close?”

“I’m just saying.” Aaron Feng said lightly, “Think about it, we’re both under the same management company, went window shopping, and was still written about without basis in gossip magazines. If they’ll take a photo of you having a meal with Yan Su’ang, the aftermath will probably be more serious.”

“Have we ever been written about without basis?” Xiao Bai blinked.

…sure enough, there was something wrong with his way of advising. Aaron Feng thought for a moment and changed his word: “What I mean is, I think Yan Su’ang has ill-intentions toward you.”

“What ill-intentions are you referring to?” Xiao Bai was thinking hard about what part of the impoverished him could make Yan Su’ang have ill-intentions toward himself.

“It’s just like…a big bad wolf and a little white rabbit, that kind of thing.”

Xiao Bai was silent.

Aaron Feng felt that his words were effective and could not help but feel satisfied.

When they arrived in front of Xiao Bai’s gate, Xiao Bai opened the car door. All of a sudden, he turned his head and looked solemnly at him, “What you’re trying to say earlier was…Yan Su’ang likes to eat human meat?”

Aaron Feng was dumbfounded. How did he come up with such a big conclusion?

On the next day, Xiao Bai went to the hospital to see Jia Zhiqing.

Jia Zhiqing was laughing and chatting intimately with a girl who was visiting a patient.

When Xiao Bai appeared, Jia Zhiqing looked a little unhappy.

Xiao Bai put down the fruits and wanted to ask him about his injury, but he heard the girl call out to him, “Are you Xiao Bai?”

Xiao Bai was dumbstruck for a moment, “Do we know each other?”

Looking at her age…could it be that she’s my junior from vocational high school?

Seeing this, Jia Zhiqing, who was beside them, wanted to spit blood. Even after entering the entertainment circle for so long, he still could not recognize Xiao Bai as a public figure.

The girl took out a piece of paper and asked him to sign it, then she talked endlessly with Xiao Bai for a long time, until someone called for her. In the end, she left with reluctance.

Jia Zhiqing looked at his confused face and joked: “How does it feel to be idolized, Mr. Celebrity?”

Xiao Bai frowned and said: “Does it mean that…that girl just now isn’t my junior?”

“…” Jia Zhiqing lowered his head and peeled tangerines for him to eat.



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