TUMBT : Chapter II – 14

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: Renkun27

Proofreader: Zeraphiel25

As night fell, the dark-blue sky was adorned with a few stars, and the moon was looming in the thin clouds. It was impossible to see whether the moon was full or waning. Mu Xueshi had been squatting in that place since yesterday, staring at the ground motionlessly.

If ever he was about to get tired with his posture, Mu Xueshi would change his position, then continue staring in a different direction. Occasionally, when the sound of a bird calling in the night sky could be heard, Mu Xueshi would get the goosebumps all over his body, so he blocked his ears with his two slender fingers, not letting his attention get distracted.

Mu Xueshi’s long eyelashes were like half-moon arcs on his eyelids. His pair of big eyes, which shone brightly against the night, also kept opening and closing along with the rhythm of the moon’s shuttling in and out of the clouds. He had yawned dozens of times, and nowhere was there any signs of the orchids blooming. Seeing that the fifteenth was fast approaching, if the oriole orchids would not bloom even for once, it was very likely that the Third Prince’s illness from the poison would have to drag on until next month before it could be cured.

As Mu Xueshi recalled this into mind, the eyes that had just been closed were immediately opened once again. He was forcing himself to keep his spirit up. He looked around and tried to find something interesting to divert his attention, but in the end, he found that all of the people or things in the courtyard were in a dormant state, except for those imperial guards, who were standing perfectly straight.

I better think about the case today, why is it that the Imperial Tutor wasn’t moving when he was being burned? The Third Prince said that the Imperial Tutor wasn’t dead before he was burned. Since he didn’t struggle, he must have been in a coma or drugged. However, the Third Prince said that there‘re no signs that the Imperial Tutor was drugged or injured before he was burned to death.

That’s it, he must have been hit on his pressure points, yes, this is the biggest possibility! If that’s the case, as long as I find out who‘s been in his room during that time…but the problem is, the servants in the courtyard were saying that it was only the original owner of this body who entered his room. Yet, the Third Prince said that it wasn’t ‘me’ who did it…

After pondering over and over about this, not only did Mu Xueshi feel listless, but he thoroughly thought about himself, too. When Mu Xueshi dived into the underbrush, light snoring arose. From time to time, one or two blades of grass would fall on his face, which Mu Xueshi impatiently grabbed away from his face. Afterwards, he curled up and continued sleeping like a log.

The Third Prince squatted down, took Mu Xueshi carefully from off the ground, and carried him in his arms. Just when his hands had touched Mu Xueshi, a milky white little flower quietly blossomed not far away, and the petals unfurled in the shape of a little umbrella handle. The faint delicate fragrance lingered in the trailing grass, making the Third Prince feel that the man in his arms was enchanting and oozing with fragrance.

At this time, the Third Prince suddenly hoped that Mu Xueshi was awake. Although the Third Prince used to like silence and indifference, at this moment, he hoped to see the beautiful smile on Mu Xueshi’s face.

Because he could not bear to see grass clippings and soil on Mu Xueshi’s body, the Third Prince took Mu Xueshi to the bathroom of his bedchamber. The floor of the bathroom was paved with imperial purple spar. The pool walls in the middle bath were all inlaid with white jade. On the side of the bath were two beautiful women, carrying trays, bath fragrances and clean clothes.

The Third Prince looked at the two maidservants’ eyes and used his eyes to signal that they could go out. The maidservants understood what the Third Prince meant. Soon, they placed the trays on the edge of the pool and both of which retreated.

The Third Prince looked at the man, who had no signs of waking up, in his arms, and the expression on his face had never been this gentle before. He gently removed Mu Xueshi’s clothes, revealing his snowy white, smooth, and soft body. The Third Prince stared at this flawless body for a while, and the gentleness in his eyes was replaced by a deeper layer of nervousness.

The Third Prince dipped himself and Mu Xueshi in the water, and Mu Xueshi immediately woke up as soon as he touched the warm water. The Third Prince tore off the film on his face, and when the peerless face was exposed right before the Third Prince’s eyes, Mu Xueshi also had just opened his crystal-like big eyes.

The Third Prince was bedazzled. He had an aloof and indifferent look on his face previously, but now, being confronted by this situation, the Third Prince could no longer control his emotions. He slowly drew near Mu Xueshi and stuck his lips on his.

Mu Xueshi clearly knew who was kissing him, but he did not have the slightest sense of rejection. It was different from the kind of nightmare that his rival’s unintentional kiss had brought him before. Mu Xueshi felt that this tasted so good. He closed his eyes and pretended not to know all of this. He pretended that the Third Prince was a peerless beautiful woman. By doing this alone would not let him have a sense of shame.

However, eventually, Mu Xueshi realized that the Third Prince’s face had always been imprinted in his mind.



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