BMHS : Chapter 32.3 – I’m your Sister-in-Law, so I’ll give ground to you

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung

Proofreader: Zeraphiel25

After Meng Ting finished eating, his mood rating had soared once again. Not only was he smiling at Yan Sui, he would also play with him once in a while. Yan Sui also responded with a smile.

They were Yan Sui’s friends. Even though they were not his friends yet, in the end, they were different from strangers. This was what Meng Ting realized tonight.

However, the party did not end here. They had not reached the peak of their daily programme yet.

“Go back?” Gu Lang immediately raised his voice as he looked at the extremely unfathomable Yan Sui closely. Nevertheless, this is a party where you took Sister-in-Law to meet everyone, this isn’t like the parties we had in the past where we settle the accounts, why do you want to beat everyone up before you let them off?

“You don’t want to make me do a roll call, everyone stand up.”

After Yan Sui said this, all kinds of noises disappeared. One by one, they stood in a row and pitifully looked at Yan Sui, then gave Meng Ting, who remained calm and collected, a meaningful glance. Dear Sister-in-Law, please save us.

Unfortunately, the frequency band of Meng Ting’s brainwaves was too strange to receive requests from them.

Three seconds later, nobody could stand Yan Sui’s colder look anymore. Each and everyone stood up obediently, including some of those who were often absent and would run away by going overseas. It was an unexpected calamity. They could just watch the excitement in the Moments, why bother coming back!

However, Yan Sui was really dead earnest about this. They had been friends since childhood. It was impossible for him to see them walk in the crooked ways. Some of the programmes that were often found in this party would play a role in supervising and urging them.

Yan Sui’s standard to not beating people up was actually very low. They must absolutely not take their chances on pornography, gambling, and drug abuse, in the same way as fighting and brawling and street racing that could injure people. Their lives were too good and were too pampered in their families. Sometimes, this party would give them an illusion of omnipotence and they desired to seek excitement in this party.

Yan Sui was responsible for letting them understand what one of the costs would be after the excitement.

“I was street racing with others abroad last month, but we were on a mountain road. There was no one and nobody got arrested, too.”

Even if the circumstances were not that serious, it was inevitable that they exchange blows with Yan Sui, so they cleared out the venue very quickly.

Feng Qing also thought through about it. A trip back home without feeling Yan Sui’s fist was not perfect at all. Besides, come on, he had practiced a lot for the past two years abroad. Who would beat up who still had not been decided yet.

However, Yan Sui was really difficult to deal with. With his skill, even the military elite might not be able to hit him. In particular, he still knew quite well how far he should go and when he should stop. This would only make them feel the pain and would not really injure them at all.

An incessant ‘ouch’ came through. The listeners shed a tear and felt deeply hurt when they heard it. The livers and hearts of those who were standing in line at the back were also trembling.

“What are they doing?” Meng Ting stood on one side and looked at them for a long time, before he asked Zhen Han, who was beside him, this question.

“Yan Sui‘s teaching them a lesson. It’s a daily agenda in our party. You must get used to it. From childhood until we’ve grown up, it’s been like this.”

Zhen Han put his hands in the pockets of his pants. With his typical look, he thought it over once again and said, “Look, this is Yan Sui.” He did not say anything bad about Yan Sui. All he said was the real and irrefutable truth.

However, when he turned his head, Meng Ting had been long gone and he was already beside Yan Sui.

“I want to help you fight.”


It was very quiet all around them. When Meng Ting said this in a low voice, those who heard what he said laughed.

“Ha ha ha….”

Gee, how could this little sister-in-law be so cute. He thought he was helping Yan Sui pick vegetables. Did he really think he could help Yan Sui when he said that he could handle it?

However, what made them even more surprised was that Yan Sui actually nodded. What was he thinking now?

The next one was Shi He. He was totally at a loss, “Why do you want to do it?”

Meng Ting took off his long coat and looked at Shi He, “I want to help Yan Sui. You’ll fight with me.”

“This…how could this be possible?”

Shi He did not think that it was good to change his opponent into Meng Ting. He had been getting along with Yan Sui for a long time, he had a lot of justifying. Compared to Meng Ting, it was obvious that Meng Ting did not have any fault. If he really hurt the boy, Yan Sui would put him in trouble for sure.

“It’s okay.” Yan Sui gently patted Meng Ting’s shoulder, then he retreated with leisurely steps.

Shi He thought about it for a little while, and only then was he able to digest Yan Sui’s ‘It’s okay’ remark. He grinned at Meng Ting and said, “I’ll give…”

He had not finished his words yet when Meng Ting already started. He threw a kick efficiently, and from this kick, he could see right away that Meng Ting was not someone who did not know anything.

Shi He moved to his side to dodge Meng Ting’s kick, but Meng Ting began throwing a fist at him. The blow from his fist brushed against Shi He’s face and because of this, Shi He’s vigilance sharply rose. Meng Ting really did not need him to give way. When he got distracted, Meng Ting’s kick almost landed on his back.

However, he did not suffer from the kick. It was not like Shi He dodged it; rather, it was Meng Ting who gave in, “I’m your Sister-in-Law, so I’ll give ground to you.”

“But it’s only been three moves.”


Meng Ting’s words garnered him a unanimous applause on the spot, although this applause sounded like it was drawn out from madness.

After Meng Ting said this, he did not show anymore mercy. He twisted Shi He’s hand behind his back, then he carried the burly man on his shoulder in a rush. After this? he stood up and threw the man to the sandy beach. He threw Shi He another kick, while Shi He dodged it by rolling away. Meng Ting waited for him to stand up, and only then did he face the other squarely.

It was quite obvious that Shi He was not Meng Ting’s opponent. Another three or five moves later, Shi He got plunged to the ground once again. However, this time, he did not have the strength to get up anymore.

Meng Ting measured him up with his eyes carefully, then clapped his hands, and turned around looking for Yan Sui. A clear and moving smile appeared on his expressionless face. He waved his hand and said, “Yan Sui, I won.”

A little smile bloomed on Yan Sui’s face, then he nodded.

“Oh, my God!”

Gu Lang exclaimed once again. Meng Ting never raised his hands to strike. He had never seen anyone being able to possess such a good skill. However, seeing Yan Sui’s unperturbed looked, he must have been aware of it ever since, and yet, he completely hid this truth.

In fact, Yan Sui only knew that Meng Ting’s fighting skill was not bad, but he did not know that it would be pretty good like this—even better than Shi He’s. He handled the whole fight as if he was a butcher handling his cleaver with ease.

Zhen Han also got the same reaction. He thought for once that his evaluation of Meng Ting for being ‘weak’ could be scrapped out. He was actually on par with Yan Sui’s ‘savageness.’

Could it be that, from now on, this party would change into joint doubles of his elder brother and his sister-in-law?

However, they had to admit that, after discovering this, they had a better perception of Meng Ting. At least he was compatible enough with Yan Sui in terms of military force.

Meng Ting helped Yan Sui fight in two more rounds, then Yan Sui asked him to come back right away.

There were also true aces in this group. Moreover, Meng Ting was more adept at close combat. Seeing his wife keep close with another man, Yan Sui did not feel good at all. Therefore, after summing up the aforementioned reasons, Yan Sui handled it all by himself once again.

Meng Ting backed down obediently. He completely thought that Yan Sui’s hand might have been itchy, so he wanted to beat someone up.

When he came back, Gu Lang slightly kissed up to him by bringing him a chair. Meng Ting looked at it for a while, then he sat down. After that, he watched Yan Sui’s fight earnestly.

It did not take long when his face slightly blushed with excitement. His Yan Sui was very fierce!

Every time Yan Sui strikes and flips someone over, Meng Ting would take the lead to give him a warm applause. This extremely serious programme for ‘settling the accounts’ instantly became filled with joy.

“How did you get acquainted with Senior?” Meng Ting did not know when Rong Nan sat beside him and asked this question casually.

Meng Ting turned to look at Rong Nan and thought about it for a while. It was only then did he remember who Rong Nan was. He was the only one who was not willing to call him ‘sister-in-law,’ Yan Sui’s university junior.

“It just so happens that I got acquainted with him.” Meng Ting turned around as he said these words, then turned back once again, and continued watching Yan Sui. However, this time, he did not look at him with that kind of proud look; rather, he looked at him with some vigilance. Someone really wanted to grab his ‘big white steamed bun’ Yan Sui.

“Senior seems to like you very much.” Rong Nan did not mind Meng Ting’s slightly perfunctory reply at all. He said it once again.

“Yan Sui likes me, I like him, too.” It was definitely not what it looked like.

Meng Ting turned to say this earnestly to Rong Nan. After that, he pondered over it for a while, then he continued speaking, “Yan Sui and I are already married. You better not have feelings for him. What‘s that saying? ’There are plenty more fish in the sea.’ You should go and like somebody else. Yeah, that’s right.”

This was the longest response that Meng Ting had ever given to a stranger tonight, and his words were filled with sincerity, but Rong Nan, however, suddenly had an embarrassed look because he got exposed. This was not in least bit unexpected. Meng Ting did not say something wrong as well. He once, perhaps, even up until now, held some thoughts for Yan Sui. Perhaps, one could say that he was keeping his hopes high.

He once believed that it was impossible for Yan Sui to accept anyone, which naturally included him, and he did not dare to face the possibility of some consequences later on after getting exposed; but now, he could see that Yan Sui treated someone else well, and those thoughts that he could put down before, had sprung up again.

Yan Sui could like people, then why could it not be him?

Zhen Han suddenly patted Rong Nan’s shoulder, “Gu Lang is calling for you.”

Rong Nan, who was forced back to reality got a little confused, he stood up and left. Although the truth was, Gu Lang was not really looking for him. It was just that Zhen Han sees Rong Nan as an eyesore and he did not want him to get in Meng Ting’s way as well. He deliberately said it so as to make Rong Nan go away.

Zhen Han looked down at that empty seat for a while, yet he did not want to sit down, so he just stood there.

“Cousin, did I say anything wrong?” Meng Ting asked as he looked at Zhen Han. He pondered over his words for a while, but he could not find anything wrong with it, “Yan Sui‘s already married, so it’s not good for him to like Yan Sui.”

“You didn’t say anything wrong.” Zhen Han responded and laughed at Meng Ting. Hmm, that ‘simple and easy to deceive’ label should be removed as well, and he appears to know better than anyone else. Even Rong Nan can’t finish pulling off his trick in front of Meng Ting at all. He got totally defeated.

His Little Sister-In-Law’s fighting strength was surprisingly astonishing!

“There’d always be some who’d overestimate themselves.” For a long time before, he could never make Yan Sui treat him like that. Now that Yan Sui already had someone he liked, there were some people who began to feel unreconciled about this again. Was that not overestimating themselves?

Yan Sui walked back with deliberate steps, and it took a long time for Zhen Han to consciously get out of the way.

Yan Sui grabbed the blazer on Meng Ting’s legs. He draped it around Meng Ting’s shoulders, then he straightened his back and said, “We should go back inside to sleep.”


Meng Ting nodded. He raised his hand and placed it on Yan Sui’s outstretched palm. Yan Sui pulled him up and led him back to their room.

“Yan Sui, you’re so awesome.”

At the corner that everyone could not see, Meng Ting leaned up and pecked on Yan Sui’s cheek that was too fast for anyone to notice.

Yan Sui looked at Meng Ting, then continued leading him back to their room, and closed the door. Meng Ting reached out to turn on the light, but before his hand could even reach the switch, his chin was suddenly lifted up. After that, he was stopped by a kiss.



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    1. YES!! EXACTLY! Someone on NU left a scathing review about how stupid Meng Ting is. The guy isn’t an idiot! He’s just simple and slow in certain areas and he knows when to not be slow and when to be.
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