HCM Announcement

Hi guys,

We recently received a communication from Ms. Larza about the novel เขามาเชงเม้งข้างๆหลุมผมครับ or otherwise known by everyone as ‘They’re Celebrating Qingming Festival Next to My Grave’ and ‘He’s Coming to Me (Series version).’

We were advised that her publisher did not allow us to continue the translation to English because they were not certain as to how it may affect the novel itself.

For those who know Thai, pardon me for my Google Translate-like Thai. Haha.

Anyway, I said that we will take down our translation and that we will still always support her and her projects.

International fans, please support and give love to our hardworking authors like Ms. Larza. They are like brilliant stars in the night sky that shines down upon us in the dark of the night. They give meaning to the lives of those who love YAOI/Boy’s Love stories.

Please buy her novels online. You can copy the title in Thai and paste it in a browser. You’ll surely find the website for the raw and there you can find the link were you can buy her book.

Please watch He’s Coming to Me as well. It’s one of the best Boy’s Love series that I have watched so far. I’m really excited for the ending. I hope it ends up happily!

Thanks for supporting us and reading our translation for this novel. We appreciate the love and the comments that you have given us.

Kind regards,


Crescent Moon Translations

PS: Ms. Larza gave us permission to write at least a summary per chapter. I’ll post the summary by the end of this month. Stay tuned. (^ω^)


5 thoughts on “HCM Announcement

  1. Jeongipoom Deer

    Ah, I am sad that you aren’t able to finish translating this as your translations are always so readable and better than MTL, but I am happy I follow a translation site that also puts the author’s wishes first and appreciate not only your bringing this novel to my attention, but also providing replies to my comments, observations about the tv show based on this novel, and information on how to find the book. I’ll try purchasing the book later today when I get back from errands. I was able to see your replies to me on the chapter pages from my message alerts (not sure how to describe those!) so am grateful for those as well.

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    1. Our number 1 priority is of course our authors. We thank them for bringing us these wonderful stories to bring color to our world of gray. Thank you so much for following us! We will be creating a summary for each chapters so that you can get a gist of the story. You can try our other translations or personal works. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. 😘😘😘

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      1. Jeongipoom Deer

        Well, I bought the book and now can legally read it! Thank heavens for Google Translate doing a good job with translating on the site as it is a bit unnerving to pay money when one doesn’t know the language. It actually went smoothly. I’m trying to figure out, though, if I can download it to my own computer or can only read it on their site. I actually already read pretty much everything on this site, so I know it’s a great place to spend some time. Thanks for all you do!

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    1. Well they know our sentiments. The author is sad about this as well but we are thankful for the temporary opportunity that she gave us to translate this story. Thank you for reading! We hope you will support the Ms. Larza! 😘😘😘


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