Jubo : Text 032. The Second-in-Command

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: tend0u, chiangyushien

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower

Hua Ying Real Estate was one of the new real estates in Shanhai City. Its rise had not been noticed by many people, and it had not been seen by those big companies as well. However, since the news about Mount Feng Xia had spread, Hua Ying Real Estate gradually became known by the public.

Real estate was a hot industry in Shanhai City. There had been many new companies that had emerged in recent years, but there were not many that could really get their share of the cake. If there were successful ones, of course there would also be failures, so many real estate companies had closed down. That was also the reason why many were pessimistic about Hua Ying Real Estate.

Later on, the government publicized the news of supporting the development of Mount Feng Xia. Even the plan was settled, which shocked those people. They did not even receive the news at all, but a small and unknown company knew about it beforehand and quickly took over the project for Mount Feng Xia. This small company obviously had a method or perhaps a backer.

That incident had sounded the alarm for some old real estate companies in Shanhai City.

It turned out that it was not only Hua Ying Real Estate who knew about this news in advance, but also those real estate companies with deeper connections; unfortunately, they only argued about it, and had a lot of speculations.

They would not be afraid of you if have more money, but they would be afraid if you have both money and background. When the other party ran to Shanhai City during that time, they were obviously eyeing Shanhai’s big cake with great development prospects, how could they not be vigilant of this situation?

After a long time, even Wang Cheng found that something was wrong.

When he went to the restaurant below to have lunch with everyone, he notice that people in the restaurant would always look at them either intentionally or unintentionally. He looked around, and those people withdrew their gazes. Afterwards, Zhang Yiheng told him that this situation would last for some time and it would be better if he gets used to it. Although he did not say it, Wang Cheng had already pretty much guessed it.

Ordinary people may be curious, but Wang Cheng thought that he only worked in Hua Ying Real Estate for probation, so he did not want to know what secret this company had.

However, Wang Cheng still encountered several people who wanted to strike a conversation up with a stupid ‘I want to coax you’ expression with him, so he wondered if his looks was too deceiving.

Gao Yongfu, who could be regard as his senior, knew about this matter and coincidentally bumped into him.

Gao Yongfu was forty-three years old this year. He was one of the company’s founding members. He did not hold the position of department head, but he was Chu Yifeng’s assistant. In the company, he deserved to be called the all-powerful assistant. Because he was involved in every project, even Zhang Yiheng and Li Yu would asked for his opinion occasionally. When Chu Yifeng was not there, he was the highest person in-charge in the company.

Gao Yongfu was the oldest one in the company, and Wang Cheng was the only one who was more or less the same age as his son. At the beginning, there were not many opportunities for Wang Cheng to talk with him, until he heard that Gao Yongfu had a son, and this son just happened to participate in this year’s college entrance examination. The hottest topic every year on the summer was simply the college entrance examination.

Gao Yongfu’s son, Gao Quan, also studied at Shanhai High School, but his score was not as good as his sister, Wang Ziyu’s. It could even be said that his score was a lot worse.

For this reason, Gao Yongfu was worried until he grew a few white hair. Later on, when he invited a private tutor, Gao Quan’s academic performance finally improved. When the college entrance examination results came out, his score was twenty points higher than what they had expected. He even reached the minimum passing mark for admission by chance, which made his family very happy.

Gao Yongfu looked happy for several days. It was not until Li Yu asked him that he spoke out. Everyone immediately gathered around and congratulated him, which happened during their lunch break. A group of people leisurely gathered around and talked nothing but the college entrance examination. Somehow, they talked about the provincial top scorer. This was the first time in seven or eight years that someone from Shanhai City won the title of the provincial top scorer. The topic was still trending. Wang Cheng still remembered that because of this, he was blackmailed by everyone for a lunch treat.

“I can recall that the provincial top scorer seems to be called Wang Ziyu. They said that she came from the countryside. Because she doesn’t want her life to be disturbed, they weren’t allowed to expose her home address.”

“Her surname is Wang. It’s the same surname as Wang Cheng. Could she be Wang Cheng’s fellow villager?” Li Yu pushed the black-rimmed glasses with only a few degrees on her face. She occasionally wore it when she wanted to dress up like a wise woman.

At first, she just said these words casually. She actually did not really think that Wang Cheng knew the person, but her words made Wang Cheng smile. He smiled so proudly so that everyone suddenly realized that Li Yu’s guess was probably right. However, the result was still a big surprise for them. The provincial top scorer was actually his sister.

“Well, Wang Cheng, you’re hiding such a great news for a long time. Anyway, I heard that there‘s a reward for the provincial top scorer. Did your sister receive the money?” Fang Tian gently elbowed Wang Cheng a few times.

“Hmm…I don’t know the details, but the school seems to have a reward.” Wang Cheng recalled that after he came back to the city, both Wang Ziyu and Mama Wang called him. The latter was telling him the good news, while the former was complaining. She was the provincial top scorer after all, so there were relatives or neighbors who come to congratulate her everyday. There were also a lot of feasts to thank the teachers.

“That’s great!” Fang Tian lamented that when he went to college, his family borrowed money from his relatives. He wished during that time that if he had known that there was a reward, then no matter what, he would have gone all out to be the top scorer.

Gao Yongfu smiled and looked at Wang Cheng, “If I had known you earlier, I might be able to ask your little sister how to study well so that my Xiao Quan could learn from her, too.”

“Actually, I don’t know how my little sister usually study. When she’s at home, she always helped my mother with the housework and I’ve never seen her study.” His older brother and little sister were born to have a talent in studying. Sometimes, he wondered if he had a genetic mutation. If not, why was he not born as a learning genius like them?

“She’s a top student!” Fang Tian obviously said this with envy.

Tang Sisi, who was standing alone at the front desk and looking at them talking and laughing, was really jealous. Ever since she was driven away from the restaurant by the boss, everyone had intentionally or unintentionally ignored her. Although it was somewhat not good to act like that to a girl, she always thought about something unrealistic. People who were not in the right direction had nothing to sympathize with.



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