TUMBT : Chapter II – 15

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: Renkun27

Proofreader: Zeraphiel25

The Third Prince’s hand slowly wandered about on Mu Xueshi’s smooth and snow-white skin. It stopped over the red cherry on Mu Xueshi’s chest then gently kneaded it. In a short while, Mu Xueshi’s body trembled and his eyes also opened.

“This…” Mu Xueshi blushed then asked the Third Prince: “Are you giving me a rub-down?”

The Third Prince did not speak. He slightly bent down, drew near Mu Xueshi, and gently sucked and licked on his small and delicate ear, making Mu Xueshi shudder from head to toe.

Mu Xueshi looked as if he was shocked by electricity. All of a sudden, he scuttled into the distance, raised his snow-white arms into the air, and waved his good-looking little hands hard, with a cramped smile on his face.

“Xi…this…this isn’t okay, this, this is wrong!”

The Third Prince’s gaze looked unusually deep at night, and his bloodthirsty lips displayed a proud arc.

“Why is it wrong?”

Faced with the Third Prince’s bewitching eyes, Mu Xueshi said stammeringly: “This…isn’t right… it’s just wrong, the exact reason…ng…”

Mu Xueshi had not finished speaking yet, when the Third Prince pulled him over. His overbearing lips left one mark after another on his slender, snow-white neck.

“Wahaha…” Mu Xueshi suddenly burst into laughter, destroying the surrounding mood.

The Third Prince was displeased, and shot dozens of cold arrows with his slightly narrowed eyes.

Mu Xueshi did not notice the expression in the Third Prince’s eyes; rather, he pretended to have a teasing look on his face, as he tried to persuade the Third Prince and himself to calm down.

“I remembered, both of us are men. This isn’t right!”

The Third Prince coldly snorted and said: “It’s all right for everyone in the world to become homosexuals, so what’s wrong with you and I?”

Mu Xueshi did not understand what he meant. He still looked like a little mouse that had stolen food. His little head shook as he looked all around, hoping to find a safe nest where he could stuff himself in.

Mu Xueshi had already felt the difference in his crotch. Although he was a virgin, his reaction in this aspect was nothing strange. He blushed with shame for his own reaction, lest the Third Prince would see it.

The Third Prince had already noticed Mu Xueshi’s reaction. Seeing Mu Xueshi’s appearance was like this, he thought he was amusing.

While Mu Xueshi was still nervous, his crotch was suddenly clamped down by something. Because of this, his little mouth immediately opened wide and his hand began to shake as he touched it. As a result, he touched this thing and felt it was very hard. No matter how he tried breaking it off with his fingers, he could not tear it apart. It was like a crab’s big claw.

“What happened?” Mu Xueshi wailed to the Third Prince.

The corners of the Third Prince’s mouth curved up. With a leisurely and placid look, he replied: “This is a water vine, a kind of trailing grass that grows in contact with water. As soon as it touches something hard, it will immediately attach to it. They usually attach to pool walls, so why did it attach to you?”

When Mu Xueshi heard the word ‘hard,’ even his ears became red and his whole person was like a boiled shrimp. He put on a long face and asked the Third Prince: “Why did grass grow in your pool…then…then what should I do? Does this thing hurt people?”

The Third Prince said in dead earnest: “The leaves of water vines seep out water droplets, which has a nourishing effect, that’s why I appointed servants to move them into the pool. However, water vines have a certain characteristic wherein they like wrapping around things until there’s no gap left. Moreover, the leaves can cut like a knife. If it won’t be removed in time, it may cut off your vital part.”

“Waa…” Mu Xueshi was really scared when he heard this. Facing the still water surface, he wailed. He anxiously watched as his treasured little brother was firmly clamped down by the water vine and he did not dare touching it.

The Third Prince was originally joking and Mu Xueshi was the least bit aware of it. He thought that since his crotch was in the water, the Third Prince could not see the grass that wrapped around it. So what he said was true.

Mu Xueshi cried so loudly that his voice was dry, he also could not see that the Third Prince had stepped forward to rescue him. All of a sudden, he felt a stinging pain in his crotch and immediately ignored everything. He shouted for help to the Third Prince.

“Save…me! I don’t want to…to become…to become a eunuch…”

After saying this, Mu Xueshi tightly wrinkled his little face and kept his hand not far from his part, that fell victim to the water vine. He firmly held on to his fist and dared not to touch his crotch.



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    On the other notes, their starting to be more intimate.


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