BMHS : Chapter 33.1 – I can’t kiss you, too. My kiss is only for Yan Sui

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung

Proofreader: KainGuru

In fact, when they were walking on the beach, Yan Sui was already restraining his strong urge to kiss Meng Ting. At the time, it was not impossible for them to kiss. Meng Ting was willing, but Yan Sui did not want their intimate moment to be witnessed by others, so he endured it.

At first, he thought that it would not take long for this desire to fade away, but no, he always remembered this feeling, and he even became more and more impatient so that he could not help himself when they returned to their room.

In the room, only a little light penetrated through the edge of the curtain. In the corner where they were at, it was completely dark. It was not enough for them to see who was who, but they could feel each other with their kisses, breaths, and touches. Their kiss was getting more and more intense and getting deeper and deeper.

Finally, Meng Ting had a taste of the red wine’s flavor. When his tipsiness rushed straight into his head, he felt like he was intoxicated.

He held on to Yan Sui’s neck, but he felt that all of his limbs gradually lost their strength. Obviously, he was very capable of fighting downstairs earlier. How come when he was kissed by Yan Sui, he lost all of his strength?

This question was somewhat abstruse for the dizzy Meng Ting.

When his hand was about to slip from Yan Sui’s neck, Yan Sui slipped his hands into his clothes and suddenly put forth his strength to catch the boy.

The kiss lasted for an unprecedented length, and gradually changed from fierce to gentle. Yan Sui kissed every corner of Meng Ting’s mouth and savored Meng Ting’s taste. His lips parted from Meng Ting’s, but he did not let the boy go.

Their limbs were sticking close to each other, and the thinness of their summer clothes completely allowed them to feel the heat of each other’s body getting hotter.

Several buttons of Meng Ting’s shirt had been pulled apart and the blazer that had been draped over his shoulders earlier had fallen to the floor. The palms of his hands were on Meng Ting’s delicate skin. He could clearly hear the boy’s rapid breathing and accelerated heartbeat. That boy had this kind of willingness to be close to him as well. How could he yield to part from these? How could he let go?

Yan Sui drew near him once again. He started kissing Meng Ting from his forehead, then brushed his lips all the way over the boy’s lips, then to the corners of his mouth, his chin, his Adam’s apple, his neck…

“Yan Sui…”

Meng Ting whispered his name. It was really Yan Sui’s kiss that had burned up all of his strength, which all the more made him at his wits’ end.

Yan Sui’s forehead was oozing with sweat. He really endured going through hardships. However today, without doing anything, he blindly drank the wine that Gu Lang and the others gave him in gluttony. He stood up, carried Meng Ting in his arms, and walked over to the bed. “Don’t be afraid.”

Meng Ting embraced Yan Sui back, “I’m not afraid of you. It’s just a little dark…”

He could not see Yan Sui and was somewhat not used to it.

Yan Sui did not know what to think of. He stopped walking at once, then he laid the boy down gently.

He turned the bedside lamp on. Half of Meng Ting’s clothes was torn open and his cheeks were also slightly blushing out of shyness. However, he still looked at Yan Sui straight in the eye and earnestly stressed this line out at once: “I’m not afraid of you. I like you.”

Those pair of eyes were very bright and clear. They were full of trust that he himself was not aware of—trust in Yan Sui.

Yan Sui slowly drew closer once again and Meng Ting himself moved up to face him. It was another overly melodious and moving kiss, which had challenged Yan Sui to hold his urge under control with difficulty for the second time around.

In summer, of course they did not wear too much clothing. If their blazers, shirts and pants were taken off, the only thing left would be sensual underwear.

Meng Ting swallowed his saliva nervously. His eyes blinked and blinked. He was hesitating whether he should close his eyes or not. In the end, he did not close them. He could not bear closing them. The passionate Yan Sui was very good-looking and was even more good-looking than before.

And Meng Ting wanted to see him, despite all of his shy thoughts.

When Meng Ting thought that Yan Sui would still help him release with his hand, Yan Sui’s lips gradually went down and did not stop at this point.

“Yan…Sui…” Meng Ting called out the man’s name and his voice carried along with it a slight weeping tone. He was really stimulated by his need to cry. He suddenly found out that he sounded very strange, so he bit his lips, but he still gave out some soft groans that were difficult to restrain.

After that, everything became too wild and giddy. For a moment, Meng Ting felt like he was floating amongst the clouds on top of a mountain and the next, he felt like he was sinking into the deep sea. Time was fast, yet also slow; but that feeling stayed profoundly in his mind and heart.

When Meng Ting finished coming, he became completely weak and limp. Yan Sui got up and went directly to the bathroom.

He taught a bunch of his childhood friends, but he almost could not take control of himself. When the cold water poured down on him, that sense of loss was still extremely strong. Between tolerance and intolerance, his lowest limit became more and more fragile.

However, Yan Sui was a man of a strong mind after all. No matter how fascinated he was with this sensual turmoil, he still managed having a string of rationality from the beginning until the end.

Yan Sui cleaned himself up and when he came out of the bathroom, Meng Ting was still stuck in the over-stimulated aftermath that was difficult shaking off. He wrapped himself up in a quilt with only his head that was popped out. When Yan Sui came back, Meng Ting quietly pulled the quilt up and only his pair of charming eyes, which were difficult to hide, were left exposed.

Yan Sui looked at Meng Ting but did not go to the bed. He opened their suitcase first, changed his own clothes, and then found clothes for Meng Ting, “Can you get up and get this?”

Meng Ting nodded and waited for the heat of his cheeks to dissipate a little, and by then, he pulled the quilt down a bit. After a while, he sat up and reached for the clothes that Yan Sui handed him. He looked down, then looked up once again. After that, he pecked Yan Sui’s lips at lightning speed, grabbed the clothes, and ran away.

Yan Sui looked at the bathroom door that had been closed, and for a long time, he showed a light and gentle smile. He raised his hand and touched his lips that Meng Ting pecked. This was such a sweet burden that was impossible to refuse.

Meng Ting took a shower in the bathroom and did a mental reconstruction for a while. Once he was done, he opened the door. Inside the room, there was only one desk lamp that was turned on. Yan Sui did not play with his phone or switch on his laptop either. He was leaning on the pillow with his eyes closed, as if taking a nap, as if deep in his thoughts.

Meng Ting looked at him carefully and the feeling of having a rapid heartbeat appeared again. He wore his slippers, walked over, and sat on the edge of the bed. He casually leaned toward Yan Sui, stuck the side of his face against Yan Sui’s chest, and listened to those loud and powerful heartbeats which made him feel at ease. After that, he closed his eyes as well.

Yan Sui slowly opened his eyes. In his line of sight, it was Meng Ting’s blown-dry furry hair. He reached out in an attempt to tidy up Meng Ting’s hair, then the corners of his mouth curled up, “Not shy?”

Meng Ting, who had just fled in defeat, thought that he could take advantage of this time to close his eyes and quickly lie down to sleep.

“A little bit, but I want to hug with you, so it doesn’t matter.”

Even his shyness could not overcome his desire to hug Yan Sui. This was what Meng Ting exactly meant.

Yan Sui sat up with Meng Ting in his arms, then he reached out again and pulled Meng Ting to the inner part of the bed.

Yan Sui turned sideways and adjusted the bedside lamp to the darkest, then lied down and embraced Meng Ting.

Not long ago, both of them were too excited, so they did not feel very sleepy right now.

Outside this room, Gu Lang, Zhen Han and the others did not have the slightest intention to sleep. Yan Sui left them earlier with great difficulty. It turned out they were planning to party all night long. There were some faint noises that could be heard from outside the window. This feeling was definitely different from the peaceful environment at home, but they did not find it annoying at all.

“Since when have you been afraid of the dark?”

Yan Sui turned sideways, which made it easier for him to see the boy.

Meng Ting placed his hand on Yan Sui’s chest and poked the buttons on his pajama with his forefinger again and again. After pondering over it for a while, he answered the question, “It’s not like I’m afraid of the dark. I can be alone in a very dark place and wait a long time. I just wanted to see you now. It’s too dark. I can’t see you.”

Yan Sui looked into Meng Ting’s eyes and pursed his lips, then he asked again, “What kind of dark place are you referring to?”

This was the simplest question for Meng Ting. He did not particularly need to think deeply about it, so he answered at once, “If I did something wrong or fight with someone before, I’d be placed in a confinement in a room. It was very dark there.” He thought about it once again, then added, “Grandma’s house was very dark as well. I stayed in a very dark room for a long before, too.”

Perhaps, this darkness did not only pertain to the literal meaning of darkness, but also to the feeling it represented.

The psychiatrist told Yan Sui that if a person gets wounded psychologically for an extended period of time, it was possible for them to automatically create a certain kind of defense mechanism. Meng Ting’s depression and sluggishness was not only congenital, but it was also acquired by environmental circumstances.

Undoubtedly, he was a very good and very rare child. He had lived his life in darkness but had always been yearning to head toward the sunlight. This was the most plausible reason why Meng Ting had such a disposition nowadays. Nevertheless, staying in darkness and still yearning to head toward the sunlight was not easy to do and it could even make people think that Meng Ting deserved being praised.

Yan Sui leaned down again. His lips fell on to the space in between Meng Ting’s eyebrows and stayed in this position for a long time, as if this could give him a deeper understanding of Meng Ting’s state of mind.

“Yan Sui…what’s wrong?”

Puzzled, Meng Ting whispered this question. He somewhat felt that Yan Sui was a bit sad all of a sudden, but why was he sad? They did not talk about anything sad. When he was very young, he was forced to get used to a dark environment. Sometimes, he even felt that this was a safe place.

“Do you hate them?” Yan Sui did not respond to Meng Ting’s question; instead, he asked another question. From an onlooker’s perspective, he could not help but feel that the Mengs and Meng Ting’s grandmother were vile and detestable. What Meng Ting thinks about their conduct—that should be quite easy to guess, but he thought it was still necessary to ask this question.

“I don’t know.”

Meng Ting had always been straightforward about his feelings. He likes what he likes and hates what he hates. It was quite rare for him not knowing what he felt. Since Yan Sui asked him this question, he really did not know and was uncertain about it.

“I’m very slow-witted and can only focus on one thing. If I focus on hating them, I won’t be able to do other things.” Meng Ting whispered, but he did not know how he could make Yan Sui understand what he meant. “I think if I have the time, I should learn how to like people and how to like you.”

Meng Ting really thought that to like a person and to treat that person well, he needed to learn. Moreover, he did not want his good intentions to become a nuisance for the person he likes, so he must focus on learning.

“Do you think I’m right?”

The emotions in Yan Sui’s eyes remained unchanged, but he slid his lips from the space in between Meng Ting’s eyebrows to his lips, then looked at Meng Ting, who had hesitation in his eyes, and the corners of his mouth curled up, “Yes, you’re right.”

After hearing this, Meng Ting squinted his eyes, he stuck the tip of his tongue out, then he licked Yan Sui’s lips, and pecked it once again. After that, he reached out and held on to Yan Sui’s neck. He whispered, “Goodness, why do I like you so much?”

Not only did Yan Sui have a gentle smile on his face, even his eyes were also squinting. He thought that it should be him who was supposed to say these words, but Meng Ting was always one step ahead of him.

“Be good. Good night.”

“I’m good.”

Meng Ting said as he slightly let go of Yan Sui, but his hands were still on Yan Sui. His possessiveness was very strong. He leaned and kissed Yan Sui’s cheek and said, “Good night.”

After Meng Ting fell asleep, Yan Sui looked down at him for a while. Yan Sui also closed his eyes, but his face was no longer so serious. Meng Ting was stronger than he thought, and he was much more energetic. Perhaps, the process of recovering from the shadows of his past might be a little difficult, but the result would be good.



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