Jubo : Text 033. Taking Advantage of an Opportunity

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: xallisonjanex

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower

“Boss, what a coincidence, are you preparing to go back to the apartment?”

Wang Cheng walked into the elevator. He had not even had time to press a button when a man walked in close behind him. He looked up and saw Chu Yifeng. He was slightly surprised. He thought that the boss would never leave work early and would just work overtime until seven or eight o’clock. At several occasions, he had heard the sound of Chu Yifeng’s apartment door opening and closing at this kind of hour. The soundproofing of the apartment was actually good, but his sense of hearing was no match for an average person.

“If you have something to say, just say it.” How could Chu Yifeng not make out clearly what he meant behind his words. What made him feel novel was that each time he talks to this Wang Cheng, the other person could always bring him a different experience.

“You‘re worthy of being the boss. You can see it all.” Wang Cheng did not show any embarrassment at being seen through. Instead he look at him with a smile and his handsome face was pleasing, “Boss, if you’re going back to the apartment, can you take me on the way?”

“You actually have thick skin.” Chu Yifeng looked calm and collected.

“Boss, you flatter me. I also have such a strong point.” Wang Cheng thought that he might be able to make himself a little more comfortable and not have to squeeze into a hot bus. It did not matter if he had a thick face. Even though he was the boss, the two were also neighbors. As neighbors, he could take advantage of him and never be too polite.

“I can take you along.”

Wang Cheng set up to respond with words: “Boss, if you don’t mind, then I‘ll handle dinner.”

The elevator door opened with a jingling sound and Chu Yifeng took the lead out of it. Wang Cheng knew by then that he agreed, so he quickly followed Chu Yifeng from behind. Dialogues with smart people had this advantage.

When the car came out of the underground parking lot, Wang Cheng said to Chu Yifeng who was in the driver’s seat: “Boss, let’s go to the supermarket first to buy some ingredients. My fridge only has frozen foods.”

Chu Yifeng glanced at him and the car made a U-turn.

The supermarket was not far from Changhe Building where they worked. It would not take ten minutes to arrive there. It was a large supermarket and the goods that were sold there were not expensive, so many office workers like to go shopping at this supermarket. Wang Cheng and his big brother had also bought their goods from this supermarket.

“Boss, I‘ll be back soon.” Wang Cheng got out of the car and said to Chu Yifeng.

“I’ll go with you.” Chu Yifeng undid his seat belt and got out as well.

“All right then.” Wang Cheng shrugged indifferently. He certainly did not mind having a free laborer.

After entering the supermarket, the two went directly to the fresh goods area on the first floor. It was originally on the second floor, but it was moved last week. Many people likes going to this supermarket. Firstly, because there was a sense of novelty. Secondly, it allowed customers to find their needs and stay in the supermarket longer, then they might buy more goods on the way. That was a good idea.

The two went to the place where meat was placed. From the two meals he had eaten together with Chu Yifeng before, Wang Cheng more or less knew about his preference. Chu Yifeng’s taste was basically the same as his. They would not be happy if they did not have meat.

Wang Cheng thought about the dish that he would be cooking for tonight. He chose a large chunk of streaky pork. The best kind, containing some knuckles and ribs. It had a layer of fat meat and a layer of lean meat. It was suitable for braising because he was planning to make large meatballs braised in soy sauce. He picked up two pieces of fresh fish, a chunk of beef and chicken, and also twenty eggs. After that, the two handsome men went over to the vegetable area.

A good lotus root should have short joints and thick. The second section from the tip of the lotus root was the best to be looked at for this. Wang Cheng could definitely get full marks in picking vegetables.

Chu Yifeng stood beside him and listened to him reading on and on the words potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, and so on and so forth. He could almost reason a lot of things out, causing the middle-aged women next to them to look at them. Two big men together at the supermarket buying food was quite unusual.

Wang Cheng did not notice this as he was picking out fresh vegetables and Chu Yifeng did not tell him.

After picking up the vegetables, the basket was full. Wang Cheng saw a cart nearby and immediately moved the ingredients from the basket to the cart, but considering that he also wanted to buy other things, the cart may not be enough, so he carried the basket and let Chu Yifeng push the cart.

The two roamed around in the fruits area and the grains area. They bought a lot of sparse things. The basket became useless halfway through so he threw it into a corner as they passed by. After the purchase, the two went to check out. Wang Cheng took his big brother’s card to pay the bill. It contained the money for their living expenses, but he did not particularly know how much it was.

When they left the supermarket, he did not know that it was already seven o’clock. Wang Cheng did not think it was so late already, so he looked at Chu Yifeng with guilt. When they returned to the apartment, he immediately started cooking. He was living by himself now. His big brother had not yet returned since he went on his business trip.

Large meatballs braised in soy sauce, baked butterfish, beef and potato stew, tomato scrambled eggs and winter melon and pork rib soup—the two actually ate quite plentiful. Wang Cheng considered that their appetites were relatively big, so he made so much before he went next door to call Chu Yifeng to come eat.

Chu Yifeng did not feel uncomfortable at all. He entered someone else’s apartment just like it was his own.

Wang Cheng felt that it would be more at ease in the living room. He put all the food on the coffee table in the living room and the two sat face to face on the carpet. The air conditioner was turned on in the house so that they did not feel hot. Rich people always had to be extravagant. As they were eating, neither of them spoke. Chu Yifeng seemed to like the food he had made and even had more for dinner then he did.

“Boss, I made some mango desserts, do you want to eat?” He asked as he was clearing away the tableware. Wang Cheng suddenly thought of the desserts that he had made while he was cooking. He did not know if his boss likes to eat sweets so he asked politely.


“…” He was really only being polite and nothing more.



10 thoughts on “Jubo : Text 033. Taking Advantage of an Opportunity

  1. Esméralda Njaka

    each time I see a character like this boss chu it always reminds me of Lan Wangji
    I miss him T-T
    I love this story, thank you


  2. Sekstifire

    Wang Cheng and Chu Yifeng both have pretty thick faces.

    Wang Cheng keeps asking for favors that most people wouldn’t dare ask their boss, and Chu Yifeng’s EQ is probably high enough to know when Wang Chung is only offering something to be polite but he keeps accepting anyway.


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