TUMBT : Chapter II – 16

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

It was unknown when, but a warm feeling suddenly wrapped around Mu Xueshi’s crotch. He looked down and saw that the Third Prince was holding his own vital part in his hand and applied a gentle, yet powerful force.

“What are you doing?” Mu Xueshi had a frightened look on his face.

The Third Prince looked at Mu Xueshi with a smile yet not a smile, then said: “Helping you get rid of the water vine from your body.”

Mu Xueshi felt as if electricity passed all throughout his body. He looked at the Third Prince, but the Third Prince had a natural expression. When Mu Xueshi remembered what the Third Prince had done to him earlier, he could not help but doubt the Third Prince.

“Are you really removing the water vine? Why do I feel like it’s getting tighter?” Mu Xueshi asked while staring stupidly.

The Third Prince still said calmly: “Your crotch is getting harder and harder. Of course, my hand can’t get rid of the water vine all at once. I can only devote my time and energy to your body. Only when you’re completely soft can you remove the water vine attached to it.”

Mu Xueshi’s face that had eased up already was stained with red again. What the Third Prince was solemnly saying was that Mu Xueshi could only be rescued if he would release the tension. If that’s the case, wouldn’t that mean that the Third Prince is going to help me masturbate? This…this is…this is too… Mu Xueshi’s ears were hot, and without losing time, he stopped the Third Prince’s hand.

“Don’t! How embarrassing could this be, I…I’ll understand if you’ll teach me…haha…let me come by myself.”

When Mu Xueshi said this, the Third Prince did not hesitate and immediately let go of his grip on Mu Xueshi’s crotch.

Mu Xueshi felt a period of emptiness in his crotch, then he quickly held it with his own hand. Just when he was about to make a move with his hand, he suddenly felt something was wrong. He looked at the Third Prince, and the Third Prince was looking at him with a fixed gaze and a playful smile on his face.

“Don’t stare at me. If you, you keep staring at me…then…then I can’t do anything.” Mu Xueshi said. He walked over to the Third Prince, then pushed and shoved the Third Prince behind his back. It was only then that he was able to set his mind at ease as he held on to his little brother.

As a result, in a blink of an eye, the Third Prince came back in front of Mu Xueshi. With his penetrating eyes, he looked at Mu Xueshi’s face, without the slightest amount of desire avoiding his.

Mu Xueshi sighed hard and shouted at the Third Prince: “Turn away, don’t look!”

The Third Prince did not speak. Mu Xueshi pushed him, but the Third Prince would not budge. In the end, Mu Xueshi got angry and wanted to run by himself to a place where no one was. As a result, he almost fell over, and only then was he able to recall that his crotch had been bound up by the water vine.

“Ah—“ Facing midair, Mu Xueshi yelled with a sad and miserable look on his face.

In the end, Mu Xueshi could not stand it anymore. His crotch was swollen, and it was awkward and unbearable. The water in the pool was warm and favorable, and it was simply impossible to extinguish the flames of his desire. He took a deep breath and compromised with the Third Prince: “Then…how about you do it?”

For Mu Xueshi, instead of letting himself do this in front of the Third Prince, it was better to have the Third Prince do it for him. This was not a big deal. Two guys could also joke about this with each other, but no one was willing to do it amongst themselves.

With a double experience of luck and embarrassment, Mu Xueshi finally could not help but release it under the Third Prince’s skill. Seeing that something white was floating in the water, Mu Xueshi’s face could almost burn a mosquito.

“I’m telling you…don’t blurt out that I came…otherwise…”

“Otherwise what?”

Mu Xueshi clenched his fists, glared, and put on a fierce look on his face, but he could not keep it on for even less than three seconds. Mu Xueshi was like a deflated ball. He hung his head down and muttered to the Third Prince: “Otherwise, I won’t have the face to see anyone…”

The Third Prince suddenly picked up the so-called water vine in the water and hooked his hand up in front of Mu Xueshi. At first, Mu Xueshi thought that the Third Prince was going to humiliate him, so he hurried to hide. Later on, he saw that there was no trace of the water vines left. Now, he could finally put his mind at ease.

“What’s wrong?” One of Mu Xueshi’s eyes was opened wide while the other was closed as he tried to peak at him.

“Come and see what actually happened.”

As soon as the Third Prince said this, Mu Xueshi hurried over. It was unknown when, but the water vine turned into a green silk ribbon. It was light as a feather when held in the hand, completely weightless, and it was far from the hard thing that just clamped down on his crotch.

“You!!!” Mu Xueshi held that silk ribbon. He bared his teeth toward the Third Prince and he could not breathe.

He looked again at the Third Prince, but there was already no trace of his figure left. Mu Xueshi hurried to the edge of the pool to take his clothes and quickly covered himself up. Before he left, he looked at that silk ribbon again and felt something peculiar in his heart. He felt that something was closely related to this, but he could not recall and did not have a clue about what it was.

Now, he was not in the mood to think about why this thing had such a weird change, and what kind of psychological hints did these changes give to him. He only had one thing in mind, and that was to seek revenge from the Third Prince. He did not expect that such an indifferent person could actually tease others and have the impudence to be so ostentatious. While thinking of this, Mu Xueshi’s feet heavily fell to the ground, then he looked resolute as he walked over toward the Third Prince’s bedchamber.



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