BMHS : Chapter 33.2 – I can’t kiss you, too. My kiss is only for Yan Sui

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, chiangyushien

Proofreader: Zeraphiel25

The group outside the room made a noise until just before dawn and went to sleep at three or four in the morning. At about five o’clock, Meng Ting and Yan Sui got up and went to the beach to run. The whole villa was very quiet when they returned from running. After breakfast was almost over, there were a few of them who got up with haggard faces.

“Good morning.”

“Morning,” Yan Sui answered as he pointed at the hot steaming tea at the other end of the table, “Hangover tea. Everyone, drink a cup before leaving.”

“Oh, thank you, Boss. Thank you, Sister-in-Law.”

Xiao Ming laughed and took a gulp of tea, then his face wrinkled beyond recognition.

This hangover tea was brewed from the best liquorice. When Yan Sui and Meng Ting went running, they simmered the tea on small fire. It had been at least two hours since then. Even if it was not bitter at first, it would be bitter by now. Once they drunk a cup of this tea, every sleepy person would be awaken by the bitterness.

When Shi He and Feng Qing saw Xiao Ming like that, they preferred not to drink it. However, Yan Sui was not the only one who was watching over them. Even Meng Ting, whose strength was fierce and surprising, was also watching over them. They could only calmly face death. They were trembling, yet hesitating to drink it happily.

“It’s good for your body, but a little bit bitter.”

Meng Ting saw that they had finished drinking. Those expressions that they had were weirder with one another. He glanced at Yan Sui and proudly said, “Yan Sui drank it, too. I tasted a mouthful as well.”

Yan Sui and Meng Ting did not look that ugly when they drunk the licorice tea.

Of course, when they drank it, the liquorice tea might had not been as bitter as now.

Meng Ting poked Yan Sui. There was a bit more eagerness in his eyes, “Can I take pictures of them?”

Yan Sui glanced at their expressions. They were still unable to break away from the bitterness. After that, he nodded, “Go on.”

Meng Ting did not get near them to take the pictures. He just took it when their expressions changed. With a light click, their dark history was preserved in his phone.

Meng Ting and Yan Sui did not talk in whispers at all, so Shi He and the others heard it. When they came over to take a look, everyone cried when they looked at their own ugly face. When they looked at other people’s faces, they laughed as they cried.

“Oh my goodness, Sister-in-Law, except for my picture, please make sure to send the rest to me.”

When bored, he could amuse himself for quite a while by looking at these pictures. He absolutely must not let this slip away.

After that, Shi He took the initiative. Under Yan Sui’s gaze, he took out his phone and added Meng Ting as his friend.

“Xiao Ming and I asked for a week vacation. We’ll leave after your wedding‘s over.”

Meng Ting looked at his list of friends with a few more that was added. This felt quite unusual for him. Hearing Shi He’s voice, he and Yan Sui looked at the person at the same time. Yan Sui did not say anything. After Meng Ting mulled over it, he earnestly said, “Thank you for coming back. Yan Sui and I are very happy.”

These words did not need Yan Sui’s confirmation at all. He was sure of it. Although Yan Sui’s expression did not change much, he could feel that Yan Sui had a very good relationship with them. It was important to know that beating up people was also exhausting. If their relationship was not good, Yan Sui would definitely not waste his effort on them.

“Ah, we just did what we’re supposed to do.”

After hearing Meng Ting’s words, the tall and strong Shi He suddenly blushed and even became awkward. Yan Sui swept a glance at him. Shi He immediately bared his teeth and sneered, then he retreated weakly. Their sister-in-law was quite adorable, but absolutely untouchable.

Before leaving, he also repeatedly reminded Meng Ting that he must send the pictures to him.

As the host, Yan Sui and Meng Ting naturally could not just pack up and leave by themselves. After they finished their meal, they walked around outside for a while and came back to the living room. Yan Sui took his laptop and dealt with his business, while Meng Ting lied down on his lap and played with his phone. From time to time, when there was someone who would wake up, Meng Ting conscientiously gives them tea to drink. After that, he took a picture of their ugly faces as a memento.

As the price of their desire to get the other’s ugly pictures, they also could not delete their own picture. Because of this, their strong desire to delete their pictures disappeared. Of course, there was someone who Meng Ting did not take a photo of—that was Rong Nan.

“Sorry, I didn’t notice you.”

Against reason, how could he not see such a big man like him? On top of that, Meng Ting really could not lie. In a glance, Rong Nan fathomed that Meng Ting did not want to take a picture of him, but he could not say anything about this as well. Although Yan Sui did not pay attention to what had happened, Yan Sui still sat closely to Meng Ting.

On the other hand, when Meng Ting sat up, he directly placed his feet on Yan Sui’s lap. He also did this when he took pictures of them. He was simply declaring his sovereign rights over Yan Sui openly.

Yan Sui focused on his laptop. Sometimes, when Meng Ting’s foot would slip down carelessly, he would conscientiously grasp his foot and place it back on his lap. The intimacy between these two had clearly exceeded the boundaries of an ordinary unmarried couple, and they had already entered the stage of old married couples.

Zhen Han puckered his lips up making a smile, while Rong Nan awkwardly could not manage to move close to them.

There were still some matters left to do. A few, who did not have enough sleep, continued sleeping. Those who woke up did not want to go, so they went for a walk by the seashore until they finished their lunch. Zhen Han and Gu Lang took the initiative to go to the ones who were still lazing around in bed and poured a cup of tea for each, then woke them up with the bitterness.

“I won’t go back with you guys. I’ll sit in Gu Lang’s car.”

Zhen Han chose not not to face another oppression from them. After he finished speaking, he got into Gu Lang’s car by himself.

Yan Sui led Meng Ting into the car. They were the last ones to leave in the group. Meng Ting could not help but look back, then he turned around and adjusted his siting position to lean on Yan Sui’s shoulder.

“Did you have fun?” Yan Sui tilted his head as his chin touched Meng Ting’s hair, then asked this question.

As expected, Meng Ting nodded, “The barbecue was fun. Fighting was fun. Hmm…taking pictures was fun, too.” Meng Ting said as he slightly raised his chin and slightly pouted his lips to kiss Yan Sui’s chin, “The most fun thing was being together with you.”

Meng Ting’s smile was extremely nice to see. Yan Sui glanced back and he thought that this party, in comparison to the party in the past, this one felt more special and fun. It may not entirely be because of Meng Ting, but most of fun part was definitely because of Meng Ting.

The car window was slightly rolled down and the sea breeze blew in. As he looked at the scenery outside the window, Meng Ting’s eyelids became a little heavy once again. Not long after, he was pulled into Yan Sui’s lap and he slept all the way back to the Yans’ residence.

Ever since, he had never slept this well before. With these few days with Yan Sui by his side, he wanted to make up for all the sleep that he lacked before.

“Woof! Woof!”

Meng Ting opened his eyes. Without needing Yan Sui to wake him up, he woke up right away, “It’s Rhubarb. He knows we’re back.”

When the car door was opened, a yellow native dog leapt up. Meng Ting stretched out his arms to hug it.

“Woof, woof.”

“Yan Sui and I didn’t abandon you. I miss you, too.”

A person and his pet loved each other very much. Anyone would have thought that Meng Ting raised it since it was little, when in truth, Rhubarb only arrived at the Yans’ residence four or five days ago.

However, Yan Sui was not surprised. It had not been long since he and Meng Ting knew each other as well, yet their emotional bond had already surpassed those who had known each other for decades.

When they returned to the living room, Furball also came running from the corner, then jumped around Meng Ting’s feet. Meng Ting immediately sat down on the rug in the living room and both Furball and Rhubarb were in his embrace.

Meng Ting held them for a little while, then looked up for Yan Sui. Yan Sui did not leave. He sat on the couch and took out his laptop. He worked everywhere now.

Meng Ting took along Furball and Rhubarb and moved by Yan Sui’s feet, then he comfortably sat down.

Furball and Rhubarb felt safe in Meng Ting’s bosom, while Meng Ting felt safe near Yan Sui. Yan Sui looked at them in a good mood, and his efficiency in handling his business matters has also improved.

They did not need to think hard for topics to talk about. With merely staying quiet like this, and everyone doing their own thing, actually felt really warm.

Nanny Wang and Uncle Xiao looked at each other and quietly walked out of the living room. They looked really glad. People who did not know would not understand how rare this kind of warmth was in the Yans’ residence.

However, it was not long before Uncle Xiao came back again.

“The Eldest Miss has arrived.”

The one who Uncle Xiao called ‘the Eldest Miss’ was Yan Sui’s aunt, his father’s little sister, and Zhen Han’s mother, Yan Manjia.

“Ask her to come in.”

Yan Sui said as he folded his laptop and put it aside, then he reached out and pulled Meng Ting, who was sitting on the carpet. He fixed Meng Ting’s clothes and let him sit by his side.

Furball still stayed in Meng Ting’s arms while Rhubarb lay by their feet.

Five minutes later, a beautiful and sexy woman in high-heels walked in, step by step, with her chin slightly raised and innate arrogance. She showed no psychological burden as he entered this place once again.

“Sui Sui, Aunty misses you like crazy.”

She said as she was moving closer to kiss Yan Sui. Before Yan Sui responded, Meng Ting stretched his hand out and blocked Yan Sui’s face.

“He’s mine. You can’t kiss him.”

Only after Meng Ting said these words did Yan Manjia seem to have noticed him.

She was not annoyed, but a happy smile emerged on her face, “Oh, so this is my adorable nephew’s wife! Come, give Aunty a kiss.”

This was the first time Meng Ting met such a warm-hearted woman, but he still honestly refused her.

“I can’t kiss you, too. My kiss is only for Yan Sui.”

At first, she wanted to kiss her relatives, merely because she was used to meeting etiquette abroad. However, being talked to by Meng Ting about kissing like this, she really wanted to kiss him. Oh my, Meng Ting was cuter and more beautiful than she had expected.



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  1. Thanks for translating this work until now. I was having doubts about reading this when there was a chance that the work might have not been updated in years, like the other web and light novels i’ve read. But, thank goodness! You’re still working on this one! Thank you for your hard work! You’re note’s are very much appreciated! I learn a lot from them! I hope you’ll still work on this! Thank you sooooo much ❤

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    1. Oh. In the sources that we have, it doesn’t contain that. If you have that information, we would be grateful and add it also in the previous chapters. The author’s notes are funny haha


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  6. I remember Uncle Xiao said before that the previous two masters also loved their wives dearly like Yan Sui.. so the previous two masters should be his grandfather and father right? But it seems his mother didn’t exactly like any of the Yan’s members. Hmm and this aunt seems warm but Zhen Han hated her, so there must be a reason. I will look further before deciding to like or dislike her.


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