HIHEZL : Chapter 53. This is My Like

Author: Angelina

Translator: xallisonjanex, chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

With dark circles under his eyes, Ke Bu rested his chin on his books. He did not sleep well at all last night. He just thought about whether there was a way to stop Duo La or not. This matter was concerning his own life. Since this morning, Ke Bu had been vigilant with everything around him. He must not underestimate Duo La. Ke Bu had a deep understanding since he was in high school. Ke Bu was not weak and he had never thought of seeking protection from Zhi Li. Although he did not realize it himself, he was unexpectedly strong, just like during that Bi Fang incident last time. What should he do? Grab Duo La, ferociously hit and throw her under the bridge, or let Yu Tai ravage her so that she could not lift her head all her life? How could that be? Ke Bu simply put his head on the book after letting his imagination run wild just now. There was one thing that Ke Bu clearly understood. Even if he knew how horrible Duo La was, or no matter how afraid he was of her, he could not hate Duo La after all. It was not because he believed that silly ‘man is born good and has a big loving heart’ principle. Ke Bu had a more personal reason: his love for Zhi Li extends even to the crows on that person’s roof!!! This analogy was also too extensive. In the end, how much do I like Zhi Li? Ke Bu swept his head around on the table in frustration.

“Why are you foolishly tossing around?”

He did not have to look up to know whose voice it was. Ke Bu looked up and revealed his miserable face. Zhi Li carefully examined the dark circles under Ke Bu’s eyes and asked: “Is there anything I need to know?” He’s too sharp! Ke Bu blinked: “Yes, there is. I seem to like you more than I had expected.”

Zhi Li paused for a moment, then with a natural expression, he looked at Ke Bu: “Don’t you feel ashamed saying these words?”

“It’s ironic to hear you say that line.”

“Is it? I think I’m quite naive and kind-hearted.”

“It’s you who’s the most shameless!!!” Ke Bu yelled.

“Forget it.” Zhi Li was about to go back to his seat but he stopped: “Ke Bu.”


“If there’s something that you can’t solve, I’ll teach you a spell.”

“What spell?”

“I beseech you, Zhi Li.”

“I definitely won’t say such embarrassing words!”

Zhi Li tilted his face meaningfully: “At that time, I’ll appear.” Then Zhi Li went back and sat on his own seat. The corners of Ke Bu’s mouth could not hide the warmth that he felt. What’s this? This man…when he needs to face his evil little sister, who was really dangerous, what’s the use of saying such big talk? Despite this thought, Ke Bu still muttered: “I beseech you, Zhi Li.” Just then a book flew from the front and hit Ke Bu in the head. Ke Bu rubbed his head in pain. “What on earth…?!”

“Don’t use it casually.”

Chu Haoyu then came into the classroom with a ghastly look on his face. It was the same as the haggard look that Ke Bu had, and they both looked at each other: “What’s wrong with you?” Ke Bu asked.

“I always feel like I don’t sleep well recently. I don’t know why.”

Ke Bu’s instincts told himself that it was all because of Duo La. She even brought disaster for Chu Haoyu, too? No matter what, I can’t sit back anymore! I must uncover Duo La.

In a dark room, a man with brown glasses revealed his teeth that had been darkened by smoking for many years. He looked at the photo on the computer. He had just received the job. So this time, it’s this boy? How should I play with this lovely boy with soft and delicate skin and fair complexion? The man excitedly zoomed the photo in and the image on the screen reflected on the man’s glossy face. The face of the boy in the photo was none other than Ke Bu.

At this moment, the man’s head was suddenly held by a pair of hands, which startled the man and caused him to break out in a cold sweat. His voice trembled. He wanted to look back, but the hands fastened its grip so that he was unable move. He trembled as he asked: “Who—who are you?” There was a cigarette in the corner of the beautiful woman’s mouth behind him. With squinted eyes and a lofty voice, the woman said: “The child in the photo is my baby’s man. If you dare do something that would make my baby sad…” The woman behind him leaned over and came close to his ear then whispered: “I’ll..kill..you.”

When the man regained his consciousness, there was no trace of that woman anymore, except for an open door. He held down his trembling feet. Who was that woman just now…scaring people? But what a scary strength. It made him unable to move. He looked at the screen again and the photo had been deleted.

Ke Bu searched for Duo La around the campus and finally found her in the stronghold. Her petite body was crouching behind a bulletin board, and was only revealing her back: “What are you doing?”

Duo La froze and stood up: “I don’t understand what you’re talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb. What’s that in your hand?”

“Why do I have to tell you?” Duo La then quickly ran through the back and Ke Bu chased after her: “Don’t try to run away.” Ke Bu chased after her to the roof of the school building. When Ke Bu opened the door and walked over, the door closed from behind him and Duo La smiled. Ke Bu merely felt doubtful. He was only concerned with chasing after Duo La, yet he ignored some other details. In accordance with Duo La’s character, even if she was found out, she would not be afraid and run away. When did she ever feel afraid of him? Furthermore, the rooftop door was usually locked to prevent students from going to this place. Would a person run to such place where there was nowhere to go? “You do realize you’re trapped, but it’s too late.” Ke Bu said.

“True. So what? How can you catch me? In the past, you were pushed down the stairs. You weren’t cautious and didn’t pay attention,” replied Duo La. Ke Bu gulped. The old wound on his leg began aching all over.

“So this time, will you pay attention?” Duo La approached Ke Bu, step by step, with her hands behind her back. Ke Bu did not step back. He should not step back. Stepping back to the edge in that place would be terrible. Ke Bu pushed Duo La away, who was now very near him. Duo La seemed more delicate than he imagined. Even though he knew that she always looked and acted fake, Ke Bu still used a little strength. Duo La saw that she was being pushed by the shoulder. “Ke Bu, are you going to hit me?”

“No. I won’t.”

“Then why won’t you hit me? Why?”

“I won’t hit you. As for why, isn’t it obvious? You’re a girl and more importantly, you’re Zhi Li’s little sister.”

Duo La was dumbfounded. She looked puzzled as she looked at Ke Bu. The darkness in her eyes was melting. “Why? Isn’t it obvious that I’ve wronged you like this?” Duo La threw herself into Ke Bu’s arms. Her frail shoulders were shaking. Ke Bu was about to reach out and pat Duo La on her head, when he received a quick and heavy blow on his stomach. It was really painful. Ke Bu bent his waist over. Duo La broke away from Ke Bu and the darkness began condensing in her eyes again. “You’re still so naive. Do you think I’ll be touched by those foolish words? Since you won’t hit me, then I’ll do it to you.” Duo La pulled a pocket knife out of her boot. While Ke Bu was distracted by the pain in his stomach, she placed the sharp edge of the knife on Ke Bu’s face. She glared at him and revealed a bloodthirsty and evil countenance. She whispered her intention: “Destroy you…I want to destroy you. It’ll be best if people like you will disappear from this world.”

“Why do you need to go to this extent? ” It would be a lie to say that he was not afraid of the knife.

“Because I like Elder Brother Zhi Li. None of you guys are worthy of being together with him.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. What kind of like do you have? It’s absolutely stupid. If it’s the desire to possess someone you like, then everyone also has it, but isn’t the other’s feelings that’s more important? Have you ever considered Zhi Li’s feelings? You like yourself more. In order to get your own satisfaction, you hurt the people around him. You hurt Zhi Li. What’re you gonna do after you make him feel bad about this? Do you want to be remembered by him this way? You said this person isn’t worthy to be with Zhi Li, that person isn’t worthy to be with Zhi Li, but the most unworthy person to be with Zhi Li is you. Duo La, wake up.”

Duo La slapped Ke Bu: “You’re not allowed to say that. You’re not allowed to say that.”

“You can beat me, you can do anything to me, but I won’t leave Zhi Li. I like Zhi Li more than anyone. I like him so much that I can’t leave him. I’m incapable of leaving him. I want to stay by his side and see his expressionless face, to see him teasing people, and more importantly, I want to see his happy face. Although that man’s unable to laugh heartily like ordinary people, no matter what…” Ke Bu remembered, the first time he saw Zhi Li’s smile. The corners of Zhi Li’s mouth outlined a charming appearance. It was like white flowers blooming and floating in the air, dazzling and making him awestruck. It was really nostalgic: “Now, I want to always stay beside him, maybe just to be able to see this smile. This is what my like is.”

Duo La’s knife slightly slid across Ke Bu’s face and the burning pain made Ke Bu frown. Duo La looked at the wound on Ke Bu’s face: “Didn’t I ask you to shut up? Can’t you understand what I said? Do you want to make me engrave it on your disgusting face?” Duo La laughed and ferociously licked her tongue on her dry lips. Ke Bu began stepping back.

Zhi Li asked Chu Haoyu, who was making up for his sleep: “Have you seen Ke Bu?”

“I haven’t.”

A boy came in from buying water outside and heard the conversation. He said: “Ke Bu? I saw him chasing after a girl to the rooftop.” The good-looking brows of Zhi Li creased. He ran out of the door. Ke Bu, Ke Bu, Ke Bu, you mustn’t meet with an accident. Damn it! Zhi Li’s brain could not listen to anything else. He could only hear Ke Bu’s name. The uncontrollable anxiety captured all of the rationality that Zhi Li had.



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