SU: Chapter 20. New English Sensei

Outside hires, or out-hires as they were called, were people that were hired to work in St. Catherine’s Education System. These people were expected to have some form of Christianity, whether Catholic or non-denominational, but never was a Protestant hired.

For the most part, out-hires were assigned as support staff that worked in such areas as maintenance, security, grounds-keeping, medical, food services, waste handling, some clerical positions in the administrative departments, and so on.

The teaching staff of the high school at the monastery was almost completely staffed by ordained minsters and nuns of the Catholic faith; however, occasionally an out-hire was used to fill a teaching position due to the inability to hire from within because no one qualified for the position could be found.

—Staffing St. Catherine’s by Roger B. Moore (2004)


As the alarm clock blared, Kato woke up rough. He had a bad dream of some argument with the wolf, but he couldn’t remember what it was about as the memory of the dream was quickly evaporating into thin air, leaving nothing but a bit of sadness and irritation. He got up and turned off the alarm as Handa was not there. He got dressed and started his day.

Kato was a bit slow this morning and everyone was already at the table when he sat down. He looked to Matsuoka and said, “Finished the portrait.”

“Great. I’ll come by after breakfast to pick it up,” Matsuoka replied.

“Thanks, Kato-san,” said Ikeda.

Kato bowed his head and then looked over to the line to see that Takahashi was last in line again this morning. He was suddenly a little sad in his heart that he had a bad dream about Takahashi. There was this craving inside to spend time with his wolf.

The boys ate in silence as nobody really wanted to talk this morning. Afterwards, Matsuoka and Ikeda followed Kato to his room. He went in and grabbed the picture and the portrait and handed them to Matsuoka.

“Wow. This is amazing,” Matsuoka said as he showed it to Ikeda.

“I love it,” Ikeda said.

“Give me your student ID and I’ll see that the money is transferred to your account,” Matsuoka said to Kato.

After Kato did that, Matsuoka and Ikeda bowed and thanked Kato, who returned the bow. Then the boys walked away. Kato felt warm inside, having done something nice for the boys and also making some money. Now he needed to figure out what to buy Takahashi.

Handa walked in just as Kato was about to shut the door. “Looks like the weirdos got their picture,” he said.

Kato really didn’t feel like having an argument with Handa this morning, so he grabbed his stuff for school and left the room. This morning he happened to be the first student in the classroom. He looked at the clock and there was still twenty minutes until class started so he put his stuff on his desk and sat down. His mind wandered a bit as he sat there thinking about the past month. He was quite glad that there would be no Sister Mary today. Tomorrow was the one-month anniversary, but he had no time to buy something special for his wolf. What does one give on such an anniversary? he thought. With no prior dating experience, he wasn’t sure.

Some students started trickling into class. Kato suddenly missed the solitude. Maybe I can draw another picture, he thought as he watched more students enter the room, chatting away. He felt his heart thump when Takahashi entered the room. The boy always had that cowlick and somehow it added to his charm. Takahashi smiled as he walked past. Kato looked up at the time and saw that there were still ten minutes left before class. That smile wasn’t good enough for Kato. He got up and went to lean on the wall with his hands in his pockets, his usual routine, as he watched Takahashi fiddle with his school materials.

“Class hasn’t even started. You can’t possibly need to go to the restroom already,” Takahashi said as he looked askance at Kato.

“No,” Kato said with a tiny whine. “It’s not that. It’s just that I haven’t seen you in a while.”

Takahashi snorted. “We hung out just yesterday. Needy much?”

“Yes,” Kato said and grinned. “I’m damn needy.”

Takahashi smirked. “Oh? Then what do you need?”

“Well—” Kato paused. He looked around to make sure nobody else was within earshot, then leaned over a little and spoke softly, “You promised me a certain something every morning and I think you’re falling behind.”

Takahashi sat back and crossed his arms. “I already told you that I made no such promise. I clearly stated that I would do it if I could. You have memory problems.”

“Awww,” Kato said with another whine.

Takahashi looked at Kato for a full ten seconds with that unreadable expression on his face. Then he sighed and got up. “Fine. Let’s go.”

Kato grinned like an idiot who just got his way. He practically pranced out of the classroom to the restroom with Takahashi following behind. When they entered the restroom, there were no other students. Kato figured as much because who really needed to come here when they could have just used the one in the dorms before they came to the education building?

Kato spun around and looked at Takahashi expectantly. Takahashi closed the distance. Without any verbal exchange, he cupped his hands around Kato’s face and placed a sweet little kiss on Kato’s lips. That familiar electric discharge danced around Kato’s mouth. Takahashi pulled back.

“There. You’re caught up. Let’s go,” Takahashi said as he turned.

“What!” Kato exclaimed. “That’s it?”

Takahashi stood there with his back to Kato. “Yup. You got your one for the day.”

“Bullshit!” Kato said as he ran around to stand before Takahashi. “I want more.”

Takahashi smirked. “Then take it,” he said as he continued to stand there.

Suddenly, Kato felt bashful at the thought of initiating a kiss with Takahashi. His faulty memory scrambled in an attempt to remember if he had ever initiated a kiss. He came up with nothing on such short notice and assumed it was Takahashi who always kissed first. He started to fidget a little and his cheeks warmed up a bit.

Takahashi didn’t move, but in a voice like a public service announcement, he said, “Class will start any minute now. This limited time offer is about to expire—”

As Takahashi was about to finish his PSA, Kato panicked at the thought of time running out and he quickly moved in and places his lips against Takahashi’s, interrupting him. Takahashi kissed back and placed his hands on Kato’s waist. Kato still wanted more so he hinted with his tongue that he wanted in as he also put his hands on Takahashi’s sides. This caused Takahashi to grant him access. After a minute of feeling around Takahashi’s mouth, Kato needed to come up for air. He broke free and started breathing heavily.

Takahashi laughed. “Damn, you need to learn to kiss and breathe or you’re gonna suffocate yourself.”

Kato smiled. “I guess I need more practice.”

“Let’s go, silly.” Takahashi pointed at the door and Kato turned and walked back to class. Kato felt all warm and fuzzy inside.


After the bell rang, there was still no teacher. Another five minutes passed before a very large, middle-aged, balding, white guy sauntered into the room. Kato was amazed at how fat the man was. He wasn’t especially tall, just morbidly obese. He had short cropped hair with black framed glasses and wore a tweed suit.

Kato heard some whispering from the students but couldn’t make it any of it out. The class leader led the class through the formalities and the teacher introduced himself as Mr. Monahan, the new English teacher. Kato was a bit surprised that he didn’t have a religious title, such as Father, Deacon, or anything else.

“First, a little about myself,” the teacher said as he leaned against the desk and spoke in perfect Japanese, albeit with a noticeable accent. “I’m Catholic but not ordained. I’m not a priest and I don’t have a title, so call me Mr. Monahan, or sensei is fine too. I’m fat because I love food and balding because I have kids.” The students snickered at the teacher’s jokes.

“I’m originally from America but I’ve travelled the world and spent many years in Japan, eventually marrying and staying here. I will do my best to help you learn English.”

The teacher paused and turned to the whiteboard to grab a marker. Then he turned and said, “Now, I know you already know each other. I won’t make you do introductions, but what I want you to do is copy the questions that I will write on the board to a blank piece of paper and then answer them in English. Please write your name on the assignment and turn it in at the end of class. Remember, everything must be in English.”

He turned and began to write a series of English questions on the board. Kato jotted them down. He could read and understand the questions, but he knew the challenge was to think of the answers in English and write them down.

After the teacher finished writing the questions, he turned and said, “You have until the end of class to finish the assignment. Each answer must be at least 3 complete sentences. Start now. If you have any questions, please feel free to approach my desk.” He then sat down at the desk and Kato snickered to himself as he heard the poor office chair squeal in agony as the large man sat in it. The teacher then began filing through a bunch of papers on the desk.

The assignment was as hard as Kato feared, but he did finish it before class ended. The teacher had all the students hand him their assignments and then he left as the bell rang.




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