TUMBT : Chapter II – 17

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

As he passed through the garden path, Mu Xueshi took a few glances into the grass and found that there was still no trace of the so-called oriole orchid. Mu Xueshi sighed heavily.

With the Third Prince’s ability, as long as he agrees to look for it, the silver coin could definitely be found. If the oriole orchid does not bloom this month, then he had to wait until next month. If the case of Imperial Tutor Mu would be solved, then there was no need for Mu Xueshi to stay. When that moment comes, even if he hates parting with the Third Prince, he would still tell the truth to the Third Prince and ask the Third Prince to help him go back home.

After feeling sad for a few moments, Mu Xueshi quickly adjusted his mood and steadfastly ran toward the bedchamber. Even if he feels sorry for the Third Prince, he still had to take his revenge. This and that were two different things and should be reckoned separately.

Because Mu Xueshi was going too fast, he abruptly bumped into someone’s bosom. He looked up and found Su Ruhan’s chiseled face.

Mu Xueshi hastily stood up straight and gave Su Ruhan courtesy. Then he crisply said: “This disciple pays his respects to Master. Greetings!”

Su Ruhan’s dashing eyebrows pointed up, which unintentionally made him show a complex expression. At this moment, Mu Xueshi thought that Su Ruhan was very young but mature. He looked like a twenty-year-old man but gave people a sense of the vicissitudes of life in middle age.

“A few days ago, in the Imperial Palace of Winter’s Verge, thank you for your preferential treatment.” Mu Xueshi looked at Su Ruhan’s serious expression. He bowed respectfully and waited nervously for Su Ruhan’s answer.

In the end, after Mu Xueshi’s waist became a bit sore, he had no choice but to raise his head. He discovered that Su Ruhan had already disappeared.

Mu Xueshi was ignored again, and he felt gloomier. His resentment against the Third Prince shifted to Su Ruhan. He felt depressed and had nowhere to vent. Mu Xueshi made an uproar as he charged into the bedchamber. Not only did he want to seek revenge from the Third Prince, but he also wanted to treat the Third Prince as a punching bag so that he could air his grievances.

Halfway through, Mu Xueshi noticed that usually, no matter what time it was, there were always imperial guards standing at the door in the front courtyard and, occasionally, there would also be one or two maidservants shuttling in and out of the covered corridor with pastries, clothing, and other daily necessities in their hands…at this moment, it was surprisingly quiet. Except for Su Ruhan, who had suddenly appeared here, the rest of the personnel had disappeared without leaving a trace.

When Mu Xueshi opened the door to the bedchamber, the Third Prince was sitting beside the table, writing. There was a piece of clothing on the tabletop and a pair of shoes was placed underneath the table. Mu Xueshi originally thought of letting loose a torrent of curses directly, but seeing the Third Prince creasing his eyebrows, he involuntarily swallowed back all of his curses.

In the end, all of the harsh words that he had been continuously formulating were cast aside and could not be uttered. After standing at the doorway for a few moments, he cleared his throat and he only uttered an insignificant statement.

“What happen to the maidservants outside?”

The Third Prince did not want to tell him that he came back earlier to dismiss the servants because he did not want others to see Mu Xueshi’s true face. Therefore, when he was faced with Mu Xueshi’s suspicion, the Third Prince could only choose to be reticent.

Mu Xueshi ferociously kicked the stool and shouted: “Why are none of you willing to answer me? Previously, I was ignored, and now, too. Am I that annoying?”

After that, Mu Xueshi clenched his jaw and bit his lips. He quickly looked for a stool and sat down. After that, he raised his white feet up. His gorgeous little face was filled with agony.

The Third Prince noticed the look on Mu Xueshi’s face. He felt his heart tighten and he could not help but look at Mu Xueshi’s feet.

Mu Xueshi saw that the Third Prince was looking at him, so he immediately pretended not to care in the least bit. After coldly snorting a few times, he turned around and sat with his back toward the Third Prince. He was determined that since the Third Prince was not willing to talk to him, then he would never take the initiative to talk to him again in the future.



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