BMHS : Chapter 34.1 – I’ll carry you on my back to see our ancestors

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, chiangyushien

Proofreader: Zeraphiel25

Yan Sui wanted to get up, but he could not get up because Meng Ting was guarding him. He could only point at the sofa beside him and say, “Please have a seat.”

Yan Manjia looked at him for a while. Although she was not willing to, she had no other choice but to sit down as Yan Sui said.

“How stingy! Even a kiss isn’t allowed.”

When she spoke like this, Meng Ting’s eyes widened even more, but he could not think of any particularly powerful rebuttals.

A kiss was truly harmless, but he still did not want his Yan Sui to kiss others.

“How long are you planning to be back this time?” Yan Sui did not give Yan Manjia the chance to pester Meng Ting endlessly about this topic for too long. Although he was not as angry as Zhen Han, but considering Yan Manjia’s behavior, he also could not have too much respect and closeness to her. That attitude toward her was basically slightly better than his manner toward He Wan.

Yan Manjia shifted her gaze and leaned back. She crossed her right foot over her left. Her laugh gradually stopped and changed into a faint elegant smile, then she said, “Both of you and Han Han are at home. I’ve always wanted to come back and now‘s the time. It’s your wedding. How could I miss it?”

Yan Manjia’s words were somewhat sincere, but such sincerity came a little late. Yan Sui did not need it. Zhen Han did not need it either.

“I came back a day earlier, don’t you even have a pleasantly surprised look for Aunty? What a bad boy!”

When he was young, he looked sophisticated. After he had grown up, he immediately became an old-fashioned man. She had looked at Yan Sui for such long time, but could not fathom more or less what Yan Sui’s feelings were. He was really difficult to deal with.

When Yan Manjia looked at Meng Ting again, the look on her face softened in an instant, “Nephew-in-Law, it must’ve been really boring to follow Sui Sui.”

Surprised, Meng Ting glanced at her, then he shook his head determinedly, “No, Yan Sui‘s very nice. He’s very well-behaved. Don’t say anything bad about Yan Sui.”

Yan Manjia froze, then she could not bear but to start laughing heartily. No elegance and pride could be seen anymore. The beautiful woman was about to fall down from laughing hysterically, “Well-behaved my ass. How can this black-hearted man become well-behaved?”

If he really was well-behaved, he would be trapped badly by He Wan. How could he have such an indifferent look like this now? However, Meng Ting stood up for Yan Sui’s appearance. Meng Ting was so adorable. She was somewhat addicted to teasing him.

Meng Ting looked at Yan Sui then turned to look at her with a more serious look on his face, “I don’t care. In any case, my Yan Sui‘s very nice.”

“Hahaha!” Yan Manjia laughed again when she heard these words. Both of the men, who were not laughing, just looked at her. She laughed to her heart’s content, and after that, she stopped.

“Our family’s Sui Sui’s luck is really pretty good.”

Before meeting Meng Ting, she was rather worried, but after seeing the boy, she felt that it was Yan Sui who benefited. Where else could he get the chance to meet such a pure and sincere child so easily?

Yan Sui grasped Meng Ting’s hand and caressed it, then he replied to Yan Manjia’s words, “It‘s pretty good.” He could form ties with Meng Ting. He was, indeed, very lucky. Otherwise, if they would not be able to meet, then their suitable and predestined relationship would not be able to begin as well, let alone loving each other.

Yan Sui calmly admitted it, so she did not carry on with this topic anymore. She looked up and sized up the Yans’ residence’s living room. She could not help but sigh and say, “Nothing’s changed in this house.”

Yan Sui stopped looking at Meng Ting’s hand for a moment and looked up. He answered, “Grandpa and Grandma have passed away. Their graves are in Nanshan. You can tell Uncle Xiao if you want to go there.”

The scenery remained the same but the people had changed. How come it did not change?

When these words came out, Yan Manjia eventually became silent, but she was not reticent for long. She nodded and made an incomprehensible humming sound.

After coming back, she had always wanted to go there, but this topic was too hard to talk about for Yan Sui and her. She withdrew her wandering eyes and asked Yan Sui, “What about Han Han? Isn’t he with you guys?” She said. The sorrow that flashed through her eyes was completely gone. She embraced her arms and proudly said, “That silly boy thought that he could block me. I didn’t have any choice but to look up his information.”

“Hey, tell me which bastard did you manage to plant inside?” Zhen Han’s voice emerged from the large doorway. His complexion was dark and incomparably heavy. He walked closer, step by step, as if wanting to fight with someone. He did not need Yan Manjia to reply. He continued to sneer and said, “It was already hard wearing down your thick skin on that Xiao bastard and you even dare using that attitude here! Your face is quite thick. You’re not welcome here. Get out!”

Originally, Zhen Han only could not tolerate Yan Manjia living in the old residence, but after seeing that she had acted and spoke as if nothing happened, he felt that her steps on the old residence’s floor alone made people anxious.

“Get out of here. Don’t you understand human language?”

Zhen Han does not beat up women; otherwise, he would have really wanted to take the place of the deceased old couple to lecture this extremely unfilial daughter.

Yan Manjia had anticipated that this kind of scene would happen since she did not return to her homeland in the past, and yet, when she really encountered it, she still felt hurt in her heart.

“Han Han…”

“Han Han my foot. Is that all you can call me? Besides giving birth to me, what else have you done?”

Zhen Han had grown up to this point and spent half of his time abroad, but this foreign land was so big and he did not live together with Yan Manjia. She had pursued her love and it goes without saying that she had not taken him into her consideration. If it were not for his grandparents, if it not for Yan Sui, he would not even have this dandy look right now.

He was really rebellious. He really needed guidance. When he really needed care, Yan Manjia was completely out of the picture. She managed giving birth to him, but she did not care about raising him. What kind of mother was she!?

Without doubt, Zhen Han also did not feel that it was regrettable. Yan Manjia was only a weirdo in his eyes. If she had taught him about life, he would have had a twisted look.

Meng Ting looked at Zhen Han who was agitated and looked at Yan Manjia who was dejected. He was aware that he did not have the right to open his mouth, but he had firmly grasped on to Yan Sui’s arm. Obviously, he was somewhat unaccustomed to this intense confrontation.

He was just somewhat afraid that he would be affected by this for no reason. He was afraid that Yan Sui would be affected, too. Rhubarb and Furball also stayed close to Meng Ting. They could clearly sense his indisposition.

“Zhen Han.”

Yan Sui finally spoke, but he only called Zhen Han by his name.

Zhen Han looked at Yan Sui for a while and then closed his mouth unwillingly.

At the moment, Uncle Xiao walked down the staircase while holding something in his hands.

“The Old Master gave these to you.”

When Yan Sui said these words, Zhen Han glared at him, but he could not say anything. He could hate Yan Manjia, but he could not prevent the two deceased old couple leaving something behind for their daughter.

Since Yan Sui took this wooden box, it had not been opened again. It had always been placed in the two old couple’s room. Now that Yan Manjia came back, this box should be given to its rightful owner.

When she faced Yan Sui’s alienation, Yan Manjia still laughed and called him Sui Sui. She was not affected at all. When she faced Zhen Han’s interrogation, although she was sad, she calmly let it pass. However, when she received this wooden box, she could not hold back her tears. One after another, the teardrops fell down her face. Although, she was not crying hard like she was sobbing, it could be seen that she was not as unrestrained as she had shown.

In the end, why did she not return immediately to her homeland? She never talked about it with Yan Sui and Zhen Han before.

Zhen Han stood for a while, harrumphed, and left the living room. However, he did not go out of the Yans’ residence; instead, he went back to his room upstairs.

Yan Sui patted Meng Ting’s hand, let him stand up, and also took along their pets with them. They went back to their room, too.

In truth, even if Zhen Han was so angry, he and Yan Sui were waiting. They were waiting for Yan Manjia to give them the real and reasonable explanation.

Yan Manjia needed some time sorting out her emotions and decide whether she should say it or not. At this time, Zhen Han and Yan Sui were willing to give her time, but they would not give her too much.

Yan Sui took Meng Ting back to their room. He stayed quiet for a very long time. Yan Sui sat on the sofa and pondered about things while Meng Ting gently embraced him without talking or moving.

Obviously, this family was not as simple as what he saw and felt. There were also grievances, disputes, love, dislike, affection and hatred. However, even after knowing this, Meng Ting did not care much. He came here because he married Yan Sui and they wanted to live together and nothing more.

As for those matters that were far too complicated, if Yan Sui talks, he would listen to him. If Yan Sui keeps his mouth shut, he would not ask, too. There was nothing to be confused of.

“Eight years ago, on March, when Grandpa and Grandma were on their way back after visiting their old buddies in the eastern part of the city, they run up against a chain of traffic accidents. Their car fell off directly from the flyover. The driver and the bodyguard in the front seats were dead on the spot. Grandpa and Grandma were saved for half of the night. When I arrived, Grandpa could only say a few words while Grandma could not even open her eyes again.”

At that time, Yan Sui was really sad. He was able to have a normal childhood because of their protection. He had relatively stable and unrestrained time to grow, but by the time he was able to start repaying them, they unexpectedly passed away like that.

Yan Sui turned his head and noticed that Meng Ting was pressing closer and closer to his head. It had been eight years since this matter had happened. He was able to tell the whole story smoothly. However, what he said to Meng Ting was different from the simple narration that he gave others. He poured out everything to Meng Ting.

He spoke to Meng Ting with a touch of sadness and remorse.

“Zhen Han was really close with Grandma. When he heard the news, he almost collapsed. He kept giving Aunty a call for the whole night. Even though he couldn’t get through, he still kept on calling her…”

It was not like Zhen Han wanted Yan Manjia to come back, but he felt that before his grandparents were cremated, they would want their daughter to come back and see them. A few days before that incident, Grandma intentionally nagged Zhen Han, “When will our Manjia come back?”

However, up until their bodies were cremated and the funeral was done, Yan Manjia still had not come back. When she called back Zhen Han, he already blocked her number. After that, she called Yan Sui, and after she had found out about the situation, she was taciturn for a long time, she did not say anything and hung up the call like that.

Nevertheless, the replacement process of the person in power in their family was not as smooth and steady as what outsiders thought. Even though Yan Sui grew up with elite education at an early age, he was only twenty years old during that time. He had only been dealing with the Yans’ business for less than a year after he graduated from college.

After he took over as the head of the family, he worked hard for three consecutive years and he almost regarded his office as his home. He became steadier each day, became more serious each day, and became more taciturn each day.



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    1. There must be something holding her up at that time. But she truly is a bad mom and a bad daughter too, way before the incident. The Grandma had said close before incident; when will she comes back? That means she had long left and didn’t visit and left her child for the care of her old parents. Which filial daughter did that? It is justified for Zhen Han to feel distance towards this mother in name only, and her not even coming back when they are in the hospital or even cremated is making it worse for Zhen Han because although it is coincidence but he must felt he disappointed his grandmother since he is unable to fulfill her last wish. Death claim without warning. That is why you should stay close or in frequent contact (call or visit) towards those you truly care, and this aunt seems to never did any of it. The regret the dead feels, will be bring with them to death. But the regret the living feels, might morphed into many kinds emotions like Zhen Han (hatred), Yan Sui (indifferent), Yan Manjia (nah, I don’t know since she keeps brushing off everything with laugh). I hope her explanation later will at least be acceptable for her to had missed sending off those that had birthed her and thinking of her in their last breath.

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  1. This woman left pursuing her lover, and then didn’t come back for a long time. And now she says she was worried about Yan Sui’s marriage? She has no right. Whatever reason she had to not come back, she could have explained herself at least.

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