Jubo : Text 035. Express Mail and a Major Event

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: SyKim5

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower

The sun in July was much hotter than in June. Wang Cheng, who had lived in the mountains from a young age, did not adapt to the weather well in the city. However, he still had to adapt to it yet.

From the moment he got in and out of the bus, he was already hot and somewhat disorientated. He was thinking about a critical matter. He was thinking whether he should find a free driver or go back to take the examination for him to get a driving license.

When he arrived at the company, Wang Cheng was keenly aware that the atmosphere in the company was somewhat different.

Tang Sisi unexpectedly arrived at the company earlier than him. Was he late? Wang Cheng turned and looked at the clock on the wall. He was not late. She was really early this time.

Wang Cheng returned to his seat. He touched the edge of the desk with his fingers, and he glimpsed at the supplies on top of it. His face did not look different, but a single thread of astonishment flashed through his heart. Someone had moved his things.

Tang Sisi seemed to be the most suspicious one, but she seemed to have no reason to move his things. Who could it be? When he thought about it carefully, he felt that he had made a mountain out of a molehill. Nothing had been lost. It may have been the case that Li Yu came to him to find some information and flipped over his things a moment ago.

In the afternoon, a courier delivered a shipment to the company.

Tang Sisi happened to have gone to the tea room at this time and was not at the front desk. Wang Cheng, who was passing by, had to sign for the receipt. Reading the name of the recipient, he was surprised to find that it was for him, but the sender’s name was unknown.

Wang Cheng was puzzled. He was not familiar with this person. Why should he send him an express mail? He wanted to open it on the spot and take a look at what was inside before signing the receipt. As a matter of fact, the courier‘s complexion changed.

“Sir, what are you doing?”

“Can’t I open it to see what’s inside before signing the receipt?” Wang Cheng looked at him with dismay.

“This…”The courier was at a loss for words.

“Can’t I?” Wang Cheng asked once again.

“You can’t. Could you please sign it for me as quickly as possible? I’m really pressed for time. I still need to deliver the next express mail.” The courier seemed to remember something and immediately responded.

Wang Cheng smiled. He paused for quite a while and leisurely looked at the express mail. “Are you kidding me? Isn’t delivering the express mail your job? Do you want me to accommodate you? Also, why can’t I look before signing the express mail? Although I‘ve never bought anything online, even an idiot would know that something from an unknown sender shouldn’t carelessly signed. You’re so anxious asking me to sign this express mail. Do you have any hidden motives?”

The courier’s complexion became very ugly by what he said, then he made an action that Wang Cheng did not expect. He directly ran away right after grabbing the express mail and it was right on time when the elevator door opened. By the time Wang Cheng looked over, he had already taken the elevator down.

“What happened?” Tang Sisi came over with a cup of tea. The smile on her face was much more confident than in the past few days. It was unknown whether it was because she had accepted what happened previously or because of something else.

“Nothing.” Wang Cheng did not want to tell her too much.

Tang Sisi looked at his departing figure. She suddenly frowned, returned to her position and made a phone call.

Wang Cheng did not want to keep this express mail issue to himself any further. When Zhang Yiheng came to find him, he immediately told him about this matter. The courier’s behavior was a strange one. He did not want to be schemed by anyone.

Zhang Yiheng said that he did not have to worry about it. They could check the origin of this express mail and it was also monitored almost everywhere in Changhe Building. It was quite easy to determine who this person was.

Wang Cheng thought so, too. They would be able to see the name of that courier company and soon afterwards, he could also file a complaint. It was already time to clock out.

Today, just like before, he was not able to get a free ride. All of a sudden, something strange happened. Just as he was about to enter the Tranquil Community, he met a strange uncle who suddenly rushed over and said a few strange words to him, then ran away. He really did not understand what the other person said. The uncle was like a foreigner who spoke English, coming up to him, to a person who did not understand English at all.

By the time the next day comes, he would find out the reason.

Fang Tian suddenly hurried inside, holding a newspaper while yelling the bad news, “Our project has been exposed!”

Wang Cheng heard this. It was really a major event.

Hua Ying Real Estate was at the heart of the struggle. Quite a few real estate companies were waiting to catch their pigtail or watch them become a laughing stock. Now that this was happening, they would definitely spare no effort attacking their company. The scenic spot had not been built yet. When the time comes, the plan may be aborted because it might get affected by this.

Merchants are profit-seeking and they could suppress their opponents in a profit-free manner. This kind of thing was very commonly seen in this industry. Therefore, if one did not have the background, backing, or money, luck would absolutely be out of the question. Just like Wang Cheng’s big brother, Wang Ning’an. He had the ability and the brains, but his company was still shut down because of the business tycoons. This was the reality.

Not long after, everyone in the company gathered in the conference room, including Wang Cheng and Tang Sisi.

After they all arrived, Chu Yifeng arrived also.



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