S&OP : Chapter 13 – The Unavoidable Confrontation of the Rivals at the Hospital

Author: Su Youbing

Translator: EXandros

Proofreader: KainGuru

After consulting the doctor and getting permission to leave the hospital, Xiao Bai helped Jia Zhiqing go through the formalities to get discharged.

When Jia Zhiqing left, he was quite reluctant. “Sigh, you don’t know this but the sister on the opposite bed is a beauty, has a good temperament, polite, and a reporter.” When he said this, he paused for a moment then he continued with a tone filled with grief and indignation, “If only I’ve met her when I was still working at the insurance company, then it would’ve been fine.”

Xiao Bai hailed a taxi and called him to get in, then he wondered and asked, “Why do you have to meet her when you were working at the insurance company?”

“Because Gao Qin said that from the moment we stepped into this line of business, the reporters are our natural enemy!” He clenched his fist and looked ahead with eyes filled with water.

The taxi driver suddenly turned his head and said: “Are you guys working undercover? If not, then why are you so afraid of being exposed to reporters?”

Xiao Bai pointed ahead anxiously, “Look carefully at the road.”

“No problem. I’ve been driving for more than thirty years, and I’ve never had…” Before the taxi driver could even finish his words, he heard Jia Zhiqing yell in horror: “Watch out!”


——Today was the day when he gets ‘deflowered’ for not causing an accident for more than thirty years.

As the driver was dealing with the rear-end incident, Xiao Bai and Jia Zhiqing [1] paid the fare and directly went back to the hospital.

([1] It was originally written as Gao Qin instead of Jia Zhiqing, which may have been a typo since Gao Qin was not at the scene at that time. We changed it to Jia Zhiqing to fit the scenario.)

When they were on the way back to the hospital, Jia Zhiqing covered his forehead with his hand as he bumped it on the car window and sadly said: “I hate the hospital and I hate the way they detain their patients more!”

Xiao Bai said with justice: “It’s you who wanted to come.”

Although it was a rear-end incident, at the crucial moment, the taxi driver had fully exerted his thirty years worth of driving experience and excellent quality, stepping on the brakes and turning the steering wheel in one go. Therefore, even if the rear of the taxi was broken, it was not that serious.

Jia Zhiqing let go of his hand, pointed at the big bump on his head and said: “This injury’s already so serious. It’s quite possible that there’ll be things like an internal injury.”

Xiao Bai measured him with his eyes and slowly said: “…actually, you still want to see that beautiful reporter, right?”

Jia Zhiqing was surprised: “How come your brain wasn’t this fast in the past?”

Xiao Bai raised his neck slightly and gave him a sidelong glance, “Because I’m making progress, you’re standing still.”

Jia Zhiqing beamed and stroked the top of Xiao Bai’s head, “Shorty really needs to work harder.”

After calling the company to report that he had suffered a brave startling delay for the second time, Jia Zhiqing found himself poking a hornet’s nest.

“Xiao Bai, aren’t you going to register?”

Xiao Bai looked at the door, “I’m a shorty, can’t reach the counter.”

Jia Zhiqing pointed at the children who were helping their mothers register.

Xiao Bai continued pretending like he did not see it.

The height of one meter sixty-five was his biggest pain, but Jia Zhiqing actually used this to make fun of him…it was too much! Absolutely unforgivable.

Jia Zhiqing pretended to be pitiful and said: “I’m a disabled person now.”

Xiao Bai went overboard, “I’m an unscrupulous friend now.”

Jia Zhiqing found that Xiao Bai’s vocabulary had expanded since he participated in the program ‘To the Cheap Enemy.’ “Do you need me to call ‘To the Cheap Enemy’ to complain and give you guys more topics to discuss?”

“If you don’t mind becoming a target of public criticism, then sure.”



When Aaron Feng arrived, Jia Zhiqing and Xiao Bai were still sitting in the hospital lobby feeling peeved. Several people sitting around them were laughing as they watched their lively bickering.

“Zhiqing.” Aaron Feng’s cap and sunglasses could almost be used as a gas mask.

Xiao Bai raised his head and was just about to say hello when Jia Zhiqing abruptly covered his mouth.

“Bro, why did you come here?”

Aaron Feng laughed with satisfaction.

The reason why he called Jia Zhiqing instead of Xiao Bai was because he did not want to attract other’s attention.

“I heard that you had another car accident, so I came to visit.” He looked at the big bump on Jia Zhiqing’s forehead. “It’s more decent this time than last time. At least it only left a small mark.”

Jia Zhiqing grievously said: “Bro, he doesn’t want to help me register. How about if you help me…”

After he finished speaking, Xiao Bai dashed to stand in line.

Aaron Feng sat on the seat where Xiao Bai sat earlier, “Did you bully him?”


Although separated by the thick sunglasses’ lenses, Jia Zhiqing clearly felt Aaron Feng’s persecuting gaze.

“Eh, I only said he’s a shorty.”

Aaron Feng replied: “He didn’t complain that you’re an ugly person, but you still complained that he’s a shorty?”

Ugly person?

The corners of Jia Zhiqing’s mouth slightly twitched.

Well, his face was a lot worse compared to Aaron Feng and Xiao Bai, but…in any case, it was still better than Yimate’s boss, Ma Rui. At least the corners of his eyes and mouth were not as deep as the crow’s feet! Saying that he looked ordinary and would be forgotten once looked over was okay, but he was not so ugly.

Until Xiao Bai came back, he was still entangled in comparing his looks with Ma Rui’s and he firmly believed that his looks should be regarded as mediocre.

Aaron Feng patted Xiao Bai shoulder and said: “I’ve already avenged you.”

Xiao Bai was confused.

A little girl beside them ran over excitedly, “Excuse me. Are you Aaron Feng?”

Aaron Feng lowered his voice and said: “No.”

The little girl was not giving up, “But you look…”

“My brother’s filming. He’s very busy.” Aaron Feng coughed, “I’m a bit uncomfortable. I’ll go up first.”

Looking at his receding figure nonchalantly walking upstairs, Xiao Bai blankly asked: “So this works, too?”

Jia Zhiqing ruefully replied: “He’s not the most popular actor for nothing.”

Jia Zhiqing was nervous as the general physical checkup started. In any case, whether he would undergo the checkup or not, the company could reimburse it.

Xiao Bai, under Aaron Feng’s pressure, had no choice but to stop for a while.

After the checkup, Xiao Bai walked out and found that there was an uproar at the stairway entrance at the end of the corridor.

Jia Zhiqing stood nervously in front of Aaron Feng, blocking the crowds.

“What’s wrong?” Xiao Bai asked curiously.

Jia Zhiqing was annoyed and said: “I just met the beautiful reporter in the corridor and said hello. Maybe she’s seen through Aaron’s disguise, and now she brought her troops to go into battle.”

Aaron Feng stroked his forehead, “With such a good imagination, you should become a screenwriter.”

Jia Zhiqing was astounded so he turned around, “Is it not?”

“If they were reporters, they wouldn’t be on a grand scale like this. Reporters only want to be low-key and do stealth business. It’s not the criminal underworld, yet they still brought their troops to go into battle. Do you owe loan sharks money?”

Jia Zhiqing touched the back of his head, “Then what’s going on?”

Aaron Feng touched his chin and said: “I suddenly feel very uncomfortable.”

Xiao Bai hurriedly said: “Then go and do the checkup. It’s just next door.”

Aaron Feng shook his head and said: “Usually this kind of discomfort happens only when that guy shows up.”

“Which guy is that guy?” Just when Jia Zhiqing asked, the answer to his question automatically came out from the stairway entrance.

Yan Su’ang was surrounded by the crowd. He was handsome and upright like a strong bamboo facing the wind.

No matter how the crowd and fans chased him, he just maintained a shallow smile.

Jia Zhiqing looked at him, then turned to look at Aaron Feng, who was tightly covered, and sighed.

Compared to this matter, there was a time when it was so distinct.

As he probably saw Xiao Bai, Yan Su’ang suddenly stopped. He turned around and said, “I came for a friend here. Please give me some quiet space. As for autographs and photos, please wait for the autograph session for further talks.”

After saying that, he ignored the people’s gazes and walked away by himself.

The nurse, who was foolishly standing there, was suddenly patted by Yan Su’ang on his shoulder, so he bravely dashed ahead regardless of the perils and used his own flesh and blood to ward off the raging sea of faces.

Yan Su’ang walked over in front of Xiao Bai, bent over, pushed aside his bangs, and softly said: “Did you get hurt anywhere?”

Aaron Feng took Xiao Bai by the arm and pulled him behind him. He whispered: “How did you know that Xiao Bai’s here?”

Yan Su’ang hid his indignation in the bottom of his heart and said with a smile: “Because I have a good relationship with Gao Qin recently.”

“Oh really?” Aaron Feng sneered again and again, “Is it possible that you’re preparing to jump from your nest to Yimate?”

Yan Su’ang looked at Xiao Bai and his smile deepened a little, “Why not?”

“Oh, then I’ll let A-FIVE make room for you in the dressing room.” A-FIVE was also their junior, a new group who had just debuted.

“You don’t have to worry about it. If I’ll really go to Yimate, Ma Rui and Gao Qin…they’ll prepare everything that I want for me.” Yan Su’ang laughed and decided to calm himself down.

Aaron Feng took off his sunglasses.

Their eyes were like sharp daggers clashing in the air.

Xiao Bai blankly said: “Yan Su’ang, do you want to move to our company?”

Jia Zhiqing, who was not in the mood, said: “Then there’d be a world war every day.”

Xiao Bai tugged his sleeve, “I’m thirsty. Let’s go and buy something to drink.”

Jia Zhiqing looked at the hand on his sleeve and was overjoyed. Xiao Bai’s temper was really ‘easy come, easy go.’

Yan Su’ang, who was in the middle of confrontation, suddenly turned his head and said: “I’ll accompany you.”

Aaron Feng took a step forward and stopped him: “Xiao Bai’s my junior. It should be me who’ll accompany him.”

Yan Su’ang turned his head and looked at Xiao Bai with a smile: “We’re fellow sufferers.”

“Boyfriends [2]?” Jia Zhiqing’s complexion changed.

([2] 难友 or “fellow sufferers” and 男友 or “boyfriends” are homophones/have the same pronunciation.)

Aaron Feng rolled his eyes, “It’s ‘fellow sufferers.’ Friends who went through hard times together.”

Xiao Bai looked at Aaron Feng, then looked at Yan Su’ang, and finally decided: “Then you two go together. Two bottles of mineral water.” After that, he took out two coins from his pocket and said, “Buy the one that costs one RMB each.”

Aaron Feng and Yan Su’ang looked at the two coins on his palm. Their faces were full of black lines and no one answered.

Jia Zhiqing rolled his eyes and grabbed Xiao Bai’s hand back, “Oh, they’re thirsty, too. They’ll help us bring them back while they’re at it. Right, Brother Aaron, Great God?”

Aaron Feng glanced at Yan Su’ang, then stepped forward.

Yan Su’ang whispered to Xiao Bai: “Behave and wait until I come back.”

After that, they walked away. Jia Zhiqing whispered: “Xiao Bai, do you feel that…Great God’s attitude toward you is unusual?”

This was the so-called ‘one who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions.’ No matter how one would look at it, the Great God was too…attentive. To put it simply, he was like currying favor with a wife who was in confinement after giving birth.

Xiao Bai said: “Brother Aaron said that he’s a big bad wolf.”

Jia Zhiqing seemed to be lost in his thoughts, “Big bad wolf?”

“Yeah, and it was the kind that doesn’t eat human flesh.”

Jia Zhiqing looked at Xiao Bai and said meaningfully: “Then, I know what he wants to eat.”

“What does he want to eat?”

“Little white rabbits.”

“How did you know Brother Aaron’s exact answer?”

“…” It seems that you’re the only one who doesn’t know.



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  1. Jeongipoom Deer

    Thanks for the chapter. This story is comedy gold. I love a MC that is naive, but not in an infuriating way, rather in an endearing one. Xiao Bai for the win!


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