TUMBT : Chapter II – 18

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: chiangyushien

Proofreader: Zeraphiel25

“This clothes is what you wore on the day of your sentence!”


Just when Mu Xueshi let out a sound, he realized that he had broken his own rules, so he quickly closed his mouth and pretended to be indifferent.

Seeing the anger and frustration in Mu Xueshi’s face, the Third Prince naturally wanted to laugh. He had already predicted Mu Xueshi’s every action and move. Mu Xueshi was a very simple man, and because of this, the Third Prince could easily control his emotions.

“If Young Master Xue isn’t interested, then I won’t say anything more.”

Mu Xueshi snorted and decided to give the Third Prince a little bit of facial expression this time. He held his back toward the Third Prince for a while, but he could not help it. His little head slowly moved. He was secretly trying to look back to shoot a glance at the Third Prince.

As a result, this glance was nothing serious. Just when he turned his head, he was met with the Third Prince’s face. The expression in the Third Prince’s eyes was so deep that he could not see what was at the bottom, while the expression in Mu Xueshi’s eyes was clear and moving. Their eyes came into contact. Mu Xueshi yielded first. He snorted and quickly rushed to the side, then he bitterly said, “Don’t get me wrong. I’m very strong.”

The Third Prince sneered a few times and handed over something to Mu Xueshi. Mu Xueshi looked at it closely. It was actually the clothes that the Third Prince was studying earlier.

“Put it on!” the Third Prince ordered.

Mu Xueshi refused to comply. He turned his head and ignored the Third Prince.

At first, the Third Prince wanted to be angry, but seeing Mu Xueshi’s handsome face, he could not get angry. He did not want to waste too much words, so he took Mu Xueshi’s clothes off with force and changed them into the clothes that had been put aside for a long time. Although this clothes had not been taken cared of for more than a month, it still emitted a burst of delicate fragrance.

Even so, Mu Xueshi did not say a word and let the Third Prince do it. No matter how rough the Third Prince’s actions were, Mu Xueshi clenched his teeth firmly and did not say anything unnecessary.

His stubbornness that was hard to maintain was dissipated by the Third Prince’s next words.

“This is more like you!” said the Third Prince gently.

This time, even if Mu Xueshi talked, he did not know what to say. He did not expect that the only thing that the Third Prince brought back from the Imperial Tutor’s manor was this. It was the thing that could remind him of his memories, and it could make the previous Mu Xueshi appear in front of him because the Third Prince did not like the present him. If he did not carry this identity, the Third Prince would not want to get close to him.

It was meandering and circuitous, but it was because he was Mu Xueshi that all these favors came one after another. He regarded the Third Prince as the most important person besides Mama Chen, but this person did not even know who he really was.

The Third Prince noticed that after Mu Xueshi wore this clothes, even his temperament changed. The expression on his face became stiffer and colder, and the indifference in his eyes became more apparent. Somehow, when the Third Prince saw Mu Xueshi like this, there was a sense of fear that he had not seen for a long time, just like when he was dreaming of Lin Yue being arrested when he was a child.

All of his cheeky smile, funny and playful manner from a moment ago, had changed just because of a set of attire and disappeared without a trace.

Mu Xueshi was resting his head and closing his eyes, but he was wide awake and did not fall asleep. Everything that had happened on that day and night, played on repeat in his mind over and over again. The warmth when they were riding a horse, the shyness of the bath, the loneliness beside the table…every scene was as magnificent and surreal as a dream.

Mu Xueshi preferred that everything was only a dream, and when he woke up, he would find himself lying in his house, then he would go to school with a messy hair and ugly face like before. Or he had already died by the lakeside when he lost his way; that this was just his own imagination…

Mu Xueshi realized that he began to envy his former simple-minded days. Although he was often beaten, when he turned away, he would forget it and he could still laugh heartily without the slightest scruple. Now with a very few words, he could knock his nice dreams into pieces. He felt that he had never been tired like this before. He really wanted to scream in his heart: “I want to continue being simple-minded.” Unfortunately, after the roar, another sarcastic reply came back, “You’re just day-dreaming…”

Mu Xueshi took a deep breath and tried to move a little outward, to sleep a little farther away from the Third Prince. In the end, his chest suddenly became tight. The Third Prince’s powerful arms pulled Mu Xueshi back at once and pressed him tightly on his chest. Mu Xueshi closed his eyes. He felt warm with these extravagant hopes.



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