BMHS : Chapter 34.2 – I’ll carry you on my back to see our ancestors

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung

Proofreader: Zeraphiel25

From an outsider’s point of view, Yan Sui had been firmly in control of the Yans for eight years; however, for Yan Sui, each day and night during those eight years—how many difficulties, hardships, and calculations did Yan Sui have to deal with?This was his normal condition during those eight years.

“Zhen Han wasn’t angry for himself. He was angry on behalf of our grandparents.”

Yan Sui finished speaking, there was a little anger that spilled out of his eyes.

Meng Ting, who had been quietly listening to his story, no longer held the man in his arms. He straddled over and finally sat on Yan Sui’s lap once again. After that, he embraced Yan Sui and rested his head on his shoulder, while patting Yan Sui’s back gently. He did not say anything to console the man. He could not think of any word that was suitable.

However, he could sympathize with Yan Sui’s feelings—that sad feeling—it made Meng Ting feel sorry for him. He wanted to hug Yan Sui and console him like this.

Zhen Han could vent on Yan Manjia and could vent on Yan Sui, but Yan Sui could not do the same. He took over the family and he did not have the qualifications to be reckless and willful. He was also angry, he was also sad, but he could not show it.

He needed to suppress them so much so that he could be in a state of absolute rationality. There was no doubt that Yan Sui really went through hardships. However, at this moment, he received sympathy from Meng Ting. It had been a long time since he received sympathy that could make people moved.

Yan Sui embraced Meng Ting back gently. His looks softened a little. He rubbed Meng Ting’s nape and whispered, “I don’t feel sad anymore.”

“You’re lying,” Meng Ting stated what he felt with a muffled voice, “You obviously still feel sad.”

Yan Sui smiled helplessly and rested his chin on Meng Ting’s shoulder. He closed his eyes and did not speak anymore.

Yan Manjia did not know how long she had cried while holding the wooden box. When Yan Sui took Meng Ting down to have dinner, her eyes were red and the makeup on her face was also an awful mess. She went up to the third floor while carrying the wooden box in her arms. The room at the end of the corridor was her room. Nothing had changed at all, even the furnishings in her room. Everything had been preserved as it was during the prime of her life before she went abroad.

After she washed her face well and came out, it was right on time when she saw Zhen Han coming out of his room. Both mother and son looked at each other. Zhen Han angrily snorted once more, but he did not return to his room anymore; instead, he went downstairs. He did not do it for the sake of having dinner. He wanted to see Yan Sui and Meng Ting. He must not be roped in by Yan Manjia’s pitiful appearance.

Yan Manjia looked at Zhen Han’s receding figure for a little while, and only then did she follow him down. Four people sat down and the dishes are almost ready, too.

At the dining table, no one spoke and everyone was immersed in eating. Yan Sui had Meng Ting pick up some dishes for him and ate pretty well. As for Zhen Han and Yan Manjia, they somewhat lost their appetite.

When everyone had finished eating, Yan Sui opened his mouth and said, “Let’s go to the study.”

After all, the living room was not a good place to talk about serious matters. The best sound-proofed place in the whole house was the study.

Yan Sui said as he turned to look at Meng Ting. His tone softened a little, “You’re coming, too.”

Meng Ting nodded. He did not like the seriousness of the study, but he also told himself that Yan Sui’s study was different from other people’s study. Besides, that room also had the desk that Yan Sui asked his people to buy for Meng Ting. There was also a space that belonged to him.

The lights were on, the curtains were drawn back, and the sky was gradually getting darker, but the light in the study was still as bright as daytime.

There was also a sofa in front of the French windows in the study, which could sit four people. After Meng Ting sat down, he tried moving the sofa. Unfortunately, he could only change his idea.

Yan Sui swept away his gaze, moved away to his own seat, and reached out to Meng Ting. Meng Ting immediately got up and sat next to Yan Sui.

This two were inseparable and were an eyesore to others. Yan Manjia and Zhen Han thought so at the same time.

Yan Manjia and Zhen Han also sat down, and there was a long silence. Yan Manjia was thinking about what to say and Zhen Han was trying to restrain his temper.

About five minutes have passed before Yan Sui opened his mouth to break the silence, “Let’s talk.”

No need for exchanging greetings and no need for transition. He just spoke direct to the point.

When his words came out, both Meng Ting and Zhen Han looked at Yan Manjia. In their own standpoints, they could not figure out why Yan Manjia did not have time to return home and look at her deceased parents.

The light in Yan Manjia’s eyes gradually faded, her makeup was washed away, and the forceful personality that covered her facade was also gone.

“I suspected that my elder brother didn’t die.”

When she said this, the study was quiet. Yan Sui and Zhen Han did not expect this. She did not go back to her country and got someone, who should have died ages ago, involved in this matter.

“Although I’ve only seen his figure from the back, I’m sure that it’s my elder brother.”

Zhen Han looked at Yan Sui carefully. He knitted his eyebrows. After that, he looked at Yan Manjia once again and said, “Tell us more about it.”

“I went after Brother Xiao Zi in F Country…”

Xiao Zi was the ‘Xiao bastard [1]’ that Zhen Han referred to earlier. This was the first swear word that Zhen Han learned and used to refer to him.

([1] We made a correction about the Xiao slut in the previous chapter so please feel free to check it.)

He was the man that Yan Manjia really liked since she was a child. In the past few years, she had been chasing after him in the country until she went abroad. She had done crazy things for him. This Yan Family’s Miss’s face had been trampled on many times, but she was still not willing to give up.

More than twenty years ago, even Yan Manjia herself could not explain how she had gotten Zhen Han. Even if she gave birth to a child who was not Xiao Zi’s, she still did not give up her pursuit of love.

In M country where they settled, she heard that Xiao Zi had fled to F country with a woman. She came over to ‘display her strength’ but she did not see Xiao Zi; instead, she saw a familiar figure, which she thought she would never see again, in a flea market.

She shouted, “Elder Brother, Elder Brother! It’s me, Manjia!”

That one afternoon, she was looking for Xiao Zi in a flea market. While she was looking for that man like crazy, instead of seeing him, she saw the back of her older brother which seemed like only an illusion. However, she considered it once again and she really did not think that it was only her imagination. She went crazy for more than a month looking for her older brother in the whole city and even in neighboring villages and towns. She wanted to turn the world upside down to look for that man.

However, her older brother, Yan Sui’s father, Yan Yu, did not leave any traces at all. Yan Manjia had always been a person who did not know how to give up. When she could not find him in F Country, she continued expanding her range for the search. When she could not find him, she vowed not to rest.

Unfortunately, during that time, her parents met a traffic accident back home. When she heard the news, they had already died.

On one hand, there was her deceased parents who were still not placed in their coffins, and there was his older brother who had been regarded as ‘dead’ for so many years in the other. Yan Manjia chose to stay abroad. Between the dead and the living, she chose the one who might still be alive. She wanted to bring her older brother back and together, they would visit and kowtow in front of their parents’ graves.

“But he was gone. I’ve looked everywhere and I couldn’t find a trace of him again.” After so many years, sometimes she began to wonder if she was wrong or not, but she and Yan Yu grew up together. How could have she possibly misjudged it?

Yan Manjia said as she gnashed her teeth. If Yan Yu was right before her eyes now, she would have pounced on him and bite him a few times.

Zhen Han looked at Yan Manjia for a long time, then he humphed again and looked away. However, this humph was obviously less ‘angrier’ than before. After some time, he looked back at her again and said, “Why didn’t you say so before and make Yan Sui and I misunderstand you? Was it that amusing?”

He had been so angry all these years. Was it only an indifferent matter to Yan Manjia!?

With this in mind, he got angry once again.

Yan Manjia looked at Zhen Han and there was regret in her eyes. She sighed softly and said, “I’ve said it at that time, won’t I just make you more trouble? I can’t help you with anything, but I can inconvenience you guys for following me around.”

More importantly, she did not want to make Yan Sui disappointed. Naturally, Yan Yu was his biological father. It was impossible for him to pay no attention to his father.

As for Zhen Han, she was indeed not a good mother, but it did not mean that she did not love him at all. It was just that in the past few years, she valued her love more, but in the end, her love was all in vain.

“You’ve been searching for so many years, but have you let anyone know that you suspected that he wasn’t dead?” After Yan Sui quickly sorted out his thoughts, he interrupted the confrontation between the mother and the child, and asked this question.

When she heard him ask this, Yan Manjia turned to look at him and lightly shook her head, “No. I know what to say and what not to say. Because of this, I found it so hard.”

“Okay, also, you don’t need to worry about it, I’ll look into this matter.”

Eight years ago, Yan Sui’s position was not stable enough, not experienced enough, and not strong enough, but now, he was sufficient. When he said this, Yan Manjia nodded and had no objections.

She looked at Yan Sui and Meng Ting who were seated together, then she looked at Zhen Han once again, and heaved a sigh, “Sui Sui, I don’t know what difficulties my brother had, but he‘s a very good man.”

Maybe it would be hard for Yan Sui and Zhen Han to understand these difficulties as they did for her decision at that time. However, the fact was that if they could, they would never want to face such a choice.

Yan Sui did not nod and did not shake his head. His feelings for Yan Yu was very subtle. Whether he hated his father or not, he did not know, but he felt that quite a few matters had dragged on until today and should have a reasonable explanation.

“Don’t let Sister-in-Law know about this matter,” Yan Manjia did not want to mentioned He Wan. When she mentioned her, she was sullen and there was a little coldness in her eyes, “She almost forced my brother to ‘die.’”

Of course, there was some anger in her words, but only a little. He Wan was not only a more complicated matter for Yan Sui, but also for Yan Yu. It was because he was ‘dead’ that she passed her hatred on to Yan Sui.

Yan Sui nodded lightly. He looked at Yan Manjia and Zhen Han looked over as well. Yan Sui then said, “Everyone should come back and live here.”

This ‘everyone’ not only included Yan Manjia, but also Zhen Han. There were rooms that originally belonged to them in this residence. Zhen Han’s work place was near to this place, but he did not want to come back here previously because of Yan Manjia. Now that this matter had been clarified, he could come back and live here to make things more convenient for himself.



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  1. Jeongipoom Deer

    Thanks for the update. For such a fluffy story there is also so much mystery and intrigue. It’s interesting to start to get some clues and development. Also nice to see some bridges being mended. However, I am perfectly fine with burning all bridges that lead to He Wan!

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    1. chiangyushien

      Yan manjia chase after her love – brother xiao (brother here is the same like oppa in korean, it’s a dear name to the person she like)

      But when she was chasing after her love, she saw her brother – yan yu (sibling/blood brother) who is supposed to be dead

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  2. I for once thought the aunt is foolish. Between the dead and the alive she choose to persue to living one and obviously comes up with nothing. Its been eight years and apparently she only know now where their parents were buried. What the? She never visited their grave once in those eight years just because she dreamed of kowtowing towards the parents together with the brother that might or might not be her illusion?? (Of course for the plot, I bet it is her brother but). For eight years, the poor parents never get to ‘see’ their child, only their grandchildren visiting. Such sad tale.
    And I wonder who is the biological father if Zhen Han and what the heck went between He Wan and Yan Yu.


  3. I think that’s a pretty pathetic excuse. So What If she saw his ‘dead’ brother? If he faked his death and got away from his family, then he must had his reasons. Why should she disrespect his wishes?

    Thanks for the chapter!


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