HIHEZL : Chapter 54. The Spell That Makes You Appear

Author: Angelina

Translator: xallisonjanex, chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

Ke Bu was forced to retreat to the railing. He grabbed the handrail tightly and pondered over what he should do. Can I push the agile Duo La? She’s not weak. She’s the person who grew up together with Zhi Li. Duo La looked down and suddenly picked up her knife without warning, then said: “I’ve come up with something more interesting.”

Ke Bu had a bad premonition—a really bad premonition about that malevolent expression. Duo La brushed Ke Bu aside and with her hands clasped behind her back, she took a few steps toward the railing. When she turned her head, her supple hair danced with the wind. It scattered and caressed the sides of her delicate face: “Since you care so much about me as Zhi Li’s little sister, do you want to do something more interesting? Hmm…how about if you replace Elder Brother Zhi Li by bearing with this guilty feeling?”

For a moment, Ke Bu did not understand Duo La’s words. Duo La, who was as light as a paper doll, stood outside the railing. Her hands clutched on the railing fearlessly. Ke Bu’s complexion was as white as paper. He reached out and was about to rush forward: “Duo La!”

“Don’t come over. I’ll jump if you take a step further.”

So, it’s like that. As it turns out, it’s like that. She wanted me to bear with this feeling so that there’ll be a wound between Zhi Li and I that can never heal. Does she want to completely destroy the feelings between Zhi Li and I? It’s really a clever move, but I won’t let you do what you want.

“Do you think I’ll fall for the same tricks you play for the second time? You can’t die unless you want to. You’re just bluffing.” Ke Bu’s stomach really hurt. His body tensed up so that he was speechless.

Duo La grinned. “Who knows? If you let Elder Brother Zhi Li know my true color, maybe I’ll die. Are you confident? Are you confident I’m not going to jump from here?”

“He won’t know. I promise you. Will you come down?” Ke Bu compromised. What he feared the most now was that Duo La would really jump and nothing could be retrieved. Duo La let one of her hands go and Ke Bu’s heart tightened. Unexpectedly, Duo La began unbuttoning her clothes. Her underwear was looming, then she tore her skirt. What does she want to do? She doesn’t have any other way out of this? Has she been twisted to this point or has she lost her reason?

Ke Bu’s legs felt weak and he sat on the ground. In the end, he hoarsely shouted: “I beseech you, Zhi Li.”

The door was kicked open. Zhi Li supported himself on the door frame with one hand and was slightly panting: “Received.”

Ke Bu watched Zhi Li closely in astonishment. So, it’s actually true…the spell that you gave…after I said it, you really appeared. Duo La said while sobbing: “Elder Brother Zhi Li, why are you here? Ke Bu, he..to me…” Duo La bit her lower lip and stared at her torn up skirt, then she looked at Ke Bu in humiliation. “But he’s Elder Brother Zhi Li’s friend. What should I do from now on? Rather than be discovered by you and make you awkward, I might as well as…” If this was a movie and Duo La was the female lead, Ke Bu would clap and shout ‘bravo.’ What kind of IQ was this? A moment ago, she did not lose her sense of reason nor want to seek death. However, since she saw Zhi Li running toward this place, she decided to use this trick. On the other hand, Ke Bu could not explain himself. He was not sure, because Duo La just said that if he let Zhi Li know her true color, she might really jump. A moment ago, he wondered why she suddenly came up with these words. So, it turned out to be like this. She was going to turn him into the antagonist.


“Do you want to deny it now?”

“No, I admit it all. It’s all my fault doing this to you, but you don’t need to die. I’ll tell Zhi Li everything.” Ke Bu’s answer seemingly satisfied Duo La. To personally admit that he did this kind of thing to Duo La was as if he personally ended his relationship with Zhi Li. Who would forgive someone who raped their sister? It was unexpected. He did not expect that Duo La would push him to this point.

Zhi Li’s expression changed a bit. He stared at Ke Bu as he slowly walked over. Ke Bu could recognize the angry atmosphere around Zhi Li. Zhi Li kneeled in front of Ke Bu and grabbed his collar, dragging him towards himself. Is he going to beat me up? Ke Bu closed his eyes tightly and for quite a while, there was no reaction. He opened his eyes slightly and saw the corners of Zhi Li’s mouth was raising up. He’s smiling, why?

“This is really irritating, a guy like you…don’t you have any conscience?” Zhi Li let go of Ke Bu. “Are you an idiot? No matter what happens, I’ll stand by your side, Ke Bu.” When these warm words were said, Ke Bu was immersed in it. Before his emotions broke through to his chest, Zhi Li added, “Of course, that is unless you really raped her, then that’ll be a different matter.”

“Can’t you leave out those unnecessary words?”

Duo La’s face turned red in anger and her expression began to distort as she clenched her teeth. “WHY, WHY, WHY, why does it have to be Ke Bu!?” Ke Bu pointed to Duo La and pointed to his own face, giving hint to her expression. She seemed to realize it, so she hurriedly composed herself. Zhi Li let go of Ke Bu and stood facing Duo La, who was not far away: “I saw it.”

“What did you see?”

“It’s shameful of you to get caught red-handed and pretend like nothing happened.” Zhi Li said indifferently. Duo La dropped her shoulders: “Clearly, I just wanted to show my best look in front of you as the obedient Duo La. Sure enough, I can’t get away from being despised by Elder Brother Zhi Li.”

“Duo La.” Zhi Li reached out: “No matter what you do, I’ll forgive you.” He looked at Duo La gently. Duo La was dumbfounded, then she said: “Really? You won’t be angry with Duo La even if she’s being mean and did bad things to Ke Bu and the others?”

“Yeah, so, come down, be obedient.” Zhi Li’s outstretched hand had an irresistible temptation. Duo La stepped in from outside of the railing and grabbed Zhi Li’s hand and burst into tears in his arms: “Elder Brother Zhi Li is the best.”

“Ah, I lied to you just now.”

Duo La looked up: “Wha…what?”

“Well, I lied to you when I said I wasn’t angry.” Zhi Li slapped Duo La hard in the back of her head, then he kicked Duo La in the back of her legs. Duo La knelt on the ground. Zhi Li undid one of his buttons on his neckline: “Now that I’ve seen your true color, as a payback, let me show you my true color, too.” Zhi Li pushed Duo La’s head down. Duo La was forced to put her forehead on the ground to make a standard kowtow: “Apologize properly, you wretch.” Dark transformation, Zhi Li!!

“Elder Brother Zhi Li? You, you even hit Duo La. Don’t you feel any guilt toward Duo La?” Duo La cried Zhi Li’s name in disbelief.

“Guilt? What kind of toy is that?”

How stupid. Ke Bu should have expected this earlier. How could Zhi Li have such delicate feelings!?

“I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it.” Duo La’s tears were about to fall.

“Cry, my ass. Swallow your crocodile tears back and don’t make me repeat my words unnecessarily.” Zhi Li pressed Duo La’s head down again when she was about to look up.

“Sss…sorry, Elder Brother Zhi Li.”

“Anything else?”

“Ke Bu, I’m sorry, I’m sorry for everything I’ve done before. Of course, what I’ve done is very serious and you’re allowed to not forgive me.” It was really insincere as if she really did not need his forgiveness. Zhi Li fiercely slapped the back of Duo La’s head and said. “Is this the attitude you should have?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Forget it. She’s a kid after all. This time, I think she really realized her mistakes.” Ke Bu acted like a good person. Zhi Li raised his eyes: “Bastard, did I say it’s your turn to talk?” Ke Bu sat down and replied: “Okay…okay.”

Other people rushed in. Everyone pressed Duo La down. Ying Xiujie with resentment said: “It’s you who threw my sandbags in the urinal in the boy’s comfort room.”

“My pillows are full of trash. That’s also your good deed.” said Chu Haoyu.

“And all my textbooks are smeared black.” said Gong Zhu.

“My lunchbox has tasted very strange lately, is…is it you?” asked Zhou Xinhe.

Everyone held on Duo La and Ying Xiujie pinched Duo La’s little face hard: “It’s a pity with this face. How can you bully these big brothers and sisters at such a young age?” Duo La struggled with all of her strength and showed them an angry expression: “Let me go. Let me go.” After that, she spit on a few of them. Ke Bu slumped on the ground. As expected, Zhi Li was still the most terrible person in the world.

“Who allowed you guys to get close to Elder Brother Zhi Li? You guys deserved it. Damn you all!” Duo La’s mouth did not have mercy on them. This time, she finally showed her true color and she seemed to be more childish. Zhi Li stared at Duo La with a wooden expression: “You’re really spoiled. Don’t stand on such a dangerous place in the future.” Duo La’s face had an indescribable expression and then she nodded hard: “I really like Elder Brother Zhi Li the most.”

This was Zhi Li, who accepted Chu Haoyu and Ying Xiujie’s shortcomings. Of course, he would also accept Duo La’s shortcoming.

“I beseech you, Zhi Li.” Ke Bu ruminated over this effective spell.

Something flew over at Ke Bu. Ke Bu stroked his forehead: “It really hurts!”

“Don’t use it casually.”

Ke Bu stretched out his hand. Zhi Li grabbed the outstretched hand and pulled Ke Bu up from the ground.

“Don’t get close to Elder Brother Zhi Li. You’re so annoying, Ke Bu.”

Ke Bu faced Duo La and made a funny face: “I’m going to get close to him. What’s wrong with that?” After that, he hugged Zhi Li in a demonstrative way.



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  1. Wowww.. Zhi li shown what is equality means 🤣🤣🤣. No man no woman.. He will give equal treatment. Ke Bu really you hug Zhi Li in front of that crocodile to show your claim! 😂😂😂


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