BMHS : Chapter 35.1 – A couple who gets married becomes the closest relatives and this also concluded the most important agreement

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: FoxyJung, chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

Once the door opened, most of the guests who had arrived earlier, gathered around to see them. Meng Ting’s face suddenly blushed even more, but instead of trying to go down from Yan Sui’s back, he continued to wrap his arms around Yan Sui’s neck. Then he broke the silence that was becoming more and more awkward.

“Hello everyone.”

“Hello, Sister-in-Law!”

Shi He and Gu Lang came so early. They wanted to help Yan Sui greet the guests. However, they never thought that as soon as they met him, he would stick dog food on their faces, let alone Meng Ting was on Yan Sui’s back. He was in his wedding clothes, shyly blushing and looking handsome. There was no indisposed feeling even for a bit. He was visually attractive and admirable.

Yan Sui came out with Meng Ting on his back, and of course he was not afraid of being seen by others. His hands continued to hold up Meng Ting’s legs firmly as he nodded at them. After exchanging greetings, he continued walking down the stairs.

Meng Ting found that it was somewhat embarrassing to lean on Yan Sui’s neck. He endured all kinds of gazes for the whole journey together with Yan Sui.

Although he was embarrassed, his hands and feet did not intend to release the man as well. A sheet of marriage certificate was not enough. After today’s wedding, all of those people should be aware that Yan Sui was his. Only he could make Yan Sui carry someone on his back like this and he would only allow Yan Sui to carry him.

“Am I heavy?” Meng Ting whispered in Yan Sui’s ear. He was leaning too close that his lips brushed on Yan Sui’s earlobes, which subtly made it a little ruddy.

“Not heavy.” Yan Sui endured the ticklish feeling and answered Meng Ting’s words softly. His steps were steady and vigorous. His breathing was still even. Even if he carried the boy with one hand, he would not have much difficulty, let alone if he carried the boy on his back.

The corners of Meng Ting’s mouth curved up into a smile. He rubbed his face on Yan Sui, “Then carry me on your back, okay?” He thought about it once again and added, “I really like it.”

“Okay,” answered Yan Sui with an even softer look.

The appearance of Yan Sui and Meng Ting whispering naturally to each other fell upon everyone’s eyes, but they did not mind anything at all; except having admiration and blessings. They did not know Meng Ting. Naturally, they did not think that he had anything good, but who made him lucky? Who made Yan Sui like him?

Uncle Xiao opened the room that was locked on the east side of the first floor yesterday. The room was styled with old-fashioned decorations, giving it an inexplicable sense of solemnity. In addition to this, there was also a row of antiques and a jade vase there at the side. They were all treasures that could not be found at an auction.

However, this room was opened today, not to show people these treasures. They were mere decorations. In the innermost part of this room, there was a huge altar table attached to the wall. There were many memorial tablets on top of it since the Song Dynasty. These were for all of the ancestors of the Yans, including Yan Sui’s grandparents.

When Yan Sui said that he would bring Meng Ting to see his family’s successive generations of ancestors, it was not an exaggeration in the least bit.

On the other side of the case was a bookshelf, which had a pale-yellow book on top of it. This held the record of all the deeds of the Yans’ ancestors. It was quite spectacular. This room could not be opened at will. Since Yan Sui married today, it was only opened again for a while.

Several elders from the collateral line of the Yan’s clan and those with identity in Haicheng came in. Like Gu Lang and Shi He, the younger generations were only allowed to watch by the doorway. Yan Manjia, who was dressed up, and He Wan, who was late, also stopped by the doorway.

Yan Sui carried Meng Ting all the way to the door before putting the boy down. Everyone whispered around them. The couple only knew that they were talking, but as for what they had said, they were not able to catch it. Meng Ting was like this, and so was Yan Sui.

They went in through this doorway, kowtowed, and paid their respects with the joss sticks. They were the married couple who were recognized by the ancestors of the Yans. If there was no change, they would be buried together after death. Both in life and in death, they would be together. This kind of agreement was enough for them to become the closest person to each other’s life.

Meng Ting took the initiative and outstretched his hand. Yan Sui held on to his outstretched hand and together, they pressed forward.

Meng Ting, who did not have much knowledge about this kind of ritual, felt at this moment that a couple who gets married becomes the closest relatives and this also concluded the most important agreement, so they needed to be cautious like this. It was so grand. This was not only for the outsiders to see, but also for him and Yan Sui to treat each other earnestly.

He suddenly realized that it was somewhat late, but not too late.

A white-haired, white-bearded old man stood beside the altar table with the numerous memorial tablets. When he saw Yan Sui and Meng Ting walked over, his serious look eased up a little bit. He turned around and took some joss sticks, which he handed over first to Yan Sui, then to Meng Ting.

“From now on, your name will be recorded in the genealogical record of the clan.”

This remark was clearly addressed to Meng Ting. He earnestly nodded to the old man.

The old man’s expression did not change. After he took a step back, he said loudly, “First kowtow. Kneel then kowtow.”

Two praying mats were neatly arranged earlier. Yan Sui was on the left while Meng Ting was on the right. In accordance with the old man’s instructions, they knelt three times and kowtowed nine times, completing the kowtow ceremony for the patriarch’s wife’s first entry in the genealogical record.

When the last kowtow was completed, Yan Sui stood up first then bent over and helped Meng Ting up. They faced the old man together. Yan Sui introduced Meng Ting, “This is my great uncle.”

“Hello Great Uncle.” Meng Ting greeted the old man.

The Great Uncle nodded gently and lighted a joss stick. He bowed and inserted it into the joss stick pot. After that he turned around and answered Meng Ting, “The master’s husband doesn’t need to stand on ceremony. You and the patriarch must take good care of the family.”

This was the elder’s advice. Meng Ting naturally did not have any objection. He nodded, “I’ll work hard.”

Basically, he would work hard not to give Yan Sui more troubles. Meng Ting was quite clear about his position.

After that, everyone who entered the room ignited their own joss sticks, and they all came over to meet Meng Ting, one by one. They mostly said something similar to the great uncle’s words, and Meng Ting also responded to them, one by one.

They were so respectful toward Meng Ting. In fact, this attitude they showed was not related to Yan Sui’s deed before of giving Meng Ting stocks in the company. The world’s bustling was all for gaining benefits. This sentence applies in ancient and modern times and was also tried in this family.

After this ceremony was done, the time was about 10 a.m. The official wedding ceremony was at 3 p.m. It was said to be the most auspicious time of the day. Now was regarded as still too early, and it was also still more than an hour before lunch. Yan Sui wanted leisure time and took Meng Ting to their wedding room, which was originally Yan Sui’s room, to rest for a while first.

“Are you tired?” Both of them sat down on the sofa as Yan Sui asked this question to Meng Ting. This was also the first time for Yan Sui to go through this kind of numerous and complex ceremony, and he felt that it was very special. However, he was afraid that Meng Ting was tired since this was his first time meeting so many people he did not know.

Meng Ting measured Yan Sui with his eyes several times, then gently shook his head, “I’m not tired doing anything with you.”

He was telling the truth. In his opinion, Yan Sui might be more tired than him. “Are you tired? Do you want to lean on me?” Meng Ting asked as he patted his not-so-broad shoulder. Yan Sui hesitated a little, but Meng Ting took the initiative to press his head, “You can do things like leaning on me since we have a relationship. I’m willing to let you lean on me.”

Like himself, he also felt shy and embarrassed once in a while, but he still remained faithful to his own heart. That kind of feeling of wanting to be close to Yan Sui—he thought that Yan Sui could also be like this to him, so he wanted him to lean on him.

Because of Meng Ting’s natural tone, Yan Sui did not bother to be at a loss. He did not have a broad shoulder to lean on, nor would it be particularly comfortable to lean on his shoulder, but the light smile that evoked the corners of his mouth could not be dispersed.

“Today will be busy. In the evening, we’ll pack up since we’ll have an early flight tomorrow. We’ll go abroad to have some fun and have a good rest, too.”



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