Jubo: Text 038. Playboy Shen Yuan

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: xallisonjanex

Proofreader: KainGuru

The place where they went to eat was the Totem Club—the place where they met for the first time. It was not only an entertainment venue, but also a restaurant. Its reputation was not bad. The prices were relatively expensive, so it was rich people who would generally go there.

Chu Yifeng said that this someone was a friend of his and he had returned from the capital today. Chu Yifeng knew that he was here to call him out. The man had already booked a private room at Totem’s restaurant in advance, but it was booked in Chu Yifeng’s name because only members could book a private room.

The waiter took them to the door of their private room before leaving.

Chu Yifeng’s friend was called Shen Yuan. He had very distinguishing features. At first glance, he looked like a romantic and passionate playboy with a pair of peach blossom eyes that would entice anyone at any time. When he saw Wang Cheng, he was taken by surprise. Obviously, Chu Yifeng did not tell him that he also brought someone else. However, Wang Cheng had read out another surprise.

“Don’t you want to introduce this friend?”

Shen Yuan looked at Wang Cheng with great interest. It was hard to imagine that Chu Yifeng would take the initiative to bring a stranger to their get-together. This was a first from Chu Yifeng since the time they got acquainted until now. It was just too strange.

“This is Wang Cheng, my employee.” Chu Yifeng gave a simple introduction.

“Hi, I hope I didn’t bother you.” Wang Cheng politely greeted him. Normally, when he meets someone for the first time, he would not immediately expose his true face in front of the other person. His shamelessness was meant to be seen only by his thick-skinned acquaintances for it to be effective.

“Not at all. You guys can come in. I’m glad you came early. The more the merrier. My name is Shen Yuan. I’m very glad to meet you.” Shen Yuan fixed his eyes on him. In addition to interest and curiosity, he did not believe that this young man named Wang Cheng was only Chu Yifeng’s employee.

After the three men were seated, the waiter brought up the food that Shen Yuan had ordered and placed them on the table. The table was then filled with dishes. Although Chu Yifeng did not give him prior notice that Wang Cheng was coming over with him, the food was enough for three people to eat.

Wang Cheng became politer for Chu Yifeng’s sake. After all, this was a free and sumptuous dinner. After a while Chu Yifeng could not stand it anymore.

“What are you doing?”

Shen Yuan also looked over.

Wang Cheng’s chopsticks had a shrimp sandwiched between them. Normally, he would directly use his hand to peel the shrimp. This time, for the sake of pretending that he was polite, he did not hold it with his hand; instead, he used chopsticks to eat. It was particularly difficult to eat, and he could not wait to drop the chopsticks, but when he thought that his boss’s friend was in front of him, he put up with it. The others, however, were unable to bear with it.

“Eating shrimp!” Answered Wang Cheng, who was very resentful.

“Do you usually eat shrimp like this?” Chu Yifeng absolutely did not believe it.

Wang Cheng, himself, did not believe it as well. In the past, when he would eat shrimp together with the old monk, both of them were always rushing to eat their food. When it comes to eating shrimp, because the number of shrimp was occasionally odd, the two haggled over and practiced a unique skill of peeling the shell with one hand. “Of course not.” If not for his boss’s face, he would not be so guilty of abusing himself.

“Then just be a bit normal. Isn’t your skin usually thick?”

“If you said so, Boss, then I won’t be rude.” Wang Cheng immediately put down his chopsticks. His boss had given him orders, so why on earth should he still pretend.

After listening to the conversation between the two, Shen Yuan finally somewhat understood why his pal treated Wang Cheng favorably. Indeed, this guy was a very interesting person and he also listens to his pal’s opinion. They seemed to be more than just a boss and an employee. They must have contact outside of work at ordinary times.

After dinner, Chu Yifeng and Wang Cheng immediately left.

Shen Yuan originally wanted to ask them to go to a bar to have some fun, but he was rejected by Chu Yifeng. He was not in a hurry. There would be ample time for that later. Originally, he only wanted to stay for about two days. Now, he decided to stay until the day when he could find out what the relationship between the two was.

“Boss, your friend’s really warm.”

In the car, Wang Cheng described Shen Yuan to Chu Yifeng as a little cold, but there was a sense of not being salty or indifferent to people and things, and overly enthusiastic. He smiled as if he could play and go with anyone, when in fact, he was the kind of person who could not open his heart. Wang Cheng was very surprised that Chu Yifeng and Shen Yuan were friends.

“He was just curious about the person I brought with me.” Chu Yifeng listened to him use the word ‘warm’ to described Shen Yuan. On the contrary, he thought of the four-word expression ‘no heart no lungs [1]’ that was used by others to describe Shen Yuan.

([1] 沒心沒肺 – describes one as “not sensible”, “not considerate” or “not caring.”)

“Boss, your friend’s curiosity’s too deep.” Wang Cheng said.

Chu Yifeng seemed to be thinking of something, then a smiling expression flashed in his eyes, even though he did not reply.

In the Tranquil Community, Wang Cheng and Chu Yifeng parked the car and went up together. Not all apartments in this neighborhood were 18 stories high. Building B, where they were located, had the greatest number of floors. Looking down from the balcony on the 18th floor, one could almost see a vast stretch of scenery. At night, the scenery was more beautiful. Wang Cheng had almost fallen asleep on the rattan chairs lying on the balcony several times.

On the 18th floor, Wang Cheng and Chu Yifeng said good night to each other. Just when Wang Cheng was about to enter his brother’s apartment, he was stopped by the other.

“What’s your phone number?” Chu Yifeng took out his handset.

Wang Cheng took a moment to read the number that he had just gotten recently. After a few seconds, his phone rang, and an unfamiliar number came in. No doubt it was Chu Yifeng.

“This is my number. Save it and I’ll contact you later.”

“Oh.” Wang Cheng saved his number. Other than his family’s numbers, his handset now had Chu Yifeng’s number. Pathetically meager, but he felt very good. “Well, Boss, see you tomorrow.”

Chu Yifeng watched him enter the door before returning to his own apartment.



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